How to Tap Call Recording on Android without Rooting

Most of the people use Android-based mobile phones in which the Rooting is performed. A lot of people are interested to know what is rooting. There is a rumor that the rooting is the hacking method, but there is no exact information about the rooting they know. Many people want to know what is exactly a rooting. Basically, Rooting is nothing but a process that offers users to get full administration on someone’s electronic device. By the name “Root” it indicates that it provides a better way to access different files available in the mobile phone.

How to Tap Call Recording on Android without Rooting
How to Tap Call Recording on Android without Rooting

By the Rooting, you have all the control over the operating system. In this process in the developer option, you can find the administration permission which you have to replace by the spy administration. After replacement, you get all the device control remotely. Various mobile operating system based mobile phones are available in the market, but the Android-based phones are available in huge. So, if you find how to root the Android phone, you will get many results. You can read some information where the rooting is quite simple. But keep the thing in mind that it is quite complex. Instead of it, you can use TheTruthSpy app. It does not require any complex operations.

How to Tap Call Recording on Android without Rooting

It has explained above that the rooting is the process to gain the full control over someone’s mobile phone. Therefore, you have to download the suitable wizard that helps to control over the phone. This wizard is directly connected to the user’s device. Each information such as media files, chat history, call logs, call recordings and else are available for you to analyze it. Though, it includes numerous benefits but also has some limitations. The dangerous limitations, it can damage the system software. Once, the system software is damaged, the phone works no more. Also, there are chances that the system does not work properly and switch off the phone.

If possible the new system software can be installed, but it is for least time, it is not possible to install the new system software. Also, there is a probability of damage in hardware. To overcome these limitations, you should use the safe spy apps i.e. TheTruthSpy.

All about TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy is basically a hacking tool that helps users to obtain someone’s confidential information through the mobile phone. It provides desired information without rooting the phone. The major difference in ‘Rotting” process and spying is, Rotting manipulates the system software but the Spying is a copy of the information.

TheTruthSpy actually traps all the digital; data from the device, make backup, then sends to the private network. On the other hand, rooting controls the device and manipulates the operating system. Hence, the spy app has secured an option for you to monitor someone. You can catch spouse or employee’s cheats or monitor kid’s online activities.

Benefits of TheTruthSpy over the rooting to tap someone’s phone call on android phones

Both include some benefits, but the rooting process includes some limitations. This can be overcome by using the spy app. Know their important benefits-

Call recording

When you are looking to know someone’s reliability or willing to track kid’s activity, you should install TheTruthSpy in victim’s mobile. After installing the app, access the truthspy app site and log in with username and password. Now, you can control the device remotely, and there are no side impacts of it. You can instruct the device to record the call without the victim’s permission. When the call has disconnected, the app backups it and sends to the site. Now you can listen to the call and understand.

Easy access

Some of the spy app offers the website to track the victim, but it is not suitable for some browsers. TheTruthSpy includes a mobile friendly website that can be accessed through the mobile browser. Hence, you do not need to use the laptop or PC to get administration on someone’s device. You can use your cell phone and access the control.


Basically, the rooting process is developed for getting the call recording information. So, the user has to pay some extra amount about their features. Also, it does not provide reliable information so much. Instead of it, TheTruthSpy is best for hacking the call details. Whether you are willing to get received or dialed call details, the spy app works better. You can download the app in free of cost and access some free services. Premium services are also available at the least cost.


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