Viber Spy Messages

Do you know what Viber Spy is? It is a very popular spying feature useful for spying on Viber activities. If you want to spy on someone’s Viber app, you can use this feature. To use this feature, you have to download The TruthSpy app first. It is a spying app that contains more than 15 spying features. You can use any of these features or a combination of elements to spy on someone.

This app functions in a hidden mode. If you use Viber Spy, nobody will be able to detect it. You can secretly spy to get all the information you need. It is most helpful for parents to monitor their kids. If you want to know more about Viber Spy, we can guide you. This post will show you how to spy on the Viber app using the Viber Spy feature.

Viber Spy

Viber Spy
Viber Spy

By using Viber Spy, you can monitor the Viber app efficiently. This feature is specially developed after extensive research. You will get timely and accurate information by using this feature. You can spy on Viber chats, calls, and activities. All you need to do is install the spying app on the phone and create your account. Once the setup is complete, you can use the account to get all the information from the phone without even touching it.


Features of Viber Spy

Here is a list of all the features of Viber Spy.

  • Monitor Chats: You can read all the Viber chats from the dashboard of your account. All the conversations are recorded and uploaded in the account from time to time.
  • Monitor calls: You can also monitor the voice and video call logs on the Viber app. You will get all the details about the call history using Viber.
  • Message Type: You can check the type of message, i.e., sent or received.
  • Group Chats: You can also read all the group chats on Viber. You can even check group information.
  • Call Type: You can check the type of call made on Viber, i.e., voice calls, video calls, incoming, outgoing, etc.
  • Media: You can view different kinds of media exchanged using the Viber app. You can open each message and media to check the entire content.
  • Details: You can check details of the people who are chatting on Viber i.e., name, number, and profile photo.
  • Date and Time: Each chat is recorded with date and time.


Advantages of Viber Spy

Advantages of Viber Spy
Advantages of Viber Spy

Here is a list of all the benefits of Viber Spy.

  • Read Chats: You can read all the chats exchanged using the Viber app on your spying account.
  • Check Calls: You can even check Viber call logs on your account.
  • Stealth Mode: This feature works in stealth mode. Nobody will be able to detect that their Viber is being monitored.
  • Backup: You can track your own Viber app chats to create a backup of all the data.
  • Multimedia: You can check all the multimedia that is exchanged on Viber like images, videos, and audio files.
  • Accurate data: You will get precise spying data on your account. The data is copied and uploaded from the phone, so there is no doubt accuracy.


Benefits of Using Viber Spy

Here is a list of all the benefits of Viber Spy.

  • Parental Control: As a parent, you need to monitor your child’s account to check their chats. By using this feature, you can follow their Viber chats and calls and protect them from online threats.
  • Trade Secrets: You can Viber Spy to protect your trade secrets. If you spy on your employees, you can prevent them from sharing your trade secrets.
  • Personal Use: You can create a backup of your Viber chats by monitoring it using Viber Spy. You can use this data if you lose or misplace your phone.

Steps to Spy on Viber

Steps to Spy on Viber
Steps to Spy on Viber

Now that you know everything about this spying feature let’s understand how to use this feature. We will explain everything in simple steps. Follow the given steps to use Viber Spy.

Step 1: Prepare the Phone

First, you have to prepare for the phone. If you don’t do this, you cannot download the app on the phone. Go to the settings option on the phone and enable sources after that disable Play Protect and turn off the notifications from Google Play.

Step 2: Download

Go to the website and use the downloading link to download the app on the phone. Don’t use any other link to download the app.

Download Viber Spy for Android at

Step 3: Install

After you download the file, you need to install the app. To do this, open the downloaded file and click on install. The app will be installed on the phone after configuration.

Step 4: Account Creation

Now, you have to create your spying account. Open the app and use the register option to create an account. You can do it for free. Enter all your details correctly and remember your password so that you can log in in the future.

Step 5: Subscription Plan

In this step, you have to choose a subscription plan at There are different plans available on the website. You can choose the one that fits your requirement. You can even opt for a free trial if it is possible. While using a free trial, you don’t have to pay any charges.

Step 6: Hide Evidence

Once you create the account, you have to hide the icon. And don’t forget to delete the browsing and downloading history from the phone. It is done to avoid getting caught.

Step 7: Log in

Now, you can simply go to the website and login to your spying account from your device at

Step 8: Viber Spy

Go to the control panel and choose the Viber Spy option to monitor Viber activities. You will be able to read all the chats from the dashboard of the app. You can even spy on the call logs.


These are the steps you need to follow if you want to spy on Viber activities using the Viber Spy feature of The TruthSpy app.