How to Record Calls on Any Android phones

Call recording by the name itself tells us that it is an application through which you can record any ongoing call just like the sound recorder. Recording calls have become a fashion and a necessity both in today’s world. It has become a very common practice done by all.

However in most of the smartphones, this feature of call recording is inbuilt, yet in some of the cell phones, this feature is not available. In this case, call recording applications may be used by the customers. Even if the smartphone has this feature inbuilt, there are many benefits of using smartphone call record apps as they provide additional services too.

How to Record Calls on Any Android phones
How to Record Calls on Any Android phones

There are lots of benefits of call recording including business benefits. This feature is mostly used in business world, training purpose, crime investigations, security purpose and for spying. People who have doubts on the activities of their spouse or want to keep a check on their children phone calls use these recording applications. There are many benefits of recording calls, and some of them are:

  • Business purposes- this feature is the most useful for business purpose as it allows to govern the team effectively, get to know the customers closely by recording their each detail, having the record of each customer helps the business to cater better customer services. Recording calls help the employees to record each instruction given by their employer which would lead them towards effectiveness.
  • Security purpose– call recording feature is used by investigation agencies so that they do not miss out even a minute detail. Even while the conferences between two nations are carried out, there agreements and conversations are recorded for security purposes. Apart from this the threatening calls received by the investigation agencies and the common people are also recorded so that it can be proved as evidence in court later on
  • Spying- call recording applications are majorly used for spying too. Parents use this feature to keep a check on the activities of their child. Most of the parents install automatic call recording. Apart from parents, people use this to spy on their spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, fiancé, etc.

How to Record Calls on Any Android phones

Due the above factors call, recording applications are always in demand. But out of the thousand softwares available on the internet today only a few are secured and reliable. There are many ways of recording calls on android phones. Some of the apps which help in recording calls are listed below:

  • The Truth Spy app– it is one of the best apps for recording calls on android phones as it provides the latest and hi-tech monitoring of mobile phones. All you have to do is to install the truth spy app in the mobile of your child or suspect. You will need a data connection or Wi-Fi to run this app. This application gives you the best results in call recording as it provides quality service without slowing the suspect’s phone. Another fabulous feature of this app is that it cannot be detected easily. The suspect will never be aware of this app due to its smooth working.This app works in the background memory. To use this app, you will have to first install this in the suspected device. Once the installation is done, it will be active and inform you about each call and record it simultaneously. With the help of this app, you also track the location and even give you the access to other platforms like WhatsApp, Viber, etc. this app also allows to underline the length or number of calls. This can also be done from the user account which is web based.

Apart from The Truth Spy the other apps which are good at call recording services for android are

  • Call Recorder– ACR- it is a very popular call recorder app. it can be downloaded free of cost. It is compatible to almost all of the android mobiles. Here you could save your recording in Mp3, AAC, and other formats
  • RMC– it is android call recorder and it works without making many rings or whistles.
  • Easy voice recorder- this recording app can be used for simpler works. You could back your recordings on your PC very easily.
  • Call recorder pro– this is a paid call recording app. This is a very simple and intuitive with many features like maintaining notes etc.

These apps let you record the calls. TheTruthSpy and the other apps provide you the best experience of call recording. Out of these plenty of call recording options you are free to choose the best fit for your android mobile.


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