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If you are in search of a mobile tracking app that allows you to keep track of phone locations, calls and text messages, consider installing the TheTruthSpy app. 

This free application provides unique solutions for parents and employers. It will not only help you monitor your children or employees but it can also backup data from their devices. 

With TheTruthSpy, you can monitor a phone from anywhere. This powerful tracking tool helps you to monitor a partner, child, or employee. 

TheTruthSpy App

Out of all the tracker apps in the market, the best one is the TheTruthSpy app. As the name goes, this app helps you to easily track all the information from a phone without paying a single dime.
This app is completely free and can help you to monitor any android device. The best thing is that it is undetectable. It does not show up in the application icon and does not consume battery life. It's also very small and does not take up much space on the phone. 

Dozens of Features. One App.

When you use the TheTruthSpy app, you will get many tracking features. You can use these features to easily track various functions on the phone. Here are the 10+ features you can use with the app.

Why Choose TheTruthSpy Android Spy App

If you want to track the location of the phone, you can use this feature. It will help you to track your location in real-time. You will be able to see the live location of the phone when you use this feature. Apart from that, it will help you to track past locations as well. 

You will also get a call recording feature. It will help you to remotely record calls on the phone. When you use it, this feature will help you to automatically record calls on the phone. After that, you can play the recordings to listen to the calls. 

This important feature helps you keep tabs on all messages sent and received from a phone. Using this feature, you got to know the content of both sent and received messages. SMS Tracking lets you know messages' content, time stamps, and dates. Besides checking messages, you can also view the media and files exchanged over SMS.

With this app, you will get a tracking call logs feature. As the name goes, this feature helps you to track call logs on the phone. It will help you to check all the recent calls, call types as well as call duration. You will get all the tracking information with the date and time. 

This feature will help you to track all the WhatsApp messages. If you want to read someone's WhatsApp chats, you can use these options. It will help you to secretly read all the Whatsapp messages on the phone. You can check message type as well as message media. 

It is an advanced feature that helps you to record audio using the microphone. You will be able to remotely turn on the mic and record audio to know what is going on near the phone. 

This feature will help you to track all the messages on Facebook. If your kids are using the Facebook messenger app, this feature will help you to monitor all the messages with date and time. 

You can use this feature to track Snapchat messages. It will help you to remotely monitor all the messages on Snapchat. You will be able to receive all the information with the proper date and time. 

If you want to track Viber chats and messages, you can use this feature. You will be able to read all the Viber chats and messages. It will help you to track Viber call logs as well. All the information will be available with date and time. 

A Key Logger is crucial to TheTruthSpy's spying package. You can record every keystroke entered on the phone with this tool. These keystrokes are captured so you can watch as the person types in real time. Using the app's tracking feature, you can keep track of passwords. Keylogger is by far the best feature many users have appreciated for its functionality and utility.

If you want to view the photos and images on the phone, you can use this feature. It will help you to check all the media files from the phone gallery. You will be able to remotely view all the media files. 

This feature helps you to track your browsing history on your child's phone. It will help you to know what your child is watching. You will be able to see the name of websites your child is accessing from the phone browser. 

thetruthspy app

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

If you want to use the TheTruthSpy app to track an android phone, here are the steps you need to follow. It will help you to easily track any type of android device. 

Check this link to download TheTruthSpy app on your target's phone.

Download the app

First, you need to download and install the app on android. Use the phone browser and go to the TheTruthSpy website. After that, you need to click on the download link to download the file on the phone. You also need to open the file and manually install it.

Opening an account

After installation, you need to open the app on the android phone and click on sign up to register your account. This will be your tracking account. You need to use this account in order to access the tracking app. Enter all the details and create your account. Once it is done, remove all the evidence from the phone and hide it.

Start monitoring and rest easy

Now, all you need to do is log in and track the phone. You need to go to the website and log in to your tracking account. After that, you can use any of the features given next to the dashboard to track the android device for free. 

What are people saying?

See what some of our clients have to say!

TheTruthSpy helped me recover all the lost data on my daughter's phone. I was able to retrieve her pictures, media, and audio files. What I like the most about this app is its quick and fast customer support. I also appreciate the app's many features, including keylogging, which helped me know the password to my partner's call log.

Martin Flannick

TheTruthSpy is my favorite app for all the right reasons. Unlike all other apps on the web, Truth Spy works. It has helped me a lot with parental control. I know where my kids go and who they hang out with. This app has made parenting pretty easy for me.

Claire Hoggard

I set up TheTruthSpy on my daughter's phone in a few minutes. I can now monitor their WhatsApp, Facebook, and Snapchat. This has also helped me know their activities and what they are up to. The customer support is also responsive and very helpful. I'd recommend TheTruthSpy to all parents.

Ivan Dobrovosky

I used TheTruthSpy to keep tabs on my cheating spouse. I could track their location to a popular dating club when they told me they were in their office. The real-time location feature is my favorite feature of Truth Spy.

Randy Clarks

Why Do You Need TheTruthSpy Andorid Spy App?

There are many uses of the TheTruthSpy app. You can use it for parental control, backing up phone data, monitoring employees as well as catching a cheating spouse. Here are some reasons to use the app. 

Why Do You Need TheTruthSpy Andorid Spy App

Monitor Your Children

Using a free phone tracker app for parental controls allows you to monitor your kids' smartphone activity. It's completely free, and it works with the phone's location history to keep tabs on where your kids are. You can even get a notification when your kids have been chatting with friends or downloading applications. You can also use the application to check for suspicious activity. Moreover, you can even track where your kids have been if you want to. It includes advanced parental controls like blocking websites and apps that your kid can use. It even allows you to track the time your children are spending on their phones.

Monitor Your Employees

The TheTruthSpy app for employee monitoring is designed to help employers monitor the mobile phone activities of their employees. With the ability to track messaging and social media apps, this application is ideal for monitoring an employee's activities. This app is very user-friendly and requires no jailbreaking or rooting. It is available for Android devices, making it ideal for both personal and business use. As companies become larger and more mobile, managing the productivity of employees is becoming a challenge. If an employee is not doing their job or is not doing it properly, they can hinder the company's progress and productivity. Fortunately, there are apps for this situation.

Monitor Your Spouse

TheTruthSpy is a powerful and useful tool for monitoring a spouse's phone activities. If you want to monitor a spouse's phone, you can use this tracker app. It allows you to monitor the activities of a targeted device, including text messages and location history. You can also use the app to locate a phone from a different location. You don't have to jailbreak the phone in order to install the app. Using such a tool will help you prevent cheating and save your marriage. You can find out whether your spouse is cheating on you with this app.

Easy To Use

TheTruthSpy app is very easy to install. It works like any other phone app that you download or install. In order to spy on Android's activities, you have to download and install it. It takes only 5 minutes to set up and spy on phone activities.

Locate and Backup a Lost Phone

You can use the TheTruthSpy app to backup all your phone data with a simple click of a button. When you use this app on your own phone, you can use it as a phone tracker as well as data backup. This app will help you to track your lost phone as well as back up all the data in the phone. In case your phone is lost, you can log in to this app to find the phone. You will also get all the data with the app.

TheTruthSpy Is More Powerful Than You Think

There is so much more you can monitor with TheTruthSpy app! Here are the top monitoring features our users love the most.



Call Logs

Record Calls





Web History

Media Captured

Ambient Recording


Contacts History

Apps Installed

100% Undetectable

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