3 Tips on metro PCS call Log Hack

Get best 3 Tips to know on metro PCS call Log Hack

Metro PCS is the prepaid cell phone service provider that is T-mobile US, Inc subsidiary. If you are the user of metro PCS user, then you must know that it permits one in tracking the mobile phone history and also credit history via metro PC account.

Learn more MetroPCS at: https://www.metropcs.com/

Get best 3 Tips to know on metro PCS call Log Hack
Get best 3 Tips to know on metro PCS call Log Hack

Getting the call log will prove to be a lot useful if in case you are required to present it at the court or for inquiring the customer care metro PCS on call charges discrepancies. It is not easier for one to get those call logs through remotely through the Metro PCS. Here is the article that will tell you to hack metro PCS call logs.

Way 1: safest way of hacking it – TheTruthSpy

Way 1: safest way of hacking it - TheTruthSpy
Way 1: safest way of hacking it – TheTruthSpy

Metro PCS is having an official method that is used for getting the call records of the cell phone. But you will get the record of own calls, not others. If you wish to get the others to call logs then using the safest and fastest means of metro PCS call log hack that is TheTruthSpy app. It is one of the best tools that are used for finding call logs of a person. This tracking tool is the best cell phone spying and monitoring tool that allows one in retrieving all call logs of a person easily.

There is no need to access the suspect metro PCS account for getting the call logs. After the app is set up for spying, access own TheTruthSpy app control panel and call information will be available. This is used for spying in Android and iPhone device.

For android user need to install the app on victim device but for iPhone, you need to know iCloud ID and password that victim uses to hack call log. This tool is the safest hack as it doesn’t need jailbreaking or rooting whether own or victim device. It can only collect the person call logs not does call recording.

Steps to use it

Enter the required information

Visit to the homesite (https://thetruthspy.com) of the wizard and create a user account. At the time of the registration process, give the email address and password and press on Sign Up. Now fill in the victim name and age and choose the OS.

Finish the setup

For hacking on Android OS

Download and install the app on the victim phone. After the app gets installed open it up. Now you need to sign in to TheTruthSpy user account so the application can be linked to your account. Grant the permission to the wizard and activate the mobile monitoring.

For iOS OS

A user must have iCloud ID and password of the victim and fill in at the time of the setup process. Hit on verify for verifying iCloud ID and password.

Remotely hack Metro PCS call logs

Log in to the control panel and hit on calls and view all the call logs of the victim.


  • Monitoring the web activities is possible with the app that what all sites are visited by the target and what activities he/she does.
  • The recording of calls is done that includes incoming calls, outgoing calls with full details like date, time and contacts info.
  • The app is capable enough at spying on the available multimedia files like photos, videos, GIFs, screenshots etc.
  • All instant messaging app including WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat etc is hacked by the user using this app.
  • GPS location tracking feature helps the hacker to know the real-time location of the person with whereabouts as well.
  • If in case the SIM is replaced, the app will immediately notify the hacker all about it.

Way 2: hacking through online

Way 2: hacking through online
Way 2: hacking through online

This method is used on iOS and Android device. Metro PCS provides users the chance to get the past call records by the online account. A user can track the call made or call received on the device and can check the time spend on each call and cellular changes if done.

Steps to follow on hacking it through Metro PCS account

  • Visit the Metro PCS website.
  • Login to the user account by entering the username and password. Hit on Sign in. If you are not having the account, then create it by giving the phone and account security details.
  • After signing into the account, hit on Metro PCS phone number and choose the phone number of whose call details you wish to find.
  • The users with weekly or monthly subscription must visit the account usage and activity and call details. It is going to display unlimited call usages that are containing the information about the phone number that is been called.
  • The users of by minute plan must go to the account usage and activity and then financial transactions and usage. It will be displaying the details relating to transactions on the account like calls, data usage, call rate information etc.

Way 3: hacking and recording phone calls info

Way 3: hacking and recording phone calls info
Way 3: hacking and recording phone calls info

Metro PCS is good at recording the call history of Metro PCS number; it does not record the calls of the people not it is legal to do the call recording of others. If you would like to have metro PCS call logs hacking and recording call the call log info, make use of Google Voice app. It can record the inbound calls only not the outbound ones. The call recording services must be enabled through Google voice online portal for recording calls. In order to record and hack those follow few steps given below-

  • Visit the homepage of Google Voice and hit on the menu button.
  • Hit on setting option there at the displayed list.
  • Into the call section, switch to the incoming call option.
  • Press 4 during the call for recording metro PCS call. Again press 4 for stopping the recording.


These are the best tip on metro PCS call log hack. Just follow those as per the instructions given to you and get all the details of calls.


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