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3 Steps to Install TheTruthSpy Mobile Tracker on Android

You can follow the 3 easy steps below.

Download & Install TheTruthSpy.APK File

You can click the button "Download TheTruthSpy APK File" above to download TheTruthSpy.APK file. Install it on the Android phone.

Create An Account

Open the TheTruthSpy app, and follow some steps to create an account.

Monitor The Android Phone

Use the registered account and log in to TheTruthSpy control panel. You can view all data tracking in real-time.

Release Notes

Check the change log of old and new version of TheTruthSpy app.

Version 9.46 - 2023

- Because from android 10 it is not possible to hide app from home-screen, with version 9.46, TheTruthSpy app (Alias: Google services) will change to Google services.

- Fix Ambient Recording (works for Android 12 and above)

Version 9.45 - 2023

- Fix Ambient Recording

Version 9.4 - 2021 - 2022

- Change the Hide TheTruthSpy App Function

- Support Android 10 above (all features working)

- Update the feature that requires power saving permission for Xiaomi and Redmi devices (Android 11 and MIUI 12.51).

- Improved Phone Call Recorder function for Android 9 and above (except Samsung devices), including Xiaomi, Redmi, Vivo, OPPO, Realme, Google Pixel, Tenco, Huawei. Note: This Phone Call Recording feature from Android 9 and above can only record on the device with the target app installed. If the target user opens the speakerphone when calling, both parties can record the call. Currently, there is no product that can record calls from both parties, and even many products can not record calls for any party.

Version 8.10 - 2020

- Support Android 9 Pie (all features working)

- New Messenger(Facebook) feature to retrieve data of the sender and receiver from the target device.

- New Viber feature retrieves the sender's and recipient's data from the target device.

- App Installation History function updates.

- Application Usage History function updates.

Version 7.10 - 2018

- Fix bug Ambient Voice Recording with Android Lollipop Marshmallow.

- Change record file ambient from FLV to MP4. You can download and listen with Media Player or Gom Media Player.


If Any Questions Left

No.You need to have the device physically in your hand for about 5 minutes. Installation is simple. You simply open up a web page on the mobile and enter your code to download. The install begins automatically and setting the options is simple. You can also change the settings and control some aspects of the device itself, with secret remote SMS commands, or with user control panel website at .

Note about iDevice (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch):

iDevice (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) installs are not downloaded this way, but installed through the Cydia utility on an already jailbroken iDevice (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch).
If you want to spy on your children or employee, TheTruthSpy can help you. Its powerful features allow you to monitor activities on target devices, including GPS location. The app also records calls, text messages, and multimedia files. You can access these logs from any browser, no matter what the device is. All you have to do is install TheTruthSpy on the target device, agree to its Terms of Service, and the app will start tracking activities.

TheTruthSpy app allows you to track locations, messages, and apps. It also records calls, so you can find out whether your child is using their phone to text friends or attend school. The GPS Tracker is also handy for tracking a child's location. You can see where they are at any time, and you can find out whether they're using their phone to text friends. You can also see what kind of content they're sending or receiving.

TheTruthSpy is easy to use. Once you've installed the software, all you need to do is log in to your account. Connect the device to the TheTruthSpy website, follow the instructions and watch for activities on the target device. The TheTruthSpy app has been rated highly on consumer review websites like Trustpilot. With over ten million customers worldwide, it's easy to see why so many people have recommended it.
Like other cell phone monitoring apps, TheTruthSpy require physical access to the target device. Its installation and use are quick and easy. To install the app, first sign up for an account on the official website of TheTruthSpy. Next, follow the directions on the website to install the software on the target phone. After you've installed the app, you can monitor the activities of the target phone via a dashboard.

TheTruthSpy Mobile Spy is easy to use, enabling you to spy on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Skype, and many other popular messaging apps. This app even has a microphone to listen in on conversations on a targeted device. It even allows you to view multimedia files on the device. It also allows you to view the URLs visited and browsing history on the targeted phone.
TheTruthSpy is not a virus and must be deliberately installed onto the Target device directly, with a unique set of steps and configurations. It will not perform any functions that were not configured by human intervention. However, it does not install any visible program menus, folders or icons (iDevice (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) version can choose to Hide/Unhide the icon for access). Once installed, it may only be accessed or uninstalled by equally deliberate human intervention.
You can follow instruction step by step in documents in this link below to download and install TheTruthSpy into target phone. Choose the suitable version for the operating system of your target phone.

For Android:

For iPhone/iPad:
You have to wait at least 15 minutes to review first recorded data in condition target phone has internet connection always. If target phone only have internet connection some times, you may have to wait longer.
Now TheTruthSpy compatible with: Android (4.x above)
You can learn how to uninstall the application in target phone by follow instruction in User guide documents. Go to this link > choose the suitable version for the operating system of your target phone > download user guide document and review for more detail.
You need internet service to initially download the software directly into the target device itself. TheTruthSpy also uses the Internet connection to send all captured data to your included web account for review. This is all the SMS, Call Logs, Photo, keylogger, Notes, Social networking messages, or Location information you are tracking on the target device.
No. When target phone doesnot have internet connection, TheTruthSpy still records data but can not send data to server. TheTruthSpy will save all recorded data in temporary files on target phone and wait to try to send again when the target phone has internet connection. Therefore, recorded data will not be lost. But you have to wait until target phone has internet connection to review new data.
The target phone doesn't have to have internet connection 24/24. But at least it should have internet connection sometimes a day so TheTruthSpy can send recorded data to server.
All SMS sent/received on target will be recorded even if target phone user try to delete it immediately after sending/receiving.
Please check to make sure target phone can connect internet. TheTruthSpy use internet connection to send recorded data to server, so if target phone doesnot have internet connection, there will be no data sent to your account. There are many reasons so you can read at our forum at
If your target device is rooted then you can track deleted messages and can see new WhatsApp message around 15 to 30 minutes depends on what interval you want to see. But if your device is not rooted yet then you can not track deleted messages and you must wait longer than usual to see new messages. Sometimes it takes 1 day to 3 days.
Now we purchase TheTruthSpy with 18 methods including paypal, master card. You can login with your account at and go to License and click Renew button to purchase or extend your license; or you can purchase directly at
Yes. Now you can use TheTruthSpy in 3 devices for each account. If you need use more than 3 devices, please contact with our support team.
After you choose to remove your account, it will be deactivated and will be deleted from our user registration database in 90 days later. So if you remove your account by accident, please contact our support team as soon as possible. We will help you to restored your account include license and data.
Sometimes Paypal needs 1 to 4 hours to verify a transaction before sending information to us. After receiving information from Paypal, license days will be added to your account license. Therefore, when this happens, the process adding license day to your account license may be delayed 1-4 hours. If you meet this case, don't hesitate to contact our support team for help.
You should check again if the target phone has internet connection. TheTruthSpy use internet connection to send recorded data to server. If TheTruthSpy can not send data to server due to no internet connection, it will save recorded data to temporary files on target phone and wait to send them again when internet connection is available. Therefore, if your target phone have internet connection only in some periods a day, sometimes you may feel new data updated slowly or lost.

TheTruthSpy Old Version (9.45)

Old version of TheTruthSpy app.

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