Installation Guide for iDevice OS With TheTruthSpy Spy iPhone App

Welcome to installation page to install a cell phone spyware on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.  If you want to track an android such as Samsung, Galaxy… please visit page How to install a cell phone spyware for free on Android.


1) You must keep in hand (physically) the target phone to install TheTruthSpy on that. There are some other ways to install and it will be discussed at the blog.

2) Your target devices MUST be jailbroken phone.  If you see Cydia icon on springboard, that means the device has been jailbroken already. If not (do not see Cydia icon), read How to jailbreak


Step 1: Launch Cydia application from your device.

From your Springboard of device which phone you want to track, find icon Cydia and tap to launch it.

Picture: Launch Cydia to install free mobile spy

Step 2: Add source to Cydia

From Cydia screen, click Manage -> Source -> Edit -> Add and enter and then click Add Source.


If you entered the correct URL, verification and updating sources process will start.
Wait for the URL verification and updating sources processes to finish.

If the above mentioned processes complete successfully, that means the download is complete
Select Return to Cydia to go back to the Cydia App

Step 3: Choose package TheTruthSpy from source to install.

After sllecting Return to Cydia after downloading is complete will take you back to the Sources screen.
Once you are here, select TheTruthSpy to see package TheTruthSpy (Find out the truth with cell phone).


Step 4: Install and Complete

When you tap the package, you will see Install button, click it and click Complete button to complete this installation.

If the device asks you to Restart Springboard and you are asked about passcode, then you should enter a secret passcode: 2013 to bypass.  Remember that this default passcode is available for short time, or when the device still shows TheTruthSpy icon on Springboard.  If not (you have hided icon TheTruthSpy), the passcode is not available any more.



You can create a free account of TheTruthSpy with 2 methods:

1) create on website  But you must do an authentication (login) with your account (user name and password) on target device in order to link your account with device. OR

2) create the account on your target phone. This method will authenticate for you (no need to do an action login).

With action “login” with your account on the target device, you have added the device to your account. You can start to track the device by logging in at Control Panel Online


Tips: Do again with second or third devices if you want to track more device in the same account.  Each account you can add 3 devices. 



You are happy with this installation page?  Please ask us more at  These are usefull links:

  1. How to hide TheTruthSpy Icon from SpringBoard of iPhone or iPad
  2. How to hide TheTruthSpy application forever
  3. How to hide Cydia icon after installing TheTruthSpy spyware application
  4. Blog and discuss about installation.  For example install a spyware remotely (without keep in hand physically the target phone).

At TheTruthSpy, we want to make sure you are getting top-notch service. If you have any kind of problems during installation, feel free to contact our customer support reps who are happy to help you any time. Click Contact Us to give us your requests.  Many thanks.