10 tips to hack Samsung Galaxy S
10 tips to hack Samsung Galaxy S

Learn 10 tips to hack Samsung Galaxy S

Samsung Galaxy S is one of the popular devices used by the number of users. It has proven to be game changers for the Samsung by reversing the position and capturing declining share into the market. Many features are introduced for making it easier to use. In the market, it has been year around and now the people have started asking how this device can be hacked. In this article, we have listed a few methods of hacking this phone.

Learn 10 tips to hack Samsung Galaxy S
Learn 10 tips to hack Samsung Galaxy S
  1. TheTruthSpy

To hack Samsung S, using TheTruthSpy app is the right option. It is a mobile monitoring app allowing a user to hack iOS and Android OS all activities. With this app, all calls, text, WhatsApp, internet history is hacked. A user doesn’t need physical access to the victim from the phone for activity hacking. The app allows one to remotely track the target from the remote location using own cell phone, laptop or PC and hack data completely.

Easy steps to use hack device


Go for the signup for the user account from the homepage (http://thetruthspy.com) of the app by hitting on try it now. Fill in the valid email address and password on the signup page and hit the signup button.

Provide essential info

Provide the details of the victim device and choose the OS.

Install the app

Download the wizard on the device Samsung Galaxy S and then install it. Launch the app by hitting on the icon into the app drawer. Get into settings of the device and grant permission to it by enabling unknown source for easy app installation.

You can get TheTruthSpy at: http://android.thetruthspy.com

Hack device

Hit on start monitoring button and the app icon will disappear that indicate monitoring had begun. Visit the app control panel on own device for remotely check the data of the device.

Services offered by the app

  • Messages hackingTheTruthSpy app is designed in order to check the outgoing and incoming messages whether it’s normal or of IM apps. The message content with the info like date and time of sending and receiving, name and number of sender and receiver etc will be fully spied.
  • Calls spying The calls are also spied that is made from or is received at the device of the targeted user. If you are willing to know with whom kids or spouse is talking, use this feature to get all you want.
  • Multimedia files spyThe available multimedia files like photos and videos will be easily seen by the hacker. The screenshots taken by the target person is also visi9ble.
  • GPS location spying Many time the parents and spouse are willing to know about the real-time location of the kids and partner. This feature enables you in viewing all the details regarding the person location.
  1. Hack through fingerprint scanner

Hacking is possible by lock screen bypassing without using the fingerprint sensor. With smart lock it allows you to unlock phone screen without the need for authentication.  Enable feature from setting then lock screen then security and smart lock. Many options are there on smart locks like trusted places, on-body detection, and voice. If on-body detection is enabled, unlock the phone once and it will remain unlocked as long it is carried. Even if it is handed over to the other person it will be remaining unlocked and data will get exposed.

  1. Change PIN with Samsung Find my Mobile

Similar to Apple’s Find my iPhone, Samsung is having own app Find my mobile and it allows the user to hack and bypass lock screen. A user must have a Samsung account for using the service. So login to Samsung account and after that hit on lock my screen. Now enter PIN and press Lock. It will change the lock screen password that can be later on used for phone unlocking.

  1. Bypassing lock screen through resetting the password by accessing Forgot Pattern

If the pattern is forgotten, use forgot pattern for device hacking and set a new one. When the wrong password multiple time is entered, the device will get locked and then you will see the forgot pattern.  Hit on the option and it will unlock screen page. Hit on “enter Google account details” and then hit next and go to account unlock page. Enter the Gmail account and password linked with the device and then sign in. The email will be provided with the unlock pattern.

  1. Use recovery mode for lock screen bypassing

Use this method for hacking the Samsung device. If the device is locked, it cannot be reset through setting, so you need recovery mode for undergoing device factory resetting. It will delete the data there on the device that includes locks screen. If the backup isn’t made, do it before factory resetting. Just turn off the device and once done that hold volume button and power button together until you see the android screen. Select the recovery mode and use the volume control for navigating on the menu. Go to factory reset and press on the power button for selecting it. It will wipe the data that includes a lock screen password.

  1. Use-one handed mode

Samsung Galaxy S is having a screen of 5.8” and it has made using one hand little bit difficult.  An effective solution is provided to it. It is a one-handed mode. Tap on the home button for 3 times and now phone display will get minimized.  But you must have this enabled on the device. Just go to the setting then advanced feature and enable it.

  1. Change the position of soft keys

People like the back key on the right side and some like it on the left side. This device is provided with the feature that allows a user in changing the soft keys. This can be used for hacking soft keys controls so it easily meets up the liking. For position changing, go to the setting, then display and then navigation bar and then button layout and then change the position as per the choice.

  1. Use pro mode in the camera

A camera is one of the most essential features particularly when it’s a 12MP shooter like that of Samsung Galaxy S. The camera is there in it is excellent as it easily captures the sharpest pictures. There are many capturing modes including slow motion, panorama, a pro mode, and hyperlapse. When you choose the pro mode you can easily hack the phone camera. A user can tweak the shutter speed of the camera, focal point, exposure level, and ISO rating and even white balance.

  1. Get access to the home screen

Samsung is having many options for securing the device that is including facial recognition, fingerprint scanner, PIN, password or pattern. But it is having a feature that allows one in locking the device without using those authentication techniques and that is the smart lock. When this feature is enabled from the device setting, the device will get unlocked when it is closer to a hacker.

  1. Access the notifications through fingerprint sensor

There is a one-handed mode for making it easier for one to operate the phone through one hand, But cannot enable it always when need to access the notifications. Instead, the fingerprint sensor can be used for bringing down the notifications tabs and then hack the device. Enable gesture control on the fingerprint sensor and thus you can make use of the biometric sensor for accessing the tab of notification. In order to enable it, you need to go to the setting then to advanced features and then to finger sensor gesture and then hit on switch on option.


So, these all were the best hack tools that can be used for Samsung Galaxy S device spying completely.


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