5 Ways to for WhatsApp Hack Online Free

5 methods to hack WhatsApp Online for Free

In our daily life what we suppose to do most of the free time, check our social media site, right? Currently, among the social media, the one which is really popular these days is the WhatsApp. Billions of people are now making use of this app all around the world. The popularity of this application is growing day by day; reason its features that offer comfort to the users. Here a user can go through messaging, voice call, video call, and data sharing features etc. This application is mainly designed for all types of device, the users can download this application through their mobile play store and after completion of the installation process they make use of it.

5 methods to hack WhatsApp Online for Free
5 methods to hack WhatsApp Online for Free

Here you have seen the outstanding working of the advanced technology in a good way, but did you know how it is possible to hack the WhatsApp platform? Today, with the help of changing technology anyone can hack someone’s WhatsApp details and can get to know all his or her secrets in minutes. However, when it comes about hacking then in many people a mind keeps on pinching that is why it’s necessary to hack anyone’s WhatsApp secretly.

A need for hacking WhatsApp

It’s an obvious that comes to the mind, actually when you look into the lives of people you will find that everyone is facing some problems in their life. There are many parents do the job and they need to be so close to their children as their most of the times spend at their working place. This creates a difference between the thinking of the children and parents. At this stage, you look for someone’s who let you know about your children daily activity.

In this case, you can take the help of the online hacking methods. However this is not only the reason behind hacking, many more reasons are there, and we are mentioning some of them for you:

To catch the dishonest spouse

The relationship is also changing day by day; instead of being loyal to their partner people are looking out of their home. This is not at all a good thing; if you are also facing such type situation then it will be good for you to take the help of this hacking app to find out the truth behind their changing nature. You can check out his or her WhatsApp account if you find them always busy on their chatting social media platform. Through it, you can read all its past messages and even check out the currently going conversation.

To watch the employees activities

Many business owners these days facing problem in their business instead of getting on the top they face sudden loss in their business. Do you ever try to know the reason behind? how the next company becomes the best and you have come to the downwards? You have to think about it because there might be someone in your company who is sharing the details of the companies to the third party just for getting extra some. By using the spy method an employer can continue to monitor the employees who are working in your company. Through this way, you can also get to know that who is really loyal to the company and who spend all its time doing the office work.

To secure phone data

Beside this, there are many people who do so because they want to secure their phone data in case if they lose their phone, that time they can gain it back through the backup working. Not only that, in some of the method of the spying you will find the use of the GPS location tracking option through which you can come to know that where you lost your phone and where it is at present.

So, here you have gone through some of the reason that tells you why people need to hack their loved one’s smartphone and WhatsApp. Now you know why people make use of this spying application, further we move on to the methods of spying someone’s WhatsApp. We are now mentioning some of the best applications that help you in hacking someone’s WhatsApp and bring out the truth in front of you.

At present era when you look on the online platform, you definitely get amazed to see numerous spying sites that are designed to hack not only the WhatsApp app but with that, they even use to have the whole smartphone. It actually quite beneficial for the users like you who want to know about their close one details.

Here we are mentioning 5 top ways through which you can easily hack WhatsApp online within few minutes and by following few simple steps:

#1 TheTruthSpy

#1 TheTruthSpy
#1 TheTruthSpy

Starting from the topmost app then that is TheTruthSpy. This app is really known in the world for its better working performance. It is loaded with all best features that make it ready to be used for hacking the smartphone and its other functions. It is used to hack WhatsApp conversation that has done on the target phone. If you make use of this app, then what all you will get with this app?

  • Through it get the name and number of the people who have been there on the chatting platform.
  • Go through the whole conversation of the WhatsApp chat box.
  • Get the date and time stamps when each conversation took place.
  • Have the liability to access to the videos, photos and audios files that are sent or saved in the victim phone.

Here all the conversation of the WhatsApp information gets uploaded on the control panel of TheTruthSpy. You online need to go to its official link that is https://app.thetruthspy.com.

#2 GuestSpy

#2 GuestSpy
#2 GuestSpy

Website: https://guestspy.com

GuestSpy is known to be the most reliable hacker tool of WhatsApp; this application is available for the Android/iOS devices and for various other operating systems. This software is completely user-friendly that offer the user’s easy use of the software for long. This application easily tracks the WhatsApp messages and other activities of the tracked device.

Merits of using:

  • It is easy to use, no need to follow the complex steps for reaching the target.
  • It is known to be the highly effective application designed for hacking the WhatsApp messaging app. It even hacks other video calling or messaging application.
  • It can check GPS location and record calls, messages and with that track out the phone usage too with it.

These are a few benefits that you will get from this application; it is reliable from all angles and suits to the requirements of the users.

#3 AppSpy

#3 AppSpy
#3 AppSpy

Website: https://appspy.net

Here comes the next best application designed for spying on the WhatsApp and phone usages activities. AppSpy is also highly functional based which makes it easy to be used on any other devices. besides this when you go through its monitoring reviews you will find that it is compatible than other types of spying app.

Merits of using:

  • It can export the WhatsApp messages from the target phone.
  • Its extensive features in which you will get live tracking feature.
  • With user, friendly lines provide the efficient functioning and it can be easily used for the multiples devices.

So, these are merits that a user gets when he or she makes use of this app.

#4 PhoneSpying

Website: https://www.phonespying.com

PhoneSpying is another high-quality hacking app for WhatsApp; it is used for iOS, android windows and for many other devices. This app carries unique features that make it quite reliable and demanding application.

Merits of using:

  • Easy to download and effective in working, and supports almost every smartphone device.
  • It’s designed to track anything like messages, calls, and even the GPS location of the victim.
  • Simple procedure to use no complication you will find in it usage.

Here you get into the deep of this application making procedure you will find it carries all those features that make it most effective and simple using the app.

#5 NetSpy

Website: https://www.netspy.net

The last but not the least NetSpy software which is designed to hack the WhatsApp messages and with the simple downloading option you can make use of this app as if a user-friendly tool. On the online platform, you will get the best and positive reviews about this tool.

Merits of using:

  • It helps the users to listen to the live calls.
  • It can track the GPS location of the target phone.
  • You can access into the victim multimedia files.
  • Easily keep the records of the victim social media activities and other phone activities.

In short, it’s software that can do lots of work at a single time.


In the end, you will come up to some of the best application that is designed for providing better spying working and let you know all the hidden secrets of your closed one. But among all such choices, it remains better for you if you choose TheTruhthSpy app. This is the only platform that other so many interesting features to their users which are more than any of the other hacking app. it even supports many devices where others can never do such things.


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