2 Ways to Track Your Friend’s Phone without Him Knowing

Get the best 2 Ways to Track Your Friend’s Phone without Him Knowing

Friendship is a beautiful bond that brings people together. There are relationships which we get by blood, but friends are those gems whom we find on our own. It might sound strange to some people, but yes, you start acting and behaving like the people you live with. Moreover, with time if you start getting closer to any of your friends, you will definitely adapt their traits and be the way they are!

Now getting into the actual side of friendship! Well a lot of you, in fact everyone has one such friend is our life who is like soul mate. Your best friend could actually be one of the greatest moral, emotional and mental supports in those situations where you find that all doors are closed. You go through various ups and downs but still pan to protect and respect one another. There might be such times where you would want to protect them from all sort of problems, but you fail to do so as interfering into their lives is not something you are find of! This case is especially evident in the lives of teenagers as they start sharing and living each moment with one another. So what can you possibly do?

Get the best 2 Ways to Track Your Friend's Phone without Him Knowing
Get the best 2 Ways to Track Your Friend’s Phone without Him Knowing

If you find that your friend is falling into any sort of dump, you definitely won’t let them go deeper. In some of the situations, where you find that your friend is in some serious tensions and troubles, but is still hiding on something, then you must try the ultimate way of knowing it through their phone. Everything that happens in our lives is somewhere or the other connected with our phone.

In fact this is not the only reason, there might be such situations where you get separated or they are out of reach without even letting you know about the reason for several days or months. The only thing that would help you then is to find them through tracking their device. And this is perfectly possible only with the help of external software or spy app. Let’s read about the 2 Ways to Track Your Friend’s Phone without Him Knowing

Two of the most incredible ways to find out their life’s problems through tracking their phone

Two of the most incredible ways to find out their life's problems through tracking their phone
Two of the most incredible ways to find out their life’s problems through tracking their phone

GPS is one amazing creation that has sorted out the lives of many. Earlier, parents used to go nuts about where their kids are going, and why are they supposed to party or roam around with their friends at such an early age. Moreover, same was the case with employers, or the partners. However, today, it is no doubt that people have got all the freedom. Even the teenagers roam around freely as their parents are now using the hidden and secure GPS tracking feature to keep in touch with their kids’ actions without even letting them know!

Being a responsible friend, you must also keep in touch with the GPS feature. Moreover, with the change in time and needs, using such location tracking features can help us to reach around one another in the situations on emergency without even waiting for their call. However, tracking the location or device through GPS is not so easy as well! You need to carry out some essential procedures and should have some desirable apps, let’s help you to in doing the same through our smart methods!

  • Way 1: Learn to Track Your Friend’s Phone without Him Knowing via TheTruthSpy
  • Way 2: Learn to Track Your Friend’s Phone without Him Knowing via “Find My Friends” app

Way 1: Learn to Track Your Friend’s Phone without Him Knowing via TheTruthSpy

Way 1: Learn to Track Your Friend's Phone without Him Knowing via TheTruthSpy
Way 1: Learn to Track Your Friend’s Phone without Him Knowing via TheTruthSpy

Whether you and your friend operate over the android or iPhone platform, you definitely might have figured out about the various spy applications that are available online. These applications are not only a beneficial tool for the people to keep a track on one another’s GPS location, but are a complete package for all the people. With the help of a minimal amount, you can easily get such applications downloaded and installed over both your device and on the target device, and can stick with one another like glue, without even letting the other person know.

However, in the world full of such surveillance apps, the best one is TheTruthSpy! This application is compatible with all devices and is the most convenient and reliable solution to all your problems. The application will allow you to track the location of your friend through his or her device without them knowing about it. Moreover, as you are willing to opt for discretion, the app will help you with its easy downloading and installation procedure without even requiring the process of rooting or jail break. Thus, you can easily solve out all the issues from the both of your lives easily.

How to use the application and start tracking today

Just like every other app, TheTruthSpy also follows certain simple measures on the basis of which, you can track the device of your friend. But first of all, you must have a sufficient budget so as to make payments for the premium versions of the app.

  • Now, you need to get connected with TheTruthSpy application through its official site i.e. https://thetruthspy.com. Then go on the purchase options and buy the package which suites your needs.
  • After that you have got the subscription and have paid for it, you will receive a confirmation email from the app
  • Along with the mail, you will also get a welcome email that will contain all of your login details and the link that would connect you with your control panel.
  • The control panel will contain all the instructions regarding how you can install the app over the target’s device.
  • You can then follow up the instructions that will help you to install the app on your friend’s device.
  • There are few algorithms that are built up by the developers of TheTruthSpy These algorithms help the people to easily connect their devices with one another. Here, you might need to send some SMS or should have to place fake calls so as to generate codes from their device which would connect both of the phones.
  • In case, you are not able to perform the remote installation process, then you must anyhow get your friend’s phone under your access. To do this, find some genuine excuses and get their phone. Now, install the application on their phone as well and connect it with your device or through the same registration details.
  • Finally, you have got the complete access to their phone. Now you can easily track them whenever they are away from you. This app is completely legal and reliable so you must never have to stay concerned about the revealing of your identity.

Get TheTruthSpy for Android: https://app.thetruthspy.com/

Get TheTruthSpy for iPhone: https://thetruthspy.com/installation-guide-idevice-iphone-ipad-ipod-touch-os/

The beneficial features of TheTruthSpy

The beneficial features of TheTruthSpy
The beneficial features of TheTruthSpy

Now, a lot of you might be thinking that when there are so many apps around, why are we recommending you to choose TheTruthSpy? Well, the real reason to this is credibility! This application is one of the oldest and perfect spying solutions which have been serving the people from decades. Moreover, it is convenient, user friendly, and interesting to be used upon any device. Uncountable customers have got benefitted through this app without even letting their loved ones know, and have sorted out all the problems and complications from their life, it comes with such beneficial features that give it 100% positive reviews like-

  • The GPS location feature- definitely, as we have already discussed about this previously, you can make the use of GPS on their device and can easily track their real time travelling and fluctuating location. You will be given a control panel that keeps the record of every action and behavior of the person. So, all you are supposed to do is, just install the application and link their device with yours. Now every time when they are away from you, you can see them travelling across the backdrop of a map. This will help you to find their location with time and date. In case you fail to see them live, the map with the whole details would be stored on the control panel from where you could access it easily.
  • Keylogger– there are times when your friends fall into the trap of some bad relationships and thus, get themselves shattered. If you don’t want your heart broken friend to get back to their ex, you only have one way to stop them, and that’s through knowing their social media account passwords. When you get connected with TheTruthSpy, you will get an amazing Keylogger which would store all their typed keystrokes in the real time. So, when you open up your control panel, you will be able to access all their IDs and passwords which will let you use their accounts and do whatever you like on your phone. So, it’s time to block their ex and save them!
  • Complete monitoring- apart from these two essential features, the app possesses more than 25 features that you have not yet seen before. You can now check and read their texts, hack their calls, audio clips, video conversations and clips, multimedia, gallery, call record and every other thing that comes in between. This application doesn’t supports disrupting someone’s privacy, but it actually tries to help out those who are in genuine need of help and support. Be it the parents, partners or of course the friends, such features are designed for strengthening up the beautiful bonds and not for the sake of ruining them.

Learn more about TheTruthSpy: How to track on Cell phone using TheTruthSpy

Way 2: Learn to Track Your Friend’s Phone without Him Knowing via “Find My Friends” app

Way 2: Learn to Track Your Friend's Phone without Him Knowing via "Find My Friends" app
Way 2: Learn to Track Your Friend’s Phone without Him Knowing via “Find My Friends” app

So this is the second way through which you can track the location of your friend by actually tracking his phone. This application however, is only available for the apple users. So in case you and your friend are on the iPhone this app would suitably get your task done. As this is one official app, you can get it downloaded anytime from the apple store. This app further requires access to their Smartphone and it doesn’t let you have the fun of remote installation and anonymity.

Thus, we usually recommend people to choose TheTruthSpy as it is far better than any other method that you go for. Still in case you are looking for a free and secure app for iPhone, then this would do your task. You just need to get some minutes with his or her phone alone and have to get the application installed. After installation, just share the location of the device with your phone after which you can hide the app from their phone. Thus you are done. Now you easily record their location without even letting them know!

Get “Find My Friends” for iPhone: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/find-my-friends/id466122094?mt=8

Get “Find My Friends” for Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fsp.android.friendlocator&hl=en_US

What steps you are supposed to follow

  • To undertake the process of location tracking with the help of “Find My Friends” app you are supposed to go through the following steps and then easily get your task done.
  • Go to the apple store, then download & install the application on your target’s device.
  • Now, access the app and at the bottom portion, click over the contact icon. The toggle “share my location” must be on.
  • Access the application over your iPhone too while making yourself visible to all or “everyone”
  • Up next, you should use their phone and click over the “add” button. Now tap on your image and then select “share indefinitely” option. This will let you have the access to their device for as long as you want. For temporary reasons, you can choose “Share for One Hour” or the “Share until End of Day” Options.
  • Now you will receive a text that your friend wants to share his location, so choose “accept”.
  • The app will now ask if you would like to share your personal location or not. So press “don’t share” otherwise he will receive your updates and will know that he is being tracked over.
  • Now, hide the icon of the application from his or her phone so as to stay hidden.
  • Finally, you will now start receiving alerts of their whereabouts and every single detail related to their location.

View Video Below for More Details about Find My Friends:

So now, with these 2 Ways to Track Your Friend’s Phone without Him Knowing, you can make your life carefree and can have full control of your friend’s uncertain behavior changes.


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