5 Ways to Track Kik Messenger Messages [New Ways]

If you want to spy on a person’s Kik Messenger, you will have to access their phone. Although this method might be expensive, it will allow you to access the personal messages of the person you’re tracking on. You can also use TheTruthSpy to monitor a person’s phone without their knowledge and permission.

Kik messenger is very popular all over the world. It’s free and similar to WhatsApp, but it has some differences. It’s important to monitor your kids’ use of the messenger. This way, you can monitor what they’re doing and what they’re talking about. If you’re worried that your kid is spending time with people you don’t know, you can monitor their activity with a Kik tracking app.

A way to track Kik messages without access to a person’s phone is with tracking software. Although most of this software is not as reliable as you’d like them to be, there are several options available. A mobile keylogger is a sophisticated program that keeps a complete record of keystrokes. Once installed on a target phone, it will show you all the messages, keystrokes, and usernames. It also lets you spy on multiple phones.

Hack Kik Messages

5 Free Apps to Hack Kik Messages

Tracking Kik messages is a great way to keep an eye on your employees’ private conversations. It can also help you check whether employees are using company resources to engage in personal activities. For example, you can monitor whether your employees are leaking confidential information.

Method 1: TheTruthSpy Tracking App

TheTruthSpy Tracking App

The first step in using TheTruthSpy to hack Kik Messenger messages is to create a free account with them. After that, you simply need to provide them with an email address. From there, you can select the plan and device that you want to spy on. Once that’s done, you can log into the Control Panel and see all of the messages that your target sends and receives. In addition, you can block people that you don’t want to see.

You’ll need access to the Kik account of the person you’re spying on. Once you have it, you can read their Kik conversations and record keystrokes. The software is fully compatible with Android and iPhones and comes with live chat support.

Another popular method of hacking Kik accounts is to use keylogger feature of TheTruthSpy. It records the information that you type, including passwords. Installing them on the target device can give you access to their conversations and even their photos.

Method 2: MobileTracking App

MobileTracking App

If you’re sick and tired of trying to crack your partner’s Kik account, you may want to consider using a phone-hacking app, such as the MobileTracking app. This app allows you to hack Kik Messenger without the need for a survey or payment. In addition, this app works on both Android and iOS devices.

The software is easy to install and maintain, offering over 10 different tracking features. These include Kik Messenger history, GPS location, SMS, call logs, and more. It also has access to other social networking sites, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Snapchat. It even allows you to view private messages. What’s more, this app is inexpensive and requires no technical knowledge or tutorial.

Although there are many Kik hack apps available, only a few are reliable. It’s advisable to choose a trusted program, as this will help you spy without the other person knowing.

With this app, you can spy on all chats on the target device and monitor the users’ activities. Unlike some other applications, it doesn’t need a Keylogger feature to spy on Kik. It’s easy to install, so you can have access to your partner’s Kik messages in a few minutes. Moreover, you can read the messages in real-time, with exact time stamps. This software is also easy to use and has a simple control panel.

Method 3: AppSpyFree App

AppSpyFree App

Kik Messenger is one of the most popular messaging applications on the market. There is a high chance that your child has this app on their phone. With the use of a Kik messenger hacking app, you can read messages and spy on photos without them knowing it.

The best app for hacking Kik Messenger is the AppSpyFree application. This app comes with two hacking options: remote checking and keystroke monitoring. The good thing about this software is that it works with any type of phone. You can spy on Kik Messenger and other social media accounts without the person knowing about it.

It has several features that will make it a useful tool for spying on Kik Messenger. You can install the software onto the targeted phone and see all the messages in real-time. You can see the time and date of every Kik message, as well as whether it was sent or received.

Apart from tracking Kik Messenger conversations, you can spy on other mobiles, too. If you’re worried about your child’s cell phone activities, you can install this app to keep an eye on them. The program is available free of cost.

Method 4: Access Kik Messenger Database

Access Kik Messenger Database

This is the best method you can use to hack Kik messages.

Require: Device Root

Tool: DB Browser for SQLite. Open all the databases (.sqlite) and view all Kik conversations on the messages table.

Access the Snapchat iOS Local Database


Access the Snapchat Android Local Database

All the user data of Kik is located in the /data/data/kik.android/databases/kikdatabase.db

Note: While these databases store essentially the same information, including contacts, text messages, and attachments, the two databases have different internal structures.

Method 5: FlexiSpy App

FlexiSpy App

One way to keep a tab on your kid’s online activities is by installing FlexiSpy app on their devices. It tracks keystrokes and save them in your dashboard. It lets you view the email password of your target. If you know the email password of your target, you can use it to reset the password. However, once the target has reset the password, you should delete the email and type in a new password.

Once you have installed the software on the device you wish to monitor, you will be given access to the app’s Control Panel. Once you’ve obtained the login details, you can start spying on your target’s Kik activities. You can even block any contacts that you don’t want to see.


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