Track Stolen or Lost Phone

The worst thing about the phone is losing your smartphone. You have to undergo a lot of hassle if you lose your phone if it gets stolen.

You have to file a report and then wait for days to get your phone back. Sometimes you get the phone but most of the time will not get the phone back.

If you lose your phone, you will lose all the data with it; people store a lot of important data on their phones. But once the phone is gone the data is gone as well.

Apart from that, you have to purchase a new phone. As we know, new phones are very expensive. You have to bear the financial burden of buying a new phone.

If you don’t want to undergo all these problems, you can track your stolen phone.

Track a Stolen Phone
Track a Stolen Phone

Why Track a Stolen Phone?

There are many reasons why you need to track a stolen phone. It will save you a lot of money if you can simply find our old phone back.

  • Phone Data: By tracking your lost phone, you will be able to get all the phone data back. If there is no backup, your data will be lost forever. But if you get the phone back, you will get the phone back as well.
  • Expensive Phone: If your old phone is expensive, you will undergo a tremendous loss if it gets stolen. However, you can track your old phone to avoid spending money on the new phone. You will be able to save a lot of money.
  • Less Hassle: There is less hassle in tracking your lost phone. You don’t have to go to the police to file a complaint if you can simply track your phone.

Phone Tracker App

Phone Tracker App
Phone Tracker App

You can use a phone tracker app such as TheTruthSpy App to track your lost or stolen phone. TheTruthSpy helps you to track live phone location. You can track the previous location as well.

You will get all the details in Google Map. Moreover, you can follow the map to get the phone location.

  • Live Location: You will be able to track the live location of the phone by using the phone tracker app.
  • Past Location: You can also check all the past locations of the phone. You will get location details with date and time.
  • Address: You will get the complete address of the phone location. You can follow this location to get your phone back.
  • Google Map: Apart from the address, you will get the phone location in Google Maps. You can follow the map to track the phone.

How to Track Phone?

In order to track your phone, you need to install a spying app or a location tracking app in it. You need to do it before it is lost.

  • Download and Install: Once you have the app with you, download it on the phone and install it at
  • Sign Up: After that, you have to sign up and create your account.
  • Track: Once you are done with your account, you can log in at and track the phone anytime you want.