Track Internet Browsing History

Track A Phone's Browsing History

Do you want to know what your child is searching on his phone or which all websites he/she is visiting? If yes, you need to track their browsing history. To do this, you don’t have to touch their phone and snoop inside it. You can simply use TheTruthSpy app to track their phone’s browsing history. It is a spying app that helps you to follow a phone.

Apart from tracking their browsing history, you can use other features of this app as well to control them. If you want to know more about tracking browsing history, we can help you. In this post, we will show you how to track internet browsing history using the TheTruthSpy app.

Website List

See a list of all the websites visited

Name of the site

Check the site’s name


Check the URL of the website

Block Sites

Block specific sites

Time Spent

Check the time spent

Date and Time

Check the date and time of the visit

Android devices installed

You need to monitor your child’s browsing history to check if they are using any adult websites are watch unethical content on their phone. You need to guide them and help them through this phase of life. By tracking a phone’s browsing history, you can check the name and URL of all the visited sites. The tracking is done through stealth mode so that you don’t get caught while doing it.

Why Choose TheTruthSpy Tracking Browsing History App?

Here is a list of all the elements to tracking Browsing History.

Why Choose TheTruthSpy Tracking Browsing History App
Website List

You will be able to see a list of all the websites visited through the phone’s browser. You can click on each site to get further details.

Name of the site

You will be able to check the site’s name that is visited from the phone.


Similarly, you can also check the URL of the website. You can click on it to visit the site and check what content it highlights.

The number of times visited

You can check the number of times a particular site is visited.

Block Sites

You can use the remote function and block specific locations on the phone. The user won’t be able to access these sites.

Time Spent

You can check the time spent on each site.

Date and Time

You can check the date and time of the visit. This way, you will know when the site was visited.

thetruthspy app

Track Browsing History in 3 simple steps!

Check this link to download TheTruthSpy app on your target's phone to track browser history visited.

Download the app

You have to download the app from the website First, visit the official TheTruthSpy website. Then find the download link and download the app on the phone. Open the file and tap on install to complete the installation process.

Create your free account

Now, open the app and click on register/ signup. Fill all the details asked on the page. You need to enter your email id first. Then you have to choose a strong password.

Start monitoring and rest easy

After the setup, you can use your own device and start tracking the phone. Go to the website at and click on the login option. Then enter your details and login. After you log in, go to the control panel. Choose the Track Browsing History feature to track the internet browsing history of the phone.

Advantages of TheTruthSpy Tracking Browsing History

Here is a list of all the benefits of Tracking Browsing History.

Advantages of TheTruthSpy Tracking Browsing History

This feature works in stealth mode. TheTruthSpy app functions in an invisible mode to track the browsing history. Nobody will be able to detect this app.

View History

You can use this feature to view the details of all the sites visited on the phone.


This feature is user-friendly. You don’t need any technical knowledge to track browsing history. You need only basic knowledge to know how to use the app.

Control Usage

You can control your child’s usage of the site. You can guide them and explain to them the importance of using the internet for a useful purpose.

Block Sites

You can block specific sites on their phone by using this feature. They won’t be able to access the site anymore.

TheTruthSpy Is More Powerful Than You Think

There is so much more you can monitor with TheTruthSpy app! Here are the top monitoring features our users love the most.



Call Logs

Record Calls





Web History

Media Captured

Ambient Recording


Contacts History

Apps Installed

100% Undetectable