How to Track WhatsApp Messages of others
How to Track WhatsApp Messages of others

Way to Track WhatsApp Messages of others

It is easier to see large numbers of people using the WhatsApp daily online in their phone for communicating and sharing media files. That is the reason why people are looking for mobile phone tracking spyware for hacking WhatsApp messages. We know that WhatsApp is the top leading instant messaging app that is downloaded in iPhone and Android and used all across the globe. This is free to share mobile phone conversations and, receive audios, videos, and pictures without paying any charges. People of all aged group are using this tool on their devices for reading shared chats and multimedia files.

Way to Track WhatsApp Messages of others
Way to Track WhatsApp Messages of others

There are numbers of people that are installing the WhatsApp for interacting with others and this is the reason to look for the best way to hack WhatsApp. If you want to see the record of WhatsApp histories of kids, partner or employee then using the best mobile monitoring app like TheTruthSpy app is the right choice. The reason is that manually tracking the WhatsApp is risky as your plan will be disclosed if you found in peeping into a person’s device. TheTruthSpy app is a reliable and trustworthy app that will offer user greater safety and will offer a complete list of all the activities conducted over the device.

This app allows a hacker to know all WhatsApp messages without much effort. With this app one can view the messages and conversations, conversation details, chatting with the person in the target phone. Also a hacker view date, day and duration of the conversations.

How to install the spyware

  • Get permission from the person device to allow the app to get installed easily by allowing unknown sources. It is let the app installation easier. Cell phone tracking tool like TheTruthSpy is designed in order to monitor the accounts of employees, spouse, and kids for activities tracking.
  • On the Google search for the app official website using the link ( Once you found app, do the downloading and installation of it in own cell phone and others device.
  • Create a user account by using the essential details like username, ID and password for signing up. Keeping those in mind so that you need it to log in when tracking is to be executed.
  • Buy the app subscription after the app is installed. Just keep in mind that it is not possible without getting the device in hand. Use TheTruthSpy App on the device you need to hack. Once done, the process of interception will start immediately. After the installation of the app is done, hide the app so that it does not get discovered by the victim.
  • Begin tracking WhatsApp instantly and get all the details remotely through any location on the device. All the details monitored by the app of the targeted person will be easily accessible through the control panel. You can go and check those without missing anything important.



No doubt this tracking tool is the best and will definitely fulfill all the hacking desires. The best thing is that a user can save all the extracted data in own PC or cell phone.


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