How to Spy on Android Text Messages

Spy Android: How to Spy on Android Text Messages with TheTruthSpy

If you worry about your loved once, what they are doing always on their phone and keep away of you from their phone. If your employee using social media and chatting with their friend on working hour. And you want to know the truth so this is very simple to do today.

Spy Android: How to Spy on Android Text Messages with TheTruthSpy
Spy Android: How to Spy on Android Text Messages with TheTruthSpy

In the present day because of advance and latest technology, every work becomes so quick and fast. In the market, the technology rises and cyber-crime has also increased. And if you don’t see your child activity so maybe your child is starting doing any illegal activity or someone traps them.

Another side technology makes hacking and tracking very easy for someone. Hacking someone is illegal but if you hack someone for any valid reason so this is not illegal. TheTruthSpy app is the best app for hacking or tracking someone phone messages. Because today mostly conversation done on a WhatsApp, Facebook or via text messages. So if you spy someone message so you get more information about your target phone and know what they are talking to others.

Features of TheTruthspy

TheTruthSpy offers you extra other feature that is it provides you other information apart from messages. The messages spy is the best feature of TheTruthSpy app but it is offering you other feature as well.

Spy call and call recording:- Spy call feature help you to view all calls details like received and dialed call, call duration and call time. It can also provide you contact list with a name. Call recording feature record all calls and sent you on your control panel. It is providing you good quality audio.

Social media spy: – When you download TheTruthSpy app you will be able to see social media activity. All videos, images, post, blogs and also liked video or images.

App spy: – With the help of this feature you can view all apps and if you want to block or delete any app so you can delete this app very easily from your phone. You don’t need to have target device on your hand all the time for controlling it.

Messages spy:- This is the most important feature of TheTruthSpy app because with the help of this feature you can read all text messages, WhatsApp messages, Instagram and Snapchat messages, etc. You can see who is sending messages to your target users and check time and location also. You can see all multimedia messages means all images sent and received by your target user. You will able to see the number that sends the message of your target users.

How can you download the TheTruthSpy

Visit TheTruthSpy official website  and download the app after downloading, install the TheTruthSpy app and register on this app by using your email id and password. After registration, enters some information about your target device and tap on a login button. After login, you will see the control panel where you view all messages and other activity.

Download TheTruthSpy App

TheTruthSpy app has many features and it provides service all the time. If you have any query so you can call its customer care service and ask your question.


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