How to Track someone’s Location on Facebook

Facebook Tracker: Track someone’s Location on Facebook

Spying on someone’s Facebook account has now become an easy task. Today, a lot of spying and monitoring tools are available in the market that allows an individual to be it is parents, spouse or employees anyone can easily spy on someone’s Facebook account without them knowing. As we all know that Facebook is one such social media platform where billions of active users daily visit to chat with their friends and loved ones. This social media application is regularly getting updated with new features.

Facebook Tracker: Track someone's Location on Facebook
Facebook Tracker: Track someone’s Location on Facebook

Recently a new feature is being added to it that is a status update, where a Facebook user can easily update status which will remain for 24 hours. However, on one hand where this social media application is considered an amazing and useful medium for connecting people there on another hand this social networking site has become a threat for many. Kids are innocent therefore they accept the request for those who they never know and have never met.

They share their personal pictures, videos, and information about the family with strangers. This, in turn, makes them face problems when they misuse your kid’s personal pictures and videos. Being a concerned parent and spouse, if your belongings are hiding things from you and rather than going to coaching he/she is moving somewhere else then it is time to spy on their location on Facebook. Here in this article, we will learn how to track someone’s location on Facebook using the most popular and widely spying application “TheTruthSpy“. But, before that let’s know about this spying application in detail.

What is TheTruthSpy app

It is an android as well as an IOS monitoring device that is used for spying and tracking someone’s activities that he or she performs on their phone. With the help of this application, you can now track the location on a person on Facebook. It is a useful and trustworthy application that is used by millions of people worldwide. The application is compatible with all devices and offers amazing benefits and features that make the spying process easier than before.

How to use this application?

1: download the application– the first thing you have to do is download this application either from its official website. Once the application is downloaded you can start the installation process which merely takes 2-3 minutes.

For Android:

For iPhone:

2: create a new account– when both the downloading and installation processes are completed you have to create a new account using your valid email id and password. After this, you have to select the subscription package that is affordable for you.

3: select the Facebook messenger– now you have to select the social media application that you wish to track. After this turn on the GPS location tracking feature, this will enable you to track the location on the victim on his or her Facebook account without him or her knowing.

Once all these steps are completed you can start with the location tracking process. The application is simple to use and help users to easily know where the victim is at present and using his or her Facebook account.


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