Employee location tracking software. Is it easy with TheTruthSpy

You can find some people who use Android and iOS devices, not only the Smartphone but tablets, iPad, and others are commonly used. These are based on a different operating system, but Android and iOS are most trended. If you are a new manager for any business organization, then you may have trouble with managing the business. First, you do not have practical knowledge to manage a business. Second is, that you have to face trouble in managing numerous employees. The third one is to make a better business strategy. In all of the above-mentioned points, you need dedicated employees who think the organization is their second home.

Employee location tracking software
Employee location tracking software

Sometimes you can analyze some employees are lazy, not reliable for a company, perform unwanted tasks, provide business information to other, etc. Actually, you do not know who is performing an unwanted task. Then, it is difficult to know the exact reason and prevent business losses. Before decades, the manager used to hire a detective or an expert who can provide desired information. But it consumes much time as well as required extra expenses. Also, it is most expensive to hire an expert to analyze each employee in the organization. Instead of it, you can use a digital method to monitor the cheater.

Each employee uses mobile phone which is basically based on Android and iOS operating system. First, you have to install TheTruthSpy in their Smartphone then you can access all the details about the contacts.

What is TheTruthSpy app?

TheTruthSpy is nothing but a mobile application that is developed for breaking some programs and detects some confidential information. Basically, it is a hacking tool includes the program to trap all the necessary data from the device and sends to the private servicer. Currently, the spy app is used to hack someone’s social media password, hack their email account, and gets their chat information and much more.

Download TheTruthSpy app: TheTruthSpy for Android

What is private servicer?

The private servicer is basically a storage where TheTruthSpy sends data and can be accessed by visiting the website. The data is in an encrypted format and can only be read by the account holder only. Hence, it is private where the transferred data can only be read by the account holder.

Process to monitor employee’s phone

At most of the time, employees use a mobile phone to pass their time or talk with other. Also, they perform social media activities in order to talk with others. At the office time, using the mobile phone, performing unwanted tasks is wrong. Also, there is a possibility that the employee use the mobile phone to share their business strategy with others. In this case, you have to install TheTruthSpy app on their mobile phone.

After installing the application, you should have to make an account with the app and create username and password. Now, you are able to monitor their mobile phone via truth app website. It is a very simple method, and there is no need to have great technical skills and device knowledge.

Benefits of using Employee location tracking software in order to catch cheater employee

Though, hundreds of benefits you can analyze and some of their common benefits are listed below-

Access their real-time location

When you install TheTruthSpy on the cell phone, then it asks to enable the GPS location. When you turn on the option, then it can send their real-time location if the device is connected to internet or not. This is one of the trusted options you have that provide accurate location of the victim. You just need to access the website, now open their GPS location. You will get the result within a minute. You do not need to wait for long.

Call details

Call details include various sub-parts such as call history, dialed call detail, received call detail, missed call details, call duration, and much more. Another major advantage to use TheTruthSpy app is, it includes the automatic call recording option. When you enable it, you will get the call recording on the website easily.

Chat details

If you analyze, the employee deletes all the messages from the device, lock media files, and else then it is difficult to get the messages. But TheTruthSpy traps the chat information, shared pictures & media files, and much more. This provides better information about the employee whether he/she is trusted or not.

View multimedia files

A lot of time, due to some difficulties, you cannot get the social media information. Hence, you have another option to get their media files. TheTruthSpy traps the media files from the internal and external storage. Then it backups the file then transfers to the private server. It can be accessed by the website easily.

Browsing history

TheTruthSpy offer users to access the browsers information, internet usage, and the downloading information. Sometimes, there is no social media apps are available on the mobile phone. In that case, they use websites and access the social media sites. So, TheTruthSpy is the best option you have that provides even browsing information.

Remotely control the system

It is one of the major merits of the spy app that you can control the device using the website. There is no need to get victim’s mobile phone. You just need to access the spy website and make any change in the mobile phone remotely.

A single app to perform various tasks

[youtube video=”25JF2ZHKZ3c” width=”710″ height=”426″]

Hundreds of spy apps are available that can provide organic results, but they need to be downloaded separately. For example, you are looking to hack Facebook as well as mobile text message information. In that case, you need to download two spy apps. One is for Facebook and another for text messaging. So it is expensive to download multiple applications. Also, it is harmful to the mobile operating system. It can indicate the victim that there is something wrong on a mobile phone. TheTruthSpy is one of the best hacking tools that offer users to perform hacking without any trouble.


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