2 Ways to Track A Cell Phone without The Phone
2 Ways to Track A Cell Phone without The Phone

We are living in a dangerous time. The number of online and social crimes is increasing day by day.

In such a condition, it is necessary to keep your loved ones safe. As the number of kidnapping cases is increasing, parents are becoming restless.

As most of the parents work away from home, they are constantly worried about their kids. But there are various modern solutions for keeping a remote watch on the kids.

You can track your kids from anywhere by using phone tracker apps. These apps help you to track their phone location and activities to keep them safe.

Tracking A Cell Phone

Tracking A Cell Phone
Tracking A Cell Phone

If you want to track a cell phone for free, you can use free phone tracker apps. These are mobile apps. You can use it on the phone to track location.


These apps are free to use. There is no need to invest in a high-tech gadget when you can easily track your kids from your phone itself.

Earlier, in order to track a cell phone, you need to constantly use the phone and stay inside the range. But with the help of modern tracking apps, you can track a phone remotely from anywhere.

You only need the phone once to install the application inside it. After that, you don’t need to touch the phone.

Two Ways to Track a Cell Phone for Free

There are many ways of tracking a cell phone, but only a few methods are free to use. The other methods are old and fake. You need to always use the phone in order to use the tracking methods. Instead, you can use these two freeways to remotely track a phone.

#1. Using TheTruthSpy


TheTruthSpy is one of the most trustworthy apps in the market. It is a phone tracking and spying app. If you want to track a phone for free, you can use this app. It is free to use. You don’t have to pay any subscription charges to use this app. You can use the trial offer. Most parents use this app for tracking their kids. This app is simple and easy to use. Anybody can easily use it without any training. It is compatible with all the type of smartphone. You can use it to track all the latest smartphones for free. It will help you to track an android phone, tablet, iPhone, and iPad.

Steps to Track A Phone

#2. Using FreePhoneSpy


You can also use this tracking app. This app is free to use. You can use all the tracking features in the app for free in the trial period offer. This app is simple and easy to use. Most parents rely on this app as it is easy to use. The user interface is simple. You can easily navigate the app to use it for tracking. This tracking app is compatible with all the smartphones in the market. You can use it to track an iPhone and iPad. You can also use it for tracking android phones and tablets. This app contains various tracking features. You can use the call tracking option to track all the call logs on a phone. You can also track all the text messages using the SMS tracking option.

There is a location tracking feature, as well. You can use social media tracking features as well to track Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. You can use all these features easily for tracking a phone. This app is very easy to use. You can follow a few simple steps to install the app on the phone at freephonespy.com and use it for tracking.


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