How to track on WhatsApp

WhatsApp Tracker: How to track on WhatsApp

As you ground on this platform then the reason probably you are searching something that can monitor the WhatsApp messages, text messages, track call and all activities of the smartphone and other activities on the smartphone. It must be owned by your family member, loved one, an employee or of else. Here on this platform you will easily the get answer of your questions that hints your mind when it comes about the security. Beside this, in this set, you will also get the answer of how to track WhatsApp. This platform is valid for the Android and even for the iPhone phone.

WhatsApp Tracker How to track on WhatsApp

But before we move on with the further information about the tracking whatsApp let get familiar with the WhatsApp. When you know what work it uses to do they only you will understand the need for tracking this application. So, let’s have a small introduction to the WhatsApp.

A small but essential knowledge about WhatsApp

Today, our whole travel on the internet, we suppose to do lots of work daily on the internet. We do shopping, official work; learn new things even today children use to study there at online. There people also get contact with their friend and love who stay far away from us. And in binding us together the social media places a vital role in it. Today there are so many different types of application or software is designed for the people by whom people can share their thoughts, pictures and all. Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp etc these are few types of social media sites that provide a platform for the users.

Today after Facebook, WhatsApp is mostly used by the people; this platform is not designed for a single age group of people. Anyone can use it, through this people use to talk to the people share files and other things. This adds comfort to the lives of the people. This app also offers an option that is of video call that means now you can talk to your dear one while seeing him or her. This platform makes every work easier for you. But today many people making misuse of this application, in place of being a blessing, it turned into the curse.

Why did it turn into the curse for tracking on WhatsApp

Why did it turn into the curse for tracking on WhatsApp

The new things get developed just to adds the comfort in the human lives but what humans do they do misuse of it and creates trouble in the lives of the people. Instead of connecting to their loved one they are moving away. People remain busy in their chat on WhatsApp instead of talking to the one who is sitting in front of them. All such things make people feel insecure therefore they search for the method by which they can keep their eyes on their close one who is not giving time to their family. To make you clearer, here we are mentioning few significant reasons that show you why people go for the WhatsApp tracking option:

Kids or children

At present era, children are given iPhone or smart devices at an early age. Currently, up to 77% of the children are having their own smartphone. As you know no parents leave their children alone in companion of an unknown person then why they leave them with such troublesome thing. Children have started making misuse of it, want to know how they talk to strangers chat daily with their friends and do a lot of things that are not at all good for their age. So to avoid any kind of hazardous activities happen parents use the WhatsApp tracker by which they can track every activity of their children and keep them safe always. This is even good for their future because as parents you are saving them from the world threats.


Employees are termed as the main pillar of any company if they work well the company progress well. But if they become the lazy whole of their activities get disturbed. Today, many employees spend more than half-time in their smartphone or WhatsApp chatting. They are misusing the office hours. This reduces the company working. In this case, the employer can make use of the WhatsApp trackers that not only track the WhatsApp activities instead of that they also let you know, who is sharing the official documents to the others. in this way you as an employer you can keep your eyes on them at all time.


Today there are so many people who are having affair, instead of giving time to their family they keep on chatting or posting photos. This creates trouble in the life of people. Here the use of the WhatsApp tracking method very helps, the proof which you gather through this way is valid in the courts and it can be proven as evidence against the cheating spouse.

Country security

Many government departments use tracking work for catching any of the terrorist or thief. They hack the account for viewing with which they are chatting and what kind of talks then use to make on the social media platform.

These are not the end, many more reasons where there. Every person who is using the tracking method has their own personal of doing so. Moreover, there few people who do this work but only for fun. By making use of such method they extract the personal information of someone’s and creates trouble in someone’s life. This is the reason why people staying away from the technology, they don’t want to get stuck in any trouble that way they avoid using any of the online things.

But this is not a correct way; you can judge any of things just on its negative terms. As we told you before in the about article that today many people can save their family members life just by making use of the methods of tracking. Today there so many methods developed just for doing the hacking work.

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Here are few methods that people currently using for spying or tracking someone’s activities on WhatsApp:

Method 1: By using application for tracking on WhatsApp

Method 1 By using application for tracking on WhatsApp

As you know that in the past year for doing hacking a person had to be skilled in the coding platform. They need to gather the coding carefully so that they can do tracking. But now everything becomes simple without many bullshit things, no coding know skill nothing. The thing what you need is the online application that can perform the hacking work for you without letting others know about the hacking. Application form of spying method is really popular among the people do you know why because it is safe and easy to use. This is the best way to keep your eyes on the victim.

TheTruthSpy is one of the applications which is great is used at present because of the features which they provide to their users. They are loaded with so many benefits that you never get anywhere else in the hacking industry. Want to know all things you can do with this application, once after it gets downloaded into the target phone. Here we are showing you few things on which you can keep your eyes at all time:

Manage call records or access to the live call

With this app, you can get the information regarding the calls which had done through the victim phone or calls that are received by the victim. This application also provides you the ability that you can also listen to the voice calls too, isn’t it good for you? Without letting the user know you can listen to their talk keep it as a record.

GPS tracking

The next thing that you can do is that you can get to know what place the victim is there currently. The GPS tracking device tracks the exact location of the victim and lets you know about their mobile activities. Besides this, if victim crosses the set boundary for the phone then also you will receive the notification about the area and activities on the victim phone.

Track out social media activities

Want to look at the user’s social media site then nothing can be better than this application. TheTruthSpy hacks the activities of the social media account too.

Moreover, there are many other features that you can see when you use it on their official site that is you will get all information about the application. Way to use this application:

  • The very first thing that you have to do is to register on the site, for this, you have to download this app first in the victim phone and follow the registration procedure there with an id and password.
  • Hide the icon in the victim phone.
  • Use your phone and open the page of the app and enter the id and password for monitoring the activities of the victim.

After doing so you control panel can easily access all the details of the victim phone or you can track the WhatsApp easily.

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Method 2: By using the online method for WhatsApp Tracker

Method 2 By using the online method for WhatsApp Tracker

Here you can make use of the website that performs the hacking work for you. Here you have to provide the required details of the suspect WhatsApp to the website whom you have chosen for the tracking work. Afterward, all work is of the site they provide a proper connectivity between you and user smartphone WhatsApp application.

This method is really easy but there comes the involvement of the third person that is the website team. But at the same time, the risk factor decrease here because if by chance victim gets the idea that their phone is tracking mode that won’t be the track you back because he or she is not having your details on the backlink it’s a website.

Mainly these two methods were in use, both the methods are having their own quality you can doubt anyone. But at the time of choosing any of the websites for doing the tracking work you have to be careful. You have to look at the history of the site, read the reviews on the site; if they are reliable and positive about the company then you are free to use it. Beside this, there are few websites that charge at the beginning itself before performing their work. Her you have to know one thing that the reliable website or applications never say you to pay at the beginning itself.

They put an option in front of you of making payment when they work to get done. The fake and corrupted sites do such things. a reliable site offers you a trail service in the beginning and if you feel secure and safe their working then you can move on with the package option.

Which one is best and why?

Today if we talk about the best method for tracking the WhatsApp many people choose the application method and they choose only the TheTruthSpy, do you know why? This app is there in the market since from a long time and they always use to add new features in their applications so that the users can simply make use of it and reach to their desired goal. Everything detail which you want to extract from the victim that all you can easily extract. It can also work on the social media platform because they find out the loopholes of the social media app. this loophole makes the user liable to get into the information of the victim phone.

TheTruthSpy app, basically it is developed for helping the people who really want to save their family from missing their path. By this app, you will not only track the whatsapp live activities but with that, you can see other social media activities too but for you have to know the id of the victim first. In the concluding lines, we only suggest you that don’t make misuse of the latest things which are designed for the people comfort. Be a responsible parent, employer or anyone and see, what is the reason behind the unfair activities of your loved or closed one?

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