How to Spy on Your Boyfriend without His Permission

Spy on your boyfriend without his permission using TheTruthSpy

In today’s world, it is quite difficult for one to easily find the honest and loyal person. This increases the insecurities among the couples that are having doubts about their partner cheating. The danger of being cheated by the partner is more. But you cannot ask it directly as it might cause harm to the relationship. A research has shown that many women would like to know on how to do spy on the boyfriend by keeping their activity fully covered. Continue reading to gain more knowledge about it.

Spy on your boyfriend without his permission using TheTruthSpy
Spy on your boyfriend without his permission using TheTruthSpy

The reason for girlfriend being fully doubtful on the activities of their partner may be that they are coming late to the home or not spending the time with you. A social networking app has become quite popular and who knows for what purpose the partner is using it and who is the special person added as many are there added. To know how to do spy on the boyfriend’s activities you can try out TheTruthSpy app.

TheTruthSpy app is reliable as well as a fully secure tool for spying on anybody’s cell phone secretly. Using this application you can easily find out to ensure that your boyfriend is cheating or not by simply monitoring the daily activities done on iOS and android. You can know about anything that they do in the Smartphone like calling, messaging, storing media files, etc. What they do at the back of your on social networking site or where they visit etc can be easily known with the help of TheTruthSpy app.

Why choose this tool to spy

TheTruthSpy is having a clean and easy to use user-interface that allows one to make use of it without facing any troubles. It is designed so simple that a user can just get into the app official site and spy by simply setting up it into own and in the target person’s phone. Also, a user needs not to have to run any coding or computer programming language to operate it. All essential programming or coding is done by the app developers. You only have to create a user account and download it. The rest all will be done by the app itself.

A user can do the spying on a person’s phone remotely from own device without following the way that he travels. Let your boyfriend be at his college or office or home, you can spy effectively by simply being at your home or hostel.

The app is showing greater companionability with iOS and Android OS versions introduced to date. Thus you need not have to worry about not able to spy on your target person’s phone.

In case if you are facing any troubles between the spying process, you can directly approach to the technical support team available for you. You will be provided the best answer to the query that you made to them and no doubt without facing more troubles you can easily do spying of the cell phone.

Might be you are having your reason for doing the spying on your target phone. You want to check out the text messages, see call history, view saved media files, etc. Here TheTruthSpy app is for you that will allow you to keep a full eye on the target person’s activities. This all in one app will provide you full access or control over the boyfriend’s phone and stay always updated with the activities conducted by him.

Steps to follow to spy

Steps to follow to spy
Steps to follow to spy

TheTruthSpy is the app that is considered a safer, reliable and secure way to spy on one’s phone. But you need to get access to the partner’s devices so that you can easily set up the app. Use these easy to follow steps to spy on boyfriends without him to know.

Create the user account- You must head into the official website of the app ( and register yourself. On the page of sign-up, you have to fill in the email address and password and proceed further to create a user account. Keep the login details memorize as the same you will need for logging into the user account.

Choose the OS- Now you have to choose the OS and provide the details of the target person that includes name, age, number, etc.

Setting up the app- The process of establishing the app on the iPhone and Android is different. If you want to spy on android OS, you have to get the app download into the target person’s phone. Open up the app and signup in using the valid details. Give all the permission that the app wants. Finish setup by hitting on start monitoring option. To spy on the iPhone you have to provide correct i-Cloud details and hit on verify and begin with verification and when completed with all those you can begin up with cell phone monitoring.

Monitor now- Get into the application online dashboard and start spying on the activities done by the boyfriend.


  • Call spy TheTruthSpy app is allowing one to easily keep updated with calling activities. The calling activities such as incoming & outgoing calls and deleted calls etc can be seen with calling frequency, duration and of course call maker & receiver details to clear doubt with whom the boyfriend is talking.
  • Text messages spy The messages that are either sent-received on IM apps or normally will be seen with full details. The text content, attached media files will be seen to clear the confusion that one is having.
  • Photos-videos viewing- The saved media files like videos and photos etc will be easily seen and a hacker can save those in own device. Later she can use it as proof to be stronger on own part.
  • Web-browsing spy The internet history like sites surfed, URLs browsed, done bookmarks can be seen. Also, the inappropriate sites can be blocked easily.


If you are happy after reading and acquiring all things about the app, you can get it from its site and start doing cell phone spying.


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