Top 3 Ways to Track a Samsung Galaxy

Track a Samsung Galaxy S10/S9/S8 using the top 3 ways

The popular brand of the mobile phone which is widely used by people is the Samsung Galaxy Series. All the series whether it is Samsung Galaxy have impressive features for its users. These features have lured users who loved to use new technology. From the camera quality to the high-speed microprocessors, it has everything attractive. Samsung Galaxy Series is considered as the best phones that you will ever see.

Track a Samsung Galaxy S10/S9/S8 using the top 3 ways
Track a Samsung Galaxy S10/S9/S8 using the top 3 ways

However, no matter how smart your phone is, every smartphone is trackable including Samsung Galaxy. By using various methods, anyone can track the Samsung Galaxy phones of any series. Tracking is however beneficial for those who usually forget after keeping their phone anywhere. They can get their lost phone back easily if they use any of these top ways of tracking. Now, it’s easy to detect the location of the phone.

Is tracking is really possible

Yes, tracking is possible nowadays because of the smart developers who have designed software that is smart enough to track the device. Various apps and online platforms are available to trace your Samsung Galaxy S series phone. This is essential as most of our important stuff like documents and personal information like account details are saved on the phone. In case, you lost it all your personal and secret information is leaked and it may be reached the hands of peoples who can misuse it.

Therefore, it is better to use any of the ways that we will mention to get back your phone. In case you don’t face any kind of such a situation, here are the ways to protect your expensive Samsung Galaxy phone.

Three ways to locate your phone easily

Method 1: find my mobile option

Method 1: find my mobile option
Method 1: find my mobile option

The find my mobile option is available on all smartphone. This feature eases the user to get their lost phone back in no time. You can track any phone easily. How to use this method?

  • Go to to check out how this method works. here are simple steps to get your device back.
  • Go to setting in your Samsung Galaxy phone
  • Click on option lock screen under the setting option
  • Choose the find my mobile option
  • Choose Samsung account
  • Give your Samsung account details

Following these steps, your tracking feature will be enabled. However, you need an internet connection to activate this feature.

Method 2: android device manager

Method 2: android device manager
Method 2: android device manager

The second method is to use the android device manager. It can track every model of the Samsung Galaxy series. Here are the steps to use this feature.

  • Install the app from the store. Make sure you have a Google account. enable the erase option and lock if it is kept disabled.
  • Go to the site of an android device manager to check whether this method works or not. Choose the ring device option.
  • Lock your phone from anywhere to protect the data of your device. Do this by choosing the lock option. The current lock screen of your device will be replaced. However, don’t use the password of your google account. set a new password and confirm it. There is a recovery message option which is completely optional. This message will be used in case you forget the lock screen password that you have set just now.

However, if you have lost phone at places from where it cannot be recovered then use the last step. The only option is to erase all data. You can erase all data from the android device manager site. All the data will be erased and your phone will be set as per factory settings.

Method 3: use of TheTruthSpy

Method 3: use of TheTruthSpy
Method 3: use of TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy is the third and the best method to recover your lost phone. Not only this, you can recover another phone as well. This app is a complete spy app which can trace the locations without using your mobile phone. Once it is installed on the device you don’t have to use it again and again. Download the app in these simple steps.

  • Go to the
  • Check for download option and click on it
  • Choose the device in which you are installing
  • Make an account with truth spy
  • Go to settings and disable download from unprotected sites

The download is complete, install the app and choose the feature you wish to use. The truth spy app has several other features than tracking. All these features are designed to keep your device safe. Moreover, they are meant to hack a device of your interest. Its features secretly capture all the activities of the interested device. The working of truth spy is secret. It hides from users. Only the owner of the app can see the captured details by logging into their truth spy account.

The dashboard of TheTruthSpy is the place where all the fetched details will be uploaded. What kind of details will be there? To know the answer you have to learn about the features of the truth spy.

Call spy

The call spy feature of TheTruthSpy fetches the call details which include the duration of the call, time of the call, contact details and more. The details are well fetched and send to the account of users. The file with call details can be saved for later use as well.

Message Spy

Similar to call spy, the message spy also fetches the information of a user on the other side during communication. It gives the basic information of the sender and receiver. It captures everything such as their contact number, time of the message, the content of message and more. The file is uploaded on your TheTruthSpy account in real time.

Social media spy

Social media is now a virtual world where we stay most of the time. Our day begins and ends with the use of social media. It means lots of communication happens there. In case you are spying on someone to know some secret the best way is to check their social media accounts and chats. TheTruthSpy let you do that in real time. All chats, messages, shared files, photos, and videos are captured in hidden mode by the truth spy.

Gallery spy

TheTruthSpy can even peep into the gallery of the lock phone. It can make the photos and videos visible to the user of truth spy. They can even take them into their phone.

Calendar events

TheTruthSpy is smart to capture the upcoming events set by the user on the calendar. It gives you information about their upcoming plans and meetings.

Browsing history

Internet history can also be checked with the help of TheTruthSpy. It will show the history even if the browsing data is cleared by the device users.

Block the apps

If the Samsung Galaxy phone of your kid has distracting apps then block them now. Use truth spy and block them in advance. They will not be able to download them again. Some websites are also not useful for kids. These can be blocked as well using TheTruthSpy.

GPS tracking

Of course, it has the desired feature for which you are here. The exact tracking of location is not a big task for TheTruthSpy. It can do it in real time sending you the current location details. The whereabouts of the device users will be sent via notification in real time.

The lost device will be easily tracked using this feature.

TheTruthSpy is an ultimate app for spying and finding your lost phone. Simply buy it from Purchase the package you desire from the website and stay free from worrying about the cheated employers, partners, and kids.


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