Spy on Text Messages

Track All The SMS Messages

To do this, you can use the Text Message Spy feature of TheTruthSpy app. It is a spying application which helps you to track a cell phone.

Text Message Spy is one of the most used spying features. You can use this feature to track all the messages on the phone. You can check all these messages sons your dashboard without even touching the phone.

This feature works in stealth mode. Your kids won’t be able to detect this app no matter how much of a tech-savvy they are.

Check Inbox

Check all the messages stored

Check Sent Messages

Check all the sent messages

Read Message Content

Read the entire text

Check the Media

Check the media attached

Type of Message

View the kind of message

Date and Time

Recorded with time & date stamps

Android devices installed

These are the simple steps you need to follow if you want to track text messages using the Text message Spy feature of TheTruthSpy app.

Why Choose TheTruthSpy SMS Messages Spy?

Here is a list of all the features of Text message Spy.

Why Choose TheTruthSpy SMS Messages Spy?
Check Inbox

You can check all the messages stored in the phone’s inbox. All the inbox messages will be uploaded on the dashboard.

Check Sent Messages

Along with the inbox, you can also check all the sent messages. You can read it like a chat too.

Read Message Content

You can click on each message to open it fully and read the entire text.

Check the Media

You can check the media, which is attached to the message.

Type of Message

You can view the kind of message it is, i.e., sent, received, draft, etc.


You can check other information like the name of the sender/receiver, number, and photo.

Date and Time

Each message will be recorded with time & date stamps.

thetruthspy app

Track SMS Messages in 3 simple steps!

Check this link to download TheTruthSpy app on your target's phone to track SMS messages.

Download TheTruthSpy text spy app

You have to download this app from the website strictly. Don’t use third party links. Go to the site and use the download option to download the app on the phone. You can download the app for free. Once the download is completed, you need to install the app. To do this, open the downloaded file and click on install. The app will be installed on the phone.

Create your free account

Now, you have to create an account. First, open the app and click on register/ signup. Fill all the details asked on the page. You need to enter your email id first. Then you have to choose a strong password.

Start monitoring and rest easy

Now everything is setup. You can use your own device and start tracking the phone. You have to login first at my.thetruthspy.com. Go to the website and click on the login option given on the top right space. Enter your details and login.

Advantages of TheTruthSpy Text Message Spy

Here is a list of all the benefits of Text Message Spy.

Advantages of TheTruthSpy Text Message Spy
Stealth Mode

Text Message Spy works in stealth mode. Nobody will be able to detect that their message is being tracked.

Read Message

You can follow all the messages and read them from the dashboard.

Accessible to Use

It is straightforward to use. You can easily install this app and use this feature without any technical experience.

Find Phone

You can track your message location to find your lost or stolen phone as this feature is customarily complemented with GPS tracking features.

Parental Control

You can use this feature to monitor your child’s chat. You can read their messages to know what they are doing at schools or with their friends. You can protect them from scams and control their phone usage. You can protect them from bullies and guide them.

Business Protection

You can also use this feature to manage your business. You can track your employee’s messages to know if they are sharing trade secrets for money. You can check their performance and supervise them without any hassle.

TheTruthSpy Is More Powerful Than You Think

There is so much more you can monitor with TheTruthSpy app! Here are the top monitoring features our users love the most.



Call Logs

Record Calls





Web History

Media Captured

Ambient Recording


Contacts History

Apps Installed

100% Undetectable