How to Spy on Text Messages Free without Installing Software

The Best Way To Spy Text Messages Free Without Installing Any Software

The text messages services become very popular because it is free and easy to use. Many organizations use messages service to inform their clients about leave or meeting anything. Most of the people prefer messages to a short talk. So text messages play a very important role in human life. Today people take interest in other’s life rather than themselves. Many parents want to read their child phone’s text messages.

The Best Way To Spy Text Messages Free Without Installing Any Software
The Best Way To Spy Text Messages Free Without Installing Any Software

No matter what is the reason behind of spying text messages? If you want to spy someone’s text messages then this article for you. In this article you will read how you can easily spy text messages without taking too much trouble. So without wasting time let’s start-



This is the best way to spy someone’s text messages. TheTruthSpy app offers more than 25 features that will provide you all the details other than text messages. Many people think that for spying text messages they have to learn a coding language. But it’s not true when you use TheTruthSpy app then you don’t need to learn any coding language. You can easily use this app without trouble just read this article till the end.

How to use it

To use TheTruthSpy app you need to visit its official website that is Now you need to create an account with the help of your email id and password and login to the account. When you log in to the account you have to fill some information related to your target device. So enter some information and hit the hack. Next, you will see the online control panel and here you have to do some settings. After that, you can access your target device easily.

The messages spy features of TheTruthSpy app and through this feature, you can easily read messages. You can view the details of text messages like received, sent time, date, contact number, etc. You can read all messages and your target user will never know about this. This feature record all messages so if your target user deletes all messages then you can still read all.

Why TheTruthSpy app is the best

On the internet, you will find many spy apps. So I’m sure this question will click on your mind that why TheTruthSpy app is best? So the answer is here. This is a really popular app and millions of people are using this app. You can read its reviews on the internet. But if you are still in confusion then read further.


TheTruthSpy app offers many spying features that will allow you to see the activity of your target users. The more features you get the more information you will get. Through its features, you can read text messages, social media messages, listen to call recording with call logs, access social media and internet history, and so on.


This app offers 24 hours of free services of their customer. No matter it is day or night their technical and customer support services always available.


You can also easily use TheTruthSpy app and easily read all messages. That’s all we have for today.


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