View Photo/Video Captured

Do you want to spy on photos and videos stored inside a phone? If yes, you can use the TheTruthSpy app. With the Multimedia Files feature, you can keep track of different media types stored on the phone.


If you want to know anybody’s secret, all you need to do is check their phone gallery. But most people use additional security like app lock to keep their phone gallery hidden and safe. This makes it really difficult for parents to check their phone gallery.

But with the TheTruthSpy app, you can not only track their location but also follow their photos and videos. If you want to know more about monitoring multimedia files on a phone, we can help you. In this post, we will show you how to view photos. Video captured on the phone.

Tracking Multimedia Files

Tracking Multimedia Files
Tracking Multimedia Files

To view photo/video captured on the phone, you need to use the Multimedia Files feature. This feature is available on the control panel. When you click on this option, all the photos and videos from the phone gallery will be visible on the dashboard. You can click on each image and video to enlarge it. Click on the play option to play the videos. You can view all the media captured from the camera, all the downloaded media, and all the screenshots were taken. You can save these images on your dashboard.


Features of Tracking Multimedia Files

Here is a list of all the features of Multimedia File Tracker.

  • View Images: You can view all the images send and received from the phone. All the images stored in the phone gallery will be visible to you.
  • See Videos: Similarly, you can view all the videos stored inside the phone gallery.
  • View downloaded files: You will be able to see all the files that are downloaded from the internet or from different messenger and social media apps.
  • See Screenshots: You can even view all the screenshots taken on the phone.
  • File Details: You can open each file to see it and also check the file details like the name of the file, size of the file, format, etc.
  • Date & Time: You can check the date and time of the file creation. This way, you will know when the image was taken on the phone.
  • Save Files: You can even save some of these files on the dashboard by using the save option.

Advantages of Multimedia File Tracker

Here is a list of all the benefits of Multimedia File Tracker.

  • Stealth Mode: This feature works in stealth mode. TheTruthSpy app functions in an invisible mode to track the gallery. Nobody will be able to detect this app.
  • View Photo/Video: You can use this feature to view all the photos/ videos saved inside the phone gallery.
  • Easy to Use: This feature is elementary to use. You don’t need any technical knowledge to track media files. Anybody with basic application knowledge can use this feature without any hassle.


How to View Photo/Video Captured?

How to View Photo/Video Captured
How to View Photo/Video Captured

Now that you know everything about this feature let’s learn how to use this feature. We will explain everything in simple steps. Follow the given steps to view photos/ videos captured on the phone.

Step 1: Prepare the Phone

It would be best if you used the phone secretly so that nobody catches you. Open the phone and go to settings. There you need to enable sources. After that, go to Google Play. There it would be best if you disabled Play Protect. Now the phone is prepared for downloading the app.

Step 2: Download

To download TheTruthSpy all, you need to visit the website at Make sure you visit the official website after that use the download link to download the app. It is free to download.

Step 3: Install

Once the download is completed, you need to install the app. To do this, open the downloaded file and click on install. The app will be installed on the phone.

Step 4: Account Creation

Now, you have to create an account. First, open the app and click on register/ signup. Fill in all the details asked on the page. You need to enter your email id first. Then you have to choose a strong password.

Step 5: Hide App

After your account is created, you have to delete all the evidence from the phone. Hide the icon and delete the history.

Step 6: Log in

After the setup, you can use your own device and start tracking the phone. Go to the website and click on the login option at Then enter your details and login.

Step 7: View Multimedia Files

After you log in, go to the control panel. Choose the View Multimedia Files feature to view photos/ videos captured on the phone.


Follow these steps to view photos/videos captured on the phone by using the Multimedia File feature of TheTruthSpy app.