How to Track Mobile Location By Phone Number

Track Mobile Location By Phone Number using TheTruthSpy App

Are you searching for the best ways for locating the mobile number in current time location? If it’s really, then reading this article will be much useful for you. In the article, you will see the best way of tracking down the location of the device at present time. Whenever one needs to connect to the internet, then he must have the IP address and through this one can easily locate present time location. In order to learn how to track it, you are in the best place.

Track Mobile Location By Phone Number using TheTruthSpy App
Track Mobile Location By Phone Number using TheTruthSpy App

Numbers of ways are found that helps a person in tracking down the real-time location of others. Here in the post, you will see a unique way of tracking down the location that is by using spyware. Yes, we are talking about spyware like TheTruthSpy App.

If your family members, your friends and you are operating the android device and also you are the owner of the business, using TheTruthSpy app for getting current time location will be the best choice. Definitely, a user will be getting extensive route history once the app is downloaded. Tracking and spying fully over the device of another person becomes a lot easier. So to make use of this app, you can get the app installed at:

For Android:

For iPhone/iPad:

Why use the app

Monitoring the activity of children, spouse and find the lost device

By using GPS location tracking feature available in TheTruthSpy app, the user can surely determine the right location of the kids. Also checking out the unethical activity can be possible also. In fact with the great feature named “GPS location tracking”, one can easily track down the current location of the device. Also finding out the lost/stolen or fallen device is possible.

Monitoring the activities of the kids

If you are the owner of the business organization and is having many responsibilities like looking after the employee’s activities, tracking those is the right option. This way the employer will come to know how good and loyal the employees towards their firm are. For reducing problem, GPS tracking feature can be used. This will help the user in checking out employees’ efficiency.

Features of the app

GPS location tracking

With the help of this tracking tool, locating the real-time location of the person, device and vehicle become much easier. Also if in case the device is stolen or fallen tracking its location is too possible.

Calls spying

The tracking tool is very much good enough in tracking all the call history like incoming, missed and outgoing with full details.

SMS spying

Through the tracking tool spying over the send, deleted, edited and received messages with full detail is a lot easier.

Multimedia files spying

A hacker apart from knowing the real-time location would definitely like to know files available in the device. Yes, it can track all photos, videos, GIFs, screenshots available in the device.

WhatsApp Spy

Spying over WhatsApp is too possible as it shows full chats, video/voice calls details and status updates.


So, these are all few benefits and features of using “TheTruthSpy App”. No doubt user will get all accurate results.


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