How to Spy on Cell Phone Without the Phone You’re Spying On

Best way to Spy Cell Phone without the Phone you’re spying on

Spying on someone seems really very interesting and can bring a number of benefits when done on some suspicious person. It is a fact that a lot of people spy on someone just for fun but one thing needs to be clear that spying involves intruding in someone’s life so it must be executed with utmost care and when necessary. The development of the internet and technology has brought some amazing and wonderful spying apps. Some of them are not only famous but also convenient as they introduce some of the innovate technologies in the spying application.

Best way to Spy Cell Phone without the Phone you’re spying on
Best way to Spy Cell Phone without the Phone you’re spying on

The spying applications have been used by millions of users you too can spy on someone suspicious. Some reasons to spy on someone could be parents need to protect their kids from cyber-threats, partner want to snatch their spouse cheats on him/her and business owner wants to check employers loyalty and see whether they are leaking important business deals or not. Apart from this, there could be a number of reasons for using the spying applications depending on the need or requirement. You will get to know how to spy phones without the phone you’re spying on in this guide.

We all know that everything has an advantage and disadvantage; this same is with the spying applications though they provide numerous features and benefits to the users. What if someone caught you red-handed? Surely, you will make a number of excuses but them never ever going to fall in your favor as you the application has to be installed on the targeted phone.

Therefore, in order to solve this problem, some spying applications provide the facility for not installing the software on the targeted phone this eventually stay user away from fear. TheTruthSpy is one of those applications which work pretty well on the android devices as Android devices are used mostly all over the globe. If you have an Android handset then you will be benefited highly with the best services.

How to spy on someone without installing the app on the targeted phone

How to spy on someone without installing the app on the targeted phone
How to spy on someone without installing the app on the targeted phone

Since the applications work differently they can be used in various ways. One drawback of traditional spying application is that the user has to make all relevant setting on the suspect phone too, this makes the situation riskier and the user is more likely to be caught. The modern spying applications such as TheTruthSpy application avoid installation of software on the targeted device and eliminate the risk of making the relationship worst. You need to install the software on your android phone and no need to worry that you have to install it on the targeted phone too. A detailed procedure is given below just check that out.

Look for desired software– You need to make sure that the software must be reliable and offer good features to you. You can compare some of the top spying applications and choose the best from the rest. Spy apps such as TheTruthSpy are also ranked a best and topmost featured app that is nowadays in trend.

Download for free– Undoubtedly, there are many spying applications that provide free of cost facilities. TheTruthSpy application let you download it absolutely for free without putting any burden on the user that they need to pay for availing of the wonderful services.

Install after setting up– You need to set it on the device after downloading and installation. You can set up the application as per the choice as TheTruthSpy provides custom option services to the users like other top applications.

Follow instructions– You will be provided with a user guide after you have correctly installed and set up the app. You can take help from the guide and learn how to monitor the features offered in the control panel. Monitoring is the last part after you have successfully being completed as per the procedure.

Surely one question wanders in your head how can one monitor without installing of the application on the suspect phone. You will receive some code after you have made a phone call to the suspect, no matter whether he/she answers to your phone call or not. The code is just a combination of numbers, letter or anything else. You need to provide this code to the installed software after being received it. You get to hack suspect phone after completing all the guidelines and procedures mentioned in the user manual. Now, you can see all the activities of the suspect and saved it after making an account on the online portal for future reference.

Some of the important features offered to the users

After you have downloaded and installed the application you will be offered with a number of features and some of the important features are mentioned below-

Tracked text messages This feature let you track the entire message that is sending or received by the suspect from someone another person. The messaging conversation made by the targeted person include date and time of the messages which can also be seen by the user. You will be able to see the contact numbers along with the details with deleted conversations.

Call log access– This feature allows you to know to whom the entire targeted person has contacted along with the date, time and length of the conversation. This will let you fetch all the details from the third person without letting know the suspect.

View multimedia files– The multimedia feature let you see all the contents such as the images, songs, videos, GIFs and other important documents. Moreover, you get access to the hidden content. TheTruthSpy application also facilitates users to hack the password of the social media networking sites. Along with this, you will receive an alert or notification whenever the suspect made any change in the social media content on his/her phone. For example, whenever the suspect posts a new picture on the social media or downloads a new song you will automatically get notified immediately.

Monitor internet activities– You will know everything right using this feature as the websites visited by the suspect can be tracked easily. Moreover, you can peep into the browsing history that gets automatically saved on an online portal that let you access it later. TheTruthSpy application provides some additional features in regard to this application, you can control browsing time or usage of the suspect or target as well.

This feature seems to be highly beneficial for the parents as now they can limit the internet usage of the kid and also block all the inappropriate content that can have a deep impact on their life. Parent concerned feature ensures that the kid might not indulge in the illegal activities.

GPS tracker The best thing that top-notch spying application provides is the GPS tracking feature to their users. You can keep a track on the suspect location from anywhere with the GPS tracker unit. Moreover, the GPS system helps parents to know whether their kid is safe or not. The boss can trace the location of the employees and see which route they take, also whether it leads to your rival company or not. A spouse can see whether the partner is going to meet some other person and see whether the partner informed the spouse wrong or not.

Access to documents and notes- Not all spying applications provide this facility to their users, only some of the top-ranked like Truthspy facilities user with this special feature. You can read notes received or send by the suspect and also can view downloads, documents in a few minutes. Saving of the data for future reference is also being provided to the user so as to keep a record of the notes and documents.

Access to Gmail- You can get easy access over the Gmail account of the suspect and read the received or send emails. You can also view the attachments made by the targeted person.

Track social account- This feature is very interesting as it can let you know about suspect life from a new perspective. You can access the social account of the suspect and see what all post he/she likes, shares and comment on. A careful monitoring of the conversations can be made on the suspect account using this feature. We all know that social media’s popularity is growing more and more day by day, so being a parent it is your responsibility to check when your kid has to perform something awful such as the sexing and cyber-bullying.


All these features can be found in TheTruthSpy application and you need not have to move around in search of it. Just download the application from the official website and make a setup. No matter whether you are a parent or spouse or businessperson, you can download and install the app without any hassle. A lot of things can be exposed with the help of special features such as the GPS tracker, Gmail access, and Social media account tracking. So, go to the official website and download it.


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