How to Intercept Text Messages without Knowing

How to seize Text Messages without Knowing for Free

It is best known that people wish to know how one can intercept text messages without knowing for free. They come across may of the article but none of them serve the best and this, later on, disappoints them. That’s why in order to rectify their problem I have provided a powerful and user-friendly application known as TheTruthSpy in this article. All of your answers will be justified in this article; you just grab a cup of tea and read it.

How to seize Text Messages without Knowing for Free
How to seize Text Messages without Knowing for Free

Why do you need to intercept text messages

There may be plenty of reasons to intercept someone’s text messages. In this section, I have provided three types of people that can make use of this tool for experiencing the utmost level of spying experience.

For parents if you have kids, then being as a parent you might understand your responsibilities and duty well. However, as the kid grows it becomes essential to know to whom the kid is chatting or talking to it is because there are plenty of people out there to make use of your kid. The best way to know with whom the kid chat is by reading his or her chat messages. You can know their friends name along with a phone number.

For a spouse– if you are a partner, then at some point of time you might have put doubts on your spouse claiming he or she is cheating on you. Is that true? Have you figured out the right answer to that question? If not so, then you can now easily figure it out by intercepting the text messages. This way you not only know the answer to your question but also make appropriate decisions.

For employer If you own a business then you might have a fear of being cheated by the employees. it is because no everyone on this planet is loyal and honest. You can’t trust your employees even if they have been productive for so long. You can easily know what is going underneath your nose in the office. The spying tool is specially designed and developed in such a way that it can easily figure out the messages and automatically gets saved on the user-friendly control panel.

TheTruthSpy – Best Intercept Text Messages App

TheTruthSpy - Best Intercept Text Messages App
TheTruthSpy – Best Intercept Text Messages App

Text message interception is free and using the TheTruthspy tool you can easily have all the answer on your plate. You can even remotely access the data from the suspect cell phone. The data will automatically bypass to your control panel. It is one of the faster-growing spying tool or application in the market that has covered millions of users in less time. It is highly famous and popular due to its outstanding features and characteristics. The advanced, easy to use and powerful features are easy to access and can bring up useful information on the surface.

In the next section, you will get to know how you can easily obtain the tool without mocking on lots of sites.

How to obtain the TheTruthspy

Most of the people find difficulty in obtaining the TheTruthspy because they don’t know the exact procedure. They get into traps and consider it worst experience. However, I have provided some steps that allow you to easily obtain it and start spying is then executed.

  • Step 1- the first step is obvious, you get to visit this link ( and hit the downloading button. You will find plenty of pages such as about page, privacy page and rules page that needs to be read first before downloading.
  • Step 2- the second step deals with registration, you get to make a strong password and valid user ID so as to create an account. Once the account has been created you get to verify your details.
  • Step 3- the third step is to verify you are as well as suspect details such as phone number and email id. Once it has been verified you can move on to the next step.
  • Step 4- the next step deals with the linking or connecting the account. It can be done by sending messages or sending a link. Once the link is successfully sent on the suspect cell phone, the devices are linked.
  • Step 5- the final step is to start monitoring after the successful execution of all these steps. You can exercise different features so as to gather information from a different section.

You can get TheTruthSpy:

For Android:

For iPhone/iPad:

Features of TheTruthspy

Given below are some highlighting features and characteristics of TheTruthspy that can be handled easily. Know Them-

  • Call recording the call recording feature as the name suggest allowing you to get all the information from the calls made or received on the suspect device. Incoming, outgoing calls can be intercepted easily even the missed call along with name and number can be known.
  • Message reading same goes with the message spying. You can peacefully read and record the text messages on to your control panel. The messages are a great source of knowledge about the person so you can identify to whom your kid or spouse chat on a daily basis. Chats that are archived can be read as well through the fast and user accessible spying tool.
  • Ambient listeningthe ambient listening feature brings a miracle and add value to your spying journey. It can gather information or data from the surrounding at the time of calls.
  • Browser history interception the tool offers browser history interception that permits its user to know what all have been searched by the suspect in the past. The parent can know is the kid involved in any of the awful or bad activity or not.
  • Notification and alert- you get to notify every time the target does some activity on the social media or in general. This way you never ever miss the opportunity to know about the suspect.


All in all, you get to have a powerful tool that serves your need or spying requirement the best compared to other spying tools. You are provided both basic and advanced features that bring up information and data straightaway from the suspect device.


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