Top 5 Instagram Password Crackers

Top 5 Instagram Password Crackers to Crack Any Instagram Account Easily

We are living in the digital world with the availability of the popular and biggest popular applicatio0ns of social media applications like Instagram, Facebook etc. Through the popular platform like Instagram is well known for the high-security measures they still are available with some loopholes. By taking the help of any of the Instagram password cracking tool, hacking the account of Instagram has become a lot easier. Before you begin to use the tracking tool is better that you make use of it for legal purposes and ensure that you aren’t breaking law or interfering in the privacy of a person. If not for the illegal purpose you can take the help of such tools.

Top 5 Instagram Password Crackers to Crack Any Instagram Account Easily
Top 5 Instagram Password Crackers to Crack Any Instagram Account Easily

Here are those 5 tools that you need to know about

  • Instagram password cracker- The truthSpy app
  • Instagram hacker
  • Instagram account hacker tool
  • Instagram password finder
  • Instagram password decryptor

Instagram password cracker- TheTruthSpy app

Instagram password cracker- TheTruthSpy app
Instagram password cracker- TheTruthSpy app

Are you are seeking for the one-step solution for the cracking all the passwords and spying requirement? Then TheTruthSpy will definitely be a good solution for the hacker. It is compatible with the android device as well as iPhone devices. It can be easily used for spying on a person’s without getting detected. One can easily make use of the tool in order to get the real-time location of the person, device, and vehicle.

Additionally, it can easily access calls, messages, contacts, web history and social site activity. This tracking tool is having a dedicated feature named “Social Apps” that one can access for tracking Instagram for Instagram account password tracking. Also after you enable the feature named free keylogger, accessing all the passwords and messages becomes a lot easier.


  • It is having easy to use or friendly user interface with many good features
  • The app is having the ability of detecting the real-time location of the targeted device.
  • A user will find the dedicated social app for tracking the activity of the user on various platforms.
  • There a seamless Instagram password cracking facility is available.
  • An internet-based dashboard can be remotely accessed.
  • It is functioning in hidden mode without easily getting traced.
  • It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.


TheTruthSpy is popularly known for the good features that it is having that is used usually for fully spying over the device of the targeted user. A user can use the tracking tool for discovering almost everything that he or she would like to. The app monitors keystrokes, SMS, call history, screenshots, GPS locations, web history, social media apps, ambient listening is available, and call recording is possible. it also helps a user in blocking the app or websites.

Features in details

  1. SMS/messages spying TheTruthSpy is having a greater ability to track on the device of the targeted person device’s sent or received and deleted messages with full details.
  2. Calls spyingThe app is having a greater ability to spy over the incoming, missed, outgoing calls details from the targeted person’s device with all essential details.
  3. Mobile keylogger- The keylogger feature is tracking all the keystrokes typed on the suspected iOS or Android device. This will let a user know what actually has happed into the device of the targeted user.
  4. Phone screenshots- By taking the screenshots of the activities of the device on a timely basis including videos, photos, websites visited etc will clearly tell what activities are done.
  5. Track sites visited It is tracking the history of the website visited of the targeted device like iOS or Android. It is capturing details like URL address, title, date and time and content acquired and downloaded.
  6. Tracking GPS locations- The app is having the feature of tracking down the exact location of the device, vehicle, and person immediately. This will tell a person tracking to know whereabouts of the vehicle, device, and individual respectively. Furthermore, if in case a person has fallen his or her device somewhere outside or the device is stolen, through the tracking tool location can be easily detected.
  7. WhatsApp spy Spying over the WhatsApp account is quite easier. A person can do the spying to know all about the activities are done over WhatsApp like chat, video/voice calls and also status updates.
  8. Multimedia files viewing Viewing all the available multimedia files like photos, videos, screenshots, GIF is possible with this tracking tool.

Reasons to use the app

  • 24X7 hours customer care team is available to help the user in getting rid of any trouble faced in between spying
  • The free and paid version is available when uses the app.
  • 48 hours free trial is available so that one can see the applications working.
  • The process if downloading and installation is a lot easier.
  • It is working in hidden mode effectively.

Working of the wizard

From the official website of the tracking tool (, you can download and install the app on the compatible device. After the installation is done on devices, the extraction of data will begin immediately by the spyware. In order to view all the details, a user has to login to TheTruthSpy account for viewing all the information of the suspected person device.

Download TheTruthSpy at:

For Android:

For iPhone:

Instagram account hacker tool

This tool is popular and is internet based that allows one in cracking the password of Instagram. Just give it username of the account holder and wait for script performing its tasks. It is easy to use the app and you as a user can maintain anonymity during the entire process of hacking.


  • It is having a web-based a user interface.
  • The only Instagram user can crack the password easily.
  • The hacker identity remains fully anonymous.
  • It is easy to use the app.

Instagram hacker

The name is itself suggesting all about what the Instagram hacker tool is all about. This tracking tool is providing faster and problem free way of cracking the passwords of Instagram. The tool is available for all the major Windows versions. The tracking tools can be downloaded easily through its website. After the app is launched, one has to give the account username that one would like to crack. Within a few seconds, the Instagram account will be hacked easily and the password will be displayed by the Instagram password cracker.


  • The algorithm is working much faster.
  • The app is available for free and is having an easy to use interface.
  • It is fully compatible with all the top leading versions of the windows platform and also other popular platforms.
  • Though it is a lightweight application, it can be easily downloaded.

Instagram password finder

This tracking tool is developed for the purpose of cracking the password of Instagram and is functioning in the same way as other tracking tool works. This tool can be used for retrieving saved password through the internet without any hassle. A user can decode the Instagram credentials through popular web browsers.


  • It is a lightweight tool that is available freely.
  • It is supporting multiple languages easily.
  • It can easily find the lost password that was stored earlier by the internet.
  • No doubt using this tracking tool is a lot easier for one.

Instagram password decryptor

Instagram password decryptor is password cracking app for Instagram and is developed by the ideal Instagram password for all those that have forgotten the account details. The tools are decrypting saved password through the web browser on the system. The tool is mostly used for decrypting the Instagram password. If one wishes to hack the account of another person’s Instagram account, then one is needed to have full access to own system.


  • It is available freely and is having a friendly user interface.
  • It is providing secure and reliable results for decrypting the saved password of Instagram.
  • It is having graphic user and also command line interface.


A user can make use of those Instagram password cracking tools. If in case one has forgotten the password or if in case another person has hacked the account of Instagram and change its password, one can again recover those. Sometimes a user can make use of those in order to activate the previous Instagram account. It is recommended to make use of all tools particularly TheTruthSpy the main attraction for the legal purpose not for illegal purposes. These tools will also lead you to avoid any legal complications relating to privacy breaching. A user can simply make the use of the account for cracking the password of Instagram.

Just keep in mind that all the apps that are listed above are only for legal use and make sure to follow terms and conditions before beginning to use.

If using TheTruthSpy app Apart from cracking the Instagram account one can use other available features for discovering other important things. Thus you will definitely be having good experience of monitoring the activities of others on their device.


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