How to Track Other’s Facebook Messages Without Password

If you are curious about someone’s Facebook messages, you can easily track them. You don’t need to know their Facebook password to track the messages.

With the help of the TheTruthSpy app, you can easily track others’ Facebook messages without a password. It is one of the easiest ways to spy on Facebook messages.

Tracking Facebook Messages with TheTruthSpy App

Tracking Facebook Messages with TheTruthSpy App

You can read Facebook messages with the TheTruthSpy app. This tracking application will help you track messages without having to go through the device. It will also let you see what the target is sharing.

Unlike other social media monitoring programs, it does not need any technical skills. All you have to do is install the app and start observing your target. You will be able to read Facebook messages in just a few minutes.

The best thing about this app is that it will help you to track Facebook messages without a password. If you don’t know the Facebook password, you can still track all the messages.

This app comes with Facebook Spy and Keylogger features. Both the features will help you to easily track Facebook messages. With Facebook Tracker, you can directly track all the messages. With Keylogger, you can capture your Facebook password and then use it to track the messages.

This app is compatible with android as well as iOS devices. You can use it to track all the chats and messages on Facebook with date and time details.

Can You Spy on Facebook Messages without Password?

Are you curious about how you can track Facebook messages without a password? If yes, you can use phone tracking apps. There are various Facebook tracking apps available in the market.

These apps come with the Facebook Tracker feature. When you use this feature, it helps you to directly track all the messages without knowing the password.

Most of these programs allow you to track messages and posts and check photos and videos. Many of these apps also offer date and time details so that you can track the exact moment the messages were sent. Using one of these tools is easy and will give you the peace of mind you need.

These apps also come with the Keylogger feature. It will help you to track your Facebook password from your phone. Once you get the password, you can use it to check all the Facebook messages.

How to Track Facebook Messages without Password?

If you want to track others’ Facebook messages without the password, you need to use TheTruthSpy App. It is a phone tracking app that comes with Facebook Tracker and Keylogger features. It will help you to monitor all the Facebook messages without the password. Here are the steps you need to follow in order to use this app.

Step 1: Android Setup

If you are tracking Android’s Facebook messages, you need to download and install the app on your phone. Go to the website at and click on the download link to download the APK file. After that, you need to install the file.

Step 2: Register

Open the TheTruthSpy app and click on the register option to create your phone tracking account. You need to use the account to track all the messages.

Step 3: Login

After setting up the phone app, you can log in to your tracking account on the website.

Step 4: Facebook Spy/Keylogger

Lastly, you just need to use the Facebook Spy feature from the control panel. It will help you to track all the Facebook messages. You can also use Keylogger to track Facebook messages without a password.


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