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TheTruthSpy is a free mobile spying app that helps you to track any type of Android devices. This app comes with more than ten free advance features that you can use for tracking phone activities.

Monitor GPS locations, text messages, live calls, social media accounts, and more, all for free trial. Undetectable and can be installed on almost any smartphone and tablet.

Monitor every keystroke & every tap

See the pics they share and receive

See where they’ve been and where they’re going

See what they've searched for

Read their social media chats

Review their texts (including deleted messages)

Do it all without being detected

TheTruthSpy App

TheTruthSpy is the top surveillance app for Android and other mobile devices. It is simple to install and offers a free trial. Calls, SMS, browser history, emails, diaries, etc., can all be watched. The software is simple to use and necessitates a stable internet connection. The target phone's data can also be remotely erased and locked. So, if you want to take advantage of all these amazing features, you should install TheTruthSpy now.

Dozens of Features. One App.

You will need a reliable phone spy app if you wish to spy on someone's mobile device. TheTruthSpy delivers the best outcomes out of all the available cellphone spying applications.

Why Choose TheTruthSpy Android Spy App

TheTruthSpy will tell you to view the location of your target in real time via Google Maps. Moreover, you will know your target's date, address, time, longitude, and latitude. An additional feature to check the previous location; can help determine whether your kids went to the school or snuck out.

This feature helps you record all the calls you receive or make from your phone. Once Truth Spy is installed, this feature can be used readily. As soon as the call is made, this feature will duly register it. Also, if you don't have the time to listen to the recordings promptly, you can save and download the recordings to listen to them later on.

This important feature helps you keep tabs on all messages sent and received from a phone. Using this feature, you got to know the content of both sent and received messages. SMS Tracking lets you know messages' content, time stamps, and dates. Besides checking messages, you can also view the media and files exchanged over SMS.

The main function of this program is the spy Call functionality. Call records on the phone can be tracked via a spy call. You may view information about every incoming, outgoing, and missed call. Additionally, you will receive thorough details regarding each call's duration, time, contact details, etc. You can configure alerts to notify you whenever a call is made from a particular number.

In addition to SMS spying, users can use this tool to break into WhatsApp installed on any device. All your target's WhatsApp activities will be tracked and put on a dashboard. In addition, you can also listen to the calls taking place via WhatsApp using this feature. Lastly, this feature also enables users to read and record previous WhatsApp conversations.

Audio recording lets you take control of the mic of the target phone. TheTruthSpy lets you take control of the mic so you can record the voices near the phone. Similarly, you can remotely control the microphone and turn it on and off whenever possible. This means you can record the conversations whenever you want. Afterward, you can listen to the recorded conversations saved on your other device.

Facebook spy is another great feature of TheTruthSpy. This feature lets you stay abreast of your target's Facebook activities. You can check the messages sent using Facebook messenger along with the timestamps and dates of the messages. Moreover, you can also view the activity that occurs on the profile of your target.

Snap spying works just like Facebook spying. However, in Snapchat's case, you can track all other activities occurring on Snapchat besides checking messages. All other media sent as snaps can also be viewed and saved. All the data you check is available with date, timestamps, and other information. Besides media, you can read and save the content of the messages.

Suppose you want to safely spy on Viber without anyone's knowledge. TheTruthSpy allows you to spy on all the calls sent and received on the targeted phone. Like other social media apps, you can also view and save the content of the Viber messages. On Viber, you can also scroll through call logs to see who's called on the phone.

A Key Logger is crucial to TheTruthSpy's spying package. You can record every keystroke entered on the phone with this tool. These keystrokes are captured so you can watch as the person types in real time. Using the app's tracking feature, you can keep track of passwords. Keylogger is by far the best feature many users have appreciated for its functionality and utility.

You may also examine all of the shared multimedia files on the phone. This way, you can check out all the photos and videos kept on the phone by opening the gallery. Besides, you can also check and track the files saved on other apps like File Manager. Additionally, you can review the screenshots and save the media to view later.

The phone's browsing history can likewise be tracked. Additionally, the phone browser will provide information on all the websites the phone has visited. You may look up the date, time, and name of the website that was viewed. You may also monitor internet use and the duration of time spent on each website. Using this feature, you can keep yourself updated on the type of content your kid watches or interacts with.

thetruthspy app

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

Spying is now very simple to do! You can keep an eye on someone without hiring a private investigator. All you have to do is install TheTruthSpy on your target's phone. It's simple and easy to do. Read on to know how you can download and use TheTruthSpy.

Check this link to download TheTruthSpy app on your target's phone.

Download the app

TheTruthSpy.APK must then be downloaded to your phone by clicking the link. On Android devices, you must manually launch the APK and install it. Install TheTruthSpy by opening the APK file. Click Details and select Install anyways if the message "Blocked by Play Protect" pops up.

Opening an account

You can create a new account by clicking the Register button, or if you already have an account, you can log in to connect this device to your account by clicking the Login button on the user control panel website (

Start monitoring and rest easy

Now, you may begin tracking the device by logging in to Control Panel Online. After you log in, go to the control panel and choose the Tracking option.

What are people saying?

See what some of our clients have to say!

TheTruthSpy helped me recover all the lost data on my daughter's phone. I was able to retrieve her pictures, media, and audio files. What I like the most about this app is its quick and fast customer support. I also appreciate the app's many features, including keylogging, which helped me know the password to my partner's call log.

Martin Flannick

TheTruthSpy is my favorite app for all the right reasons. Unlike all other apps on the web, Truth Spy works. It has helped me a lot with parental control. I know where my kids go and who they hang out with. This app has made parenting pretty easy for me.

Claire Hoggard

I set up TheTruthSpy on my daughter's phone in a few minutes. I can now monitor their WhatsApp, Facebook, and Snapchat. This has also helped me know their activities and what they are up to. The customer support is also responsive and very helpful. I'd recommend TheTruthSpy to all parents.

Ivan Dobrovosky

I used TheTruthSpy to keep tabs on my cheating spouse. I could track their location to a popular dating club when they told me they were in their office. The real-time location feature is my favorite feature of Truth Spy.

Randy Clarks

Why Do You Need TheTruthSpy Andorid Spy App?

TheTruthSpy is a very helpful phone tracking tool, as you can accomplish numerous things. The uses and advantages of this cell phone tracking app are listed below.

Why Do You Need TheTruthSpy Andorid Spy App

Watch the employees

You can use TheTruthSpy to keep an eye on your staff. It can be an efficient way to keep an eye on staff and is simple to set up and operate. Additionally, you can easily back up the data, enforce work phone usage rules, and locate misplaced phones.

Detect a cheating partner

Any commonly used Android phone can use this application. It can also be used to monitor your partner's phone. All calls placed and answered by the target device are automatically recorded as part of its operation. Real-time listening is available for the recordings; every phone call is recorded, which you can subsequently hear and review. Even multimedia files can be viewed on the target device.

Stealth Mode

This feature works in stealth mode. Your child or spouse will never come to know that their phone is on track mode.

Easy To Use

TheTruthSpy app is very easy to install. It works like any other phone app that you download or install. In order to spy on Android's activities, you have to download and install it. It takes only 5 minutes to set up and spy on phone activities.

Locate and Backup a Lost Phone

Using TheTruthSpy is one of the best ways to track down and back up a misplaced phone. You may monitor every action made on that smartphone. This backup feature can assist you in recovering a lost phone or other phone-related data. The app also features GPS position tracking. The GPS tracking feature makes it simple to locate a missing phone.

TheTruthSpy Is More Powerful Than You Think

There is so much more you can monitor with TheTruthSpy app! Here are the top monitoring features our users love the most.



Call Logs

Record Calls





Web History

Media Captured

Ambient Recording


Contacts History

Apps Installed

100% Undetectable

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