How to track a cell phone without having access to the phone for free

Best way to track a cell phone without having access to the phone for free

Today most of the parents remain busy working hard in offices so that they can earn sufficient money for their family. But what children do behind the back of their parents? Children waste parent’s money by not studying. They remain busy in their mobiles and waste their time. Thus, it becomes important for parents to keep an eye on their child’s mobile. Now you may be thinking that how you can keep an eye on your child’s mobile for 24x 7. The answer is simple, use spy software available in the market. These are the best for tracking activity of a person on his phone using your mobile without accessing it the physically.

Spy software is free in the app store which can be downloaded easily and safely. These are the best tool for hacking someone’s mobile. When you are busy working and your child is at home all alone, you can find out what he or she is doing. You can keep them safe from all kind of trouble. Just use the spying software like TheTruthSpy. It is recommended for parents and employers for spying their young children, or employees. No matter in which corner of the world you are sitting you can spy easily on the target phone and get the details.

Best way to spy on cell phone without having access to the phone for free
Best way to spy on cell phone without having access to the phone for free

How to get best monitoring software for free

App store contain thousands of spy software but which software is good for your device? To know this, you will need to consider these points given below-

  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to download
  • Contain many features
  • Workable features
  • 24×7 services
  • Undetectable
  • Virus free
  • Compatible

There are some points which make any spy app the best for monitoring. And all these things are available in the TheTruthSpy which make it best for the use. Reading the reviews as well as rating also helps the person to pick up the best spying software.

How to use the spying software to track the cell phone

To spy any phone, you will need spying software like the TheTruthSpy. You can get this spying software for free in app store. And then use it to spy on your loved ones. To use this spy software, first of all, you will need to visit the reliable website or store to get the spy app. After this download the spy app on your mobile and install it. You need to create username and password to log in to the app and then install this Spy App on your child mobile by sending him/her fake link.

Once he/she click the link, it will get downloaded on his mobile, and you can hide this software on their mobile. After this, all the information about target person activity on his/ her will get uploaded to your account automatically.

With iPhone:
With Android:

Why use only TheTruthSpy

A simple answer to this question is that TheTruthSpy contain all the features and quality of being good spy app. Yes, you heard it right that this software has all that you want for effectively spying a person’s mobile. Also, it is rated top on the list of best Spy App which makes it even better for use. The reviews of this app are much better than any other Spy App reviews. And when you will read its reviews you will get to that how many people have solved mysteries of their life using this software. Not only does this software solves the mystery but help you reach the solution when you are aware of every circumstance clearly.

What are the features available in the tracking app for spying other’s cellphone

What are the features available in the spy app for spying other's cellphone
What are the features available in the spy app for spying other’s cellphone
  • Spy on call history of the target phone
  • Spy on the SMS of the target phone
  • Spy on the instant messaging app of the target phone
  • Block any app on the target phone
  • Spy on browser history
  • Do live recording or ambient recording
  • GPS tracking feature
  • Keylogger
  • Alert and notification

The first feature that is spying on call history is the most beneficial feature offered by the spy software TheTruthSpy. Although this feature is quite common in the entire app but using doing spy on call history using TheTruthSpy is best. This feature helps you know how many calls are attended by the targeted person in a day. The phone number of the unknown person making calls on target device can be seen using it. Also, you can see the date and time of call received. When you collect all this information from target person, then you can know what he or she is planning to do or what is happening in their life.

The second feature is spying on SMS it is also an essential feature offered in the TheTruthSpy. This feature let the user know about the outgoing as well as incoming messages on the target phone. Target person will never know that you are reading his messages. You can even save the conversation, phone numbers, etc. you also get other details of SMS like the date and time, deleted messages can also be viewed, archived messages and hidden messages can be viewed easily using spy app.

The third feature of the TheTruthSpy is the spy on instant messages. This feature allows you to spy instant messaging applications that are –skype, kik, viber, messengers, whatsapp, etc. You can spy on target mobile and read the chat conversation taking place on target mobile using these applications. You can even see the media files shared and received on an instant messaging app. You can save the entire chat as well as record the calls taking place on WhatsApp, Messengers, etc. These recordings are uploaded to your spy account from where you can view it anytime.

The fourth feature is blocking any application target cell phone using spy app. This feature is also very beneficial for the users and using this application you can block those applications of target cell which you think are risky or inappropriate. Not only you can block the application, but also you can block the URLs from where the target person downloads the applications on his mobile. This feature is useful for partners as well as parents as using this feature they can block addictive applications used by their kids and spouse.

Spying on browser history is the best feature of the TheTruthSpy which allow the user to view the content view by target person on their mobile. Suppose you are working and you call your children asking-“what are you doing my child?” and he or she replies that he is studying. But will you believe him/ her so easily? Better to check what he/she is studying using the internet. Viewing your kid’s mobile browser history, you will know that how serious is your child. You can view the URLs visited by the child, bookmarked paged, saved and downloaded content, etc. using this feature of the TheTruthSpy.

Do live recording or ambient recording using the TheTruthSpy. This feature allows the user to do a live recording of the calls on the target cell. By making a hidden call, you can listen what conversation is taking place on the person’s mobile. Without accessing the mobile physically you can hear as well as record conversation which is just so nice, isn’t it? An ambient recording is a feature by which you can hear the sounds of surrounding place around target mobile. This feature is also very useful.

GPS tracking feature of the TheTruthSpy allows you to know that correct location of the target device. When your child or spouse is out from home, you need not be worried just use this feature and know where they had gone. When you know where they are and what they are doing, you can be free from stress and worries. When you use this feature, you will see that location of the device will open in the map, and you can read the name of the place and see their current activity in that place.

Key loggers are useful for recording passwords, patterns drawn on target phone to open a certain application. You can use this feature to record as well as change the password of target mobile using your mobile. This feature can be used in case target phone is stolen, or missed somewhere, at that time you can lock the mobile and change its password. This way you can protect your mobile from being opened by the unfaithful person, or a thief.

Alert and notification feature of TheTruthSpy is useful to note the activity of target mobile. This feature is when turned ‘on’ on your device helps you to directly receive notification about activities happening on the target phone. Also, it gives you the alert whenever there is any change created in the mobile network, phone number, password, etc.

The last feature of TheTruthSpy is the social media spying which is the most beneficial feature for you. You can see what are the things shared on social media by target person using his account. You can see the chat followed as well as blocked people on social media and this way you will better know what your child does on social media. You can keep the eye and stop them from sharing personal information on the social media. You can block their accounts also if you want to restrict their social media usage.

These entire features give you professional spying experience and using these features you can determine each and every activity of the target mobile. Not for one or two days but for every day you can keep an eye on your child now. Also, the employers can keep an eye on their employees for the longer period to know about them.

[box_call_to_action title=”Free 48 Hours” style=”” btn_title=”View All Feature” link=””]Many features such: gps, sms, call recording, ambient voice recording and more.[/box_call_to_action]

What can you track a cell phone using TheTruthSpy

What can you track a cell phone using TheTruthSpy
What can you track a cell phone using TheTruthSpy

As the name suggests you can spy using this software as we discussed earlier. But who can you spy-

  • Children
  • Spouse
  • employees

You can spy your child activities on their mobile like you can record the time for which they remain active on social media. You can discover whom they are talking or what they are watching. You can stop them to use the certain app and promote them to use a useful app. Another thing you do by using this app tracks their location. When you can keep an eye on your child for the whole day the benefit you get is that without being with them physically you can remain with them for all time. And the best thing is that they will not know it that they are being watched over by someone.

It is necessary for you to track on your spouse mobile when you can’t access it physically. Yes, it is painful when you can’t access your spouse mobile physically as then you remain worried about what they are doing on their mobile. You can’t just go and ask “what are you doing on your mobile, show me!” this will make things even worse, isn’t it? Thus, using spy app gives you privacy, and your spouse will never know that you are watching his activities on his mobile.

Another thing you can do using spy software is that you can track on your employees mobile. This feature gives safety to the employers as they can restrict the action of their employees on their mobile. You can restrict mobile usage of your employees, and then they will not be able to share the contents of your company to another person, and if by any means they try doing it you can catch them and report or take necessary action to stop it.

These are the things you can do using TheTruthSpy. You get all these benefits, features using spy software which makes your life more comfortable and easier than ever. Don’t let any truth or mystery trouble you. Solve them all and build a strong relationship with people around you. When you know how trustworthy the person is then you can share each and everything with them and live the happy life. Hurry up download and install TheTruthSpy on your device and start spying from today onwards.


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