Top 7 iPhone Real Time Location Tracking Tools and Apps

Top 7 iPhone Real Time Location Tracking Tools and Apps
Top 7 iPhone Real Time Location Tracking Tools and Apps

Learn Top 7 iPhone present location tracking applications and tools

Location tracking for some or the other reason has become a desire for all. For a person, many cases are there when they forcefully need to use real-time location tracking software. It is needed in case when the phone is a lot or is stolen. This will help a user of the tracking tool to know whereabouts of the target user. It isn’t possible to keep a full eye on the target person always especially when far away. A person can take help from the reliable present time location tracking tool and application to track location.

Learn Top 7 iPhone present location tracking applications and tools
Learn Top 7 iPhone present location tracking applications and tools

In this article, a user will find 7 trustworthy and reliable iOS device tracking tool that can be used for keeping full surveillance on one’s activities.

Look at the list of 7 tools and apps that will work out definitely



This iOS location tracking solution is the right parental controlling and kids monitoring solution that helps one in tracking the Smartphone activities of a person. The app is not only available for monitoring iOS device activities but it works on android as well. For setting the app into one’s iOS device, a user must be aware of icloud ID and password and fill it correctly to get access on suspect OS. In android device, one must download the app and monitor the phone. The app is capable enough at tracking the iOS device data such as text messages, browser history, call history, and location movements.

Reasons to pick up it

  • This app supports iOS and Android device very much effectively.
  • It is having the best customer support team that is ready always to guide the workers.
  • The application is user-friendly and thus works without any hassles.
  • To use the app a user need not have to move out, simply set up the account and spy remotely.
  • It is the unbeatable app and is not possible to get traced by a target.
  • It offers a free trial service to check its functionality.

Procedure to use it

Go to the application homepage using its right link and signup for TheTruthSpy account. At the sign-up page register yourself using relevant login information.  At the app setup page, fill the details of the target person and also choose the right OS and tap on the option next. On another page fill in icloud ID and password and verify. Log in to the user account and from the dashboard view the target location details.

Feature the app offers

  • IM apps activities viewing- The application is capable enough at tracking the chats done on various IM apps. Get the app now to access this feature and read out all text messages done on IM apps along with shared multimedia files. It can view activities done on Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, etc.
  • Spy on phone calls All details of received calls, dialed calls, ignored calls, deleted calls are traced easily. The details include phone call time, duration, location and contact persons engaged over the calls.
  • Monitoring the media files saved The application is effective enough at tracking the stored media files into the target device. It will show a user photo, screenshots, images, videos, etc.
  • Location movement tracking The app is designed to track the location movement details of the target person. A user can see the details of the location visited earlier and current as well.
  • Social media apps activities viewing- Many popular social networking sites are available on the internet on which the activities are done on an hourly basis and it’s true. The app tracks the details of all actions done like content shared, status updates, etc.



It is available for free for iPhone tracking permitting one in tracking the current location. A user is supposed to install the app into the target person device and then start viewing all the activities conducted over it.


  • A user of this app can monitor the target person in real-time.
  • The application is having the ability to track location and is featured with geo-fencing.
  • With a single app, many devices can be traced.
  • It works in stealth mode.
  • It is compatible with iOS 9.



SpyMug is another suggested iOS device location tracking solution letting a user to track the location of friends, wife/husband and family hassle freely. It is using GPS, internet mapping service of the iOS device. This therefore gives one amazing location tracking experience.


  • Registering and using the application is a lot convenient.
  • A user can also reduce battery usability.
  • Tracking the real-time location of the iOS device is a lot convenient.
  • A hacker will get a chance to keep a track on children/spouse/employee device.
  • The best thing is that this application is compatible with iOS 11, 8.0, 9 and 10 versions.

Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone device tracking solution is an application from the app. It is used for finding out the real-time location of the lost/stolen iPhone. This iOS present time location tracking solution is used as a way of tracking the location of the iOS device quite conveniently. Additionally, many other things can be too traced easily with this application access.

Benefits of this app

  • It is easier for one to track a real-time location on the map.
  • The device location history can be easily viewed.
  • It provides the ability to find out the iPhone stolen or lost.
  • A hacker can view the battery percentage of the targeted phone.
  • This tool is having good compatibility with iOS 8.0 versions and the new one as well.


This is the next reliable iPhone present time tracking solution that is equipped with amazing features. It not only allows people to track the location but is used for tracking call logs, text messages etc. The tracking is done of location distance, duration, speed of the device and altitude as well.

Benefits of using the app

  • It is possible to share the location details with the other people.
  • A hacker monitors the duration, speed as well as the distance of the phone when starts moving.
  • The app is compatible with iOS versions such as iOS 11, 10 and 9.0.
  • There is no need to install this wizard.


This location sharing tool permits one to share the present location information with others. If you want to track an individual, send the request from the phone to self. Then a hacker will be able to view all location activities details at the dynamic device atlas.


  • The application is capable at tracking the location of the pointed individual without doi8ng registerations.
  • Because of user-friendly interface it is easy to use. The app runs in a hidden mode into the suspect’s device.
  • The application is compatible with the iOS version 9.0 and newer.

Find My Friend

It is the best application for tracking iOS that permits one to see the real-time location of the target user iPhone. This application is used for setting Geo-fencing location for getting the alert when a person gets into or get out of the specific locations.


  • It tracks the present time location of friend/family.
  • The application helps one to set the geo-fencing alert when a target person enters or leave out the specific location.
  • The application is useful for tracking iOS versions like 10.0 and new ones.

Final point

Whatever the reason is for tracking iPhone real-time location, the above-described tools are the best for a user.


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