How to track A cell Phone Location Without Them Knowing

How can you track a cell phone location without letting them to know

Tracking the cell phone location while sitting with full comforts on a favorite couch has become most of the users’ dream. It is almost a fantastic thing that one can track the position and whereabouts of a person from a distance. Today with the access of technology, the dream of location tracking has become true. With the GPS inceptions, a user can now do the tracking of the location of another person quite easily. It is the tool that when with a device is attached, it transmits the signals to the central device. With the signals, one can easily know the whereabouts of an individual easily. As GPS tracking system has become common and it is easily available, it is tough to find the quality.

How can you track a cell phone location without letting them to know
How can you track a cell phone location without letting them to know

If you are looking for spying on one’s device and want to keep full track of the activities as well as location, the spy tool makes tracking easier. A spy tool is actually a mobile-based tool that is capable enough to hack the device of an individual and transfer the extracted data to the spying person. Today the modern spying tool is loaded with the innovative features and GPS location tracking is one among those. But the problem is all the applications are unable to provide the quality of location tracking unit.

How to track the phone location without letting a person to know

When talking about the best GPS system, at present TheTruthSpy has got a greater reputation in the global market. This application is known to have the best location tracking system that can easily tell a user exact current location of the victim. Additionally, this tracking tool is available with the features of ambient listening by which a user can listen to the surrounding noises that the suspected person is surrounded. The call recording, social media app monitoring, message tracking and other features like keylogger etc is added on to the specialty of this application.

Know about TheTruthSpy GPS Location Tracking Unit

Know about TheTruthSpy GPS Location Tracking Unit
Know about TheTruthSpy GPS Location Tracking Unit

It is already stated that TheTruthSpy app is available with an effective position tracking unit. Once a hacker begins using the application, The GPS unit will tell the exact position of the victim. It will show the position of the individual on the map so that the location can easily be understood. The best thing is that the app is available with excellent notification and alert facility. With each change in the target position, a hacker will be easily notified. It keeps on providing instant details of the location and also facilitates the best service of location tracking.

How to get the application GPS tracking unit

In order to avail the facilities GPS tracking unit is providing this application, a hacker has to do the downloading of the app. The app is to be downloaded in the victim device as well as in own device. The tool is really safe to use and works in stealth mode. So you can download the app from the official website (

Why is this app preferred for location tracking

Few good reasons are connected with the app that states the trustworthiness of app and thus makes it to be used globally.

One time investment

You know that if you hire anyone for spying on another person then you need to pay monthly charges and that is going to be cost-effective. In case of the spy tool, you need not have to pay a huge amount. Just subscribe to the app by buying the affordable subscription packages and then get all the reliable services. The app will do hacking work with full effectiveness.

Easy installation and amazing tracking options

Another best thing about the spy tool is that to use the app you need to get access to the victim device physically and rest of the work is done by the app only. There is no need to follow the lengthier process, just go and let the work to be done soon in no time.

No detection

Are you worried about being caught while spying on a person’s device? Then you need not to have to worry much as the app is having features of hiding itself. After the app is installed and do setup into the targeted person device, you can set it in hidden mode and suspect will not come to know about it.

Awesome features of the app

  • Tracking GPS Location Through TheTruthSpy a user can track the GPS location of the victim device. Use and discover the real-time location of the suspect and see where he or she is currently with complete details.
  • Tracking text MessagesThe cell phone tracking tool is very good at reading out all the text messages that are sent/received/edited or deleted. They are easily made viewable with full details.
  • Calls Managing The incoming and outgoing calls can be traced with full details like date, time, duration, call maker/call receiver info.
  • Internet use Monitoring The app will let a user in knowing all the URLs visited from the browser and all the content downloaded.
  • Read IM app Chats- The app will easily extract the chatting of all instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Skype, Instagram, WeChat etc.
  • Viewing multimedia File With the help of TheTruthSpy app, the multimedia files can be easily viewed by the hacker to see what all photos, screenshots, and videos are saved in the victim device.


The app is not only used for location tracking of the victim but it performs more functions. It is having numbers of awesome tracking feature and will allow you to do hacking completely. You as a hacker can keep full track of calls, SMS and social media activities.

At the homesite of the app, the user will discover more innovative features of the app. Just make a visit to the site at least once and see what makes the user use the app for protecting the children. Through this app, a user not only can keep eye on the location but can also keep the eye on other activities that they are doing in the device.


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