Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

The Application and/or the Site may automatically collect standard information about the Users through cookies that provide a means of identifying visitors and improving the user experience.

The information that is collected indirectly by these cookies may be used to monitor the volume, the type and the configuration of the traffic transiting via the Application and/or the Site, in order to develop their design and configuration, or for other administrative and scheduling purposes, and in general to improve the service provided via the Application and/or the Site.

The cookies also provide a means of gathering and analysing statistics such as the number of visits, the number of unique visitors, of pages views, or of producing other general statistics about the activities of the Application and/or of the Site.

The cookies can also be used to display targeted advertising. To that end the Site uses the DoubleClick cookie and the Google Analytics cookie, in order to help advertisers and publishers to offer and manage ads on the Site and on other web sites that are either Google partners or AdSense partners.

Advertisers may publish ads that are tailored to the User’s hobbies and interests, taking into consideration non-personal data concerning the activity of the User, such as the pages viewed by the latter or any activity on other AdSense partner sites.

An advertiser may also publish ads based on a User’s previous activity on its own web site. The DoubleClick DART cookie is used by Google to set the content of the ads that are sent out to the web sites of publishers displaying AdSense ads.

When an Internet user displays or clicks on an ad featuring on the web site of an AdSense publisher, a cookie may be sent to his browser. The data collected by the cookies is used to help AdSense publishers to improve the way in which they manage and broadcast ads on their web sites as well as over the entire Internet network.
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A User may choose to deactivate cookies. The User’s browser may also be configured to report cookies that are deposited on the User’s computer and query whether they should be accepted or not. The User may then choose whether or not to accept these cookies on a case-by-case basis or may opt to reject them systematically.

However, please note that such a configuration may alter the conditions of a User’s access to content and services requiring the use of cookies. Should the User’s browser be configured to reject all cookies, the User may not benefit from part of the services on offer.

Instructions for eliminating cookies in other browsers are available at:

For more information about cookies, please visit the site of the French data protection authority, the CNIL: