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TheTruthSpy is a free mobile spy app that helps you to spy on any type of smartphone. This app comes with more than 15+ free & premium spying features that you can use for spying phone activities.


TheTruthSpy App (Verion 9.42 Release)

TheTruthSpy (version 9.42) supports Android 11. You can download TheTruthSpy app on Android for Free. It is free to use and offers multiple spying features. These features will help you to spy on call logs, SMS, record calls, spy on location, social media, and messenger apps.

So how does TheTruthSpy works?

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Download & Install

Download and install TheTruthSpy Mobile Spy App on any compatible smartphone device.

Extracting Data

The application will extract data from the device on a regular basis.


Login to your TheTruthSpy account to view all the information from the monitored phone.

15+ Spying Features of TheTruthSpy App

GPS Tracking Location

This is the core feature of the app that helps you to track the GPS location of the phone for free. If you want to track someone's phone location, you can use this feature. It will help you to spy on phone locations in real-time. You can also track the location at the appropriate time. This feature will also help you to find your phone.

Text Message Spy

You can use this feature will help you to spy on all the text messages. When you use this feature, you will be able to read all the messages in your inbox and outbox. You can even see the messages which the person deletes. All the text messages will be available on the dashboard with the date and time.

Spy Call

If you want to gather information about call logs, you can use this feature. It will help you to spy on all the call records and manage calls on a phone. You can check the list of recent calls, caller ID, call type, call duration, caller's information, etc. It will help you to find the top 5 callers as well.

WhatsApp Spying

You can use this spying feature to spy on chats and messages on WhatsApp. You will be able to view all the messages on WhatsApp along with media files. All the messages will be available with date and time. You can even view the call logs on WhatsApp with this feature.

Social Media Spy

With this feature, you will be able to spy on all the chats and messages. TheTruthSpy tracks all IM apps like Facebook Spy, Snapchat Spy, Viber Spy and Instagram Spy.

Browsing History

If you want to see what your kids are searching and downloading on their phones, you can use this feature. It will help you to spy on the browsing history with URL and website details.

Live Call Recording

This feature helps you to record phone calls. If you want to listen to a phone conversation, you can use this feature. It will help you to record live calls on the phone. You can play the call recordings and listen to calls for free. You can even save the recordings on your phone.

Multimedia Spy

If you want to view the multimedia files on the phone, you can use this feature. It will help you to spy on all the photos and videos in the phone gallery. You will be able to play the videos on your phone as well as view the photos.

Free KeyLogger

This feature helps you to spy on and record keystrokes on the phone. You will be able to view everything the person types on the phone. It will record all the messages as well as account credentials.

Ambient Voice Recording

With this feature, you will be able to record and listen to phone surrounding sounds and voices. You can hear what's going on around the phone in clear audio quality.

100% Undetectable

TheTruthSpy is not just a free but hidden spy app as well. This app runs in the background in an invisible way.


If you are using a spy app for the first time, then this app is perfect for you. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to use. With this app, you can virtually spy on smartphones without anyone knowing. As it is free to use, you don't have to pay any money to spy on a phone.

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How TheTruthSpy is the Best Free Phone Spying App?

The TheTruthSpy app is the best phone spying software on the market. This app is in great demand as it helps you to spy on any type of phone and tablet for free. You can use this app for various purposes. Here are some of the reasons why you need this app.

  • Catch Cheating Spouse: With TheTruthSpy, you can monitor your spouse's online and offline phone activities and call logs. You can also spy on their messages, emails, social media accounts, and even their phone conversations. It will help you to catch a cheating spouse.
  • Parental Control: TheTruthSpy is a high-tech cell phone monitoring app that enables parents to spy on their children's phone activities. It works on Android and iOS devices.
  • Employee Monitoring: If you are suspicious of your employee's cell phone usage, TheTruthSpy is a great solution to the problem. If you think your employees are using their cell phones for personal use or communicating with other people on social media, you can use this app to monitor their activities.

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