2 Ways to Track a Stolen iPhone
2 Ways to Track a Stolen iPhone

Learn 2 best Ways to track a stolen iPhone

Today the Smartphone is playing a vital role in the life of all. At the present scenario, one cannot imagine life without mobile. The Smartphone that we are using is fed with all details from health to mails to credit card numbers and so on. Also today the people are using the mobile phone to make the payment or for doing cash transactions. In fact, the people with poor mentality are always looking for the opportunity to grab the phone of the person to make miss use of it for their own means. And if one loses the phone it will surely become panic particularly when it is the iPhone that cost quite expensive.

Learn 2 best Ways to track a stolen iPhone
Learn 2 best Ways to track a stolen iPhone

If the iPhone is stolen or is lost somewhere and you want to get it back anyhow to save it against any damages or harm, you can use the best tracking solution that you will be discovering herein. Two ways we are describing for you.

Way 1: Track the stolen iPhone using TheTruthSpy app

Way 1: Track the stolen iPhone using TheTruthSpy app
Way 1: Track the stolen iPhone using TheTruthSpy app

How bad feeling one gets when the iPhone that really costs too much easily gets stolen? If it happens with then you need not have to worry as we are having the best solution that is in the form of TheTruthSpy. This application is having many cell phone spying features that provide complete ability to control the phone. If in case your device is stolen when you are in the market or while traveling you can access this application easily. As you are going to track iPhone so there is no need to place the app into the iPhone. Instead, you must know your iPhone icloud details like user name and password. You can install the app in your Pc and go ahead with easily tracking it. Here are few steps you need to follow to use the app.

Get the app download- So you have lost your iPhone so it won’t be possible to place the app in it. You have to download the app into your other Smartphone like android if using or on your PC or laptop from (https://android.thetruthspy.com). Make sure that all essential permission is provided so that the app can easily take its space.

Create an account- Now you have to set up the user account using an appropriate email address and password.

Do the tracking now- You might know your icloud details, just provide those to the app and let it get connected to your iPhone. Once done you have to log in and then head towards the online dashboard and from their GPS location feature you can easily track the location of your stolen or lost iPhone. But you must ensure that the GPS location of your device is turned on so that tracking might be quite easier.

Features to know

Calls spy With the access of TheTruthSpy you can easily do the tracking of call logs that takes place therein. The calls like dialed, missed, received, deleted, etc will be tracked with all possible information.

GPS location tracking The location history of the target person can be easily known through this feature with full whereabouts. In fact, if the device is stolen or lost, finding it will be possible.

Media files spyThe media files that are saved into the iPhone like photos, GIFs, videos, images, screenshots are all possibly seen. If a hacker wants those media files can easily be saved without leaving any hint.

KeyLogger Though the iPhone is having very tight security; by accessing this feature of the spyware one can easily break the lock of the phone. Also, the applications installed are encrypted; those apps passwords can also be easily broken. Thus you will get complete access on the phone.

Way 2: Track the stolen iPhone using Find My iPhone

Way 2: Track the stolen iPhone using Find My iPhone
Way 2: Track the stolen iPhone using Find My iPhone

This application needs to be activated instantly at the moment when one buys the iPhone and before any unfortunate thing takes place. Find my iPhone is pre-installed into all iPhone available into the market so one can enable the app one has to go to the setting part of the device and tap on i-Cloud and then turn on the toggle find my iPhone and enable the option of find my iPhone and finally permits send the last location.

Download Find My iPhone at: https://apps.apple.com/au/app/find-my-iphone/id376101648

The send last location here is compulsory to be enabled so that the iPhone can send the last location prior to the full drainage of the battery. With this option permitted a person can see the last location on the map of the iPhone.

Also, a person can connect it to the other device or simply heading icloud.com. If one would like to connect the device with the other I-device, search “find my iPhone” app. When a person opens up the app, he can see the compass making the spins and location the accurate area on the map of the iPhone.

Now icloud can location and track the location of iphone when it is stolen or is lost. If in case the device gets turned off or gets out of the particular range, the owner can see option of “Notify me when found”. Simply hit on that so when the iPhone is turned on or gets again into the particular range, email to ones Apple ID will be sent. There a person needs not have to continually do the monitoring of I-Cloud page. After one gets the mail, he/she must hit on “Action” option that on the map is displayed. After hitting on it the options will display like lost mode and play sound.

If one isn’t sure that his or her device is in the home, the best option play sound can be accessed. Even if the device is on silent mode, the alarm will loudly ring that will be like a shrill noise that one can easily hear. Even if a person sees that the device is out of the range like somewhere in another town then one can choose another option that is described above.

The end

Those are the 2 ways that you can use and if you want one that is trouble-free, making use of TheTruthSpy will be very well and good. So start tracking the phone now only.


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