How to Locate Lost Android Phone

How to Locate Lost Android Phone using TheTruthSpy

Are you worried as you misplaced your phone or because it got stolen? If yes, then you need to ease your fears as well as set up the tracking system and handle the situation before it gets worse. You must be thinking which tracking system you must rely on, right? Well, don’t worry we will help you out in this situation and you will surely be able to make the better choice. Using the software like spyware and other spy apps one can easily locate a phone.

How to Locate Lost Android Phone using TheTruthSpy
How to Locate Lost Android Phone using TheTruthSpy

However, if a person lacks any knowledge about this software then it becomes important for them to get help from experts. We are here to guide you on how to locate the phone using TheTruthSpy. TheTruthSpy is the smartest phone spying application which is easily available on the digital market. Using this software one can easily locate android phone which is misplaced or lost.

This software was mainly designed for the business purpose so as to keep eye on employees but now a day’s normal people are also making use of it so as to solve simple problems of their life. At present when you look at the app store or play store there is a number of spy tool but we recommend you to rely only on TheTruthSpy because there is no such harms like a virus, malfunctioning, etc are seen in this software.

How to install TheTruthSpy

To locate a phone and to get it back first you need to install TheTruthSpy in your phone. You can easily download TheTruthSpy from the ( ). This is the official website of TheTruthSpy software and downloading from here is not only safe but faster option. So, did you download the app or not? If you had downloaded it then next thing you have to do is download the app on target mobile before it get stolen or lost. To do this you simply need to send a link to the target phone and it gets installed automatically.

Open the spy app in your phone and sign in. You get the account from where you can control your lost device. You can see there is a number of option or features displayed on your screen once you sign in. Click the feature named “GPS tracker” and locate your phone. You need not to do anything the tracker will only ask the phone number, device name, and other details. Fill them and continue to get the current location of the device.

Location of the device can be seen on the map and you can get the lost or misplaced device back. If you cannot get the device back as it is very far or thief took it then you can simply use spy app and delete all your personal information using TheTruthSpy. In this way, your personal information saved in your lost device gets erased and you are safe.

We hope this guide on how to locate the lost android phone was useful. If you wish to know more about TheTruthSpy app and its other use then continue reading this article. Here, we have discussed the important features of TheTruthSpy.

Features offered-

GPS tracker– as told earlier using this feature once can locate the lost device very easily. Also, you can see the date, time and name of the past as well as the present location of the phone.

Contact history– this spying tool allows the user to get contact history of the target phone. You can thus, get to know that your lost device is used by someone and who all are contacted using it. You can see the dialed numbers, received calls and missed calls history.

SMS spy see the SMS which are sent or received on the target device using TheTruthSpy and you will come to know whom the target person is contacting via SMS. You get to see the full conversation and also, you can save the conversation for future use.

Messenger spy– messenger like Facebook, hike, whatsApp, Skype can be hacked using TheTruthSpy. You can read the chats of the messengers and see the media which is shared. You can download and save the chats and media as per your needs.

Social site spying– Instagram, Facebook, and the Snapchat are the social sites which most of the people make use today. In case you wish to see that the target phone user is using the social sites then you can hack his/her account and get activity status of the person’s account.

Photos and videos target android phone photos and videos can also be seen using TheTruthSpy. TheTruthSpy allows you to view hidden, captured, saved and downloaded photos and videos of the target phone.

All these are the common features of this app and there are several other spying options available on this app. Some special features are given below-

  • Ambient listening
  • Live call recording
  • keylogger
  • Record app usage

Users can use all of the features as per their spying needs. There is no restriction problem or need of the rooting device. This spy software offers the simplest and safest spying options. You can use this software for not only locating lost phone but also to spy on your loved ones so that they remain under your control. Partners who have relationship issues can make use of the spyware to sort out the relationship issues and to catch the cheating partner.

Similarly, TheTruthSpy can be used to spy on employee’s device and to know the productivity of the employee. Overall we can say that this spy software is very useful and one must install it in order to sort out simple problems of their life. You can eliminate every problem and create a life free from tension and any other kind of stress.

So, what are you thinking now? Your new cell phone is stolen? If yes, then hurry up and get it back by locating the android phone using TheTruthSpy.


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