How to Track A Cell Phone Location Without Installing Software

Way to Track A Cell Phone Location With no Installation of Software

From today, you no longer have to bother or show concern toward your kid when he or she gets to move outside. It is because you are flourished with an application that will aid you in keeping a strong and powerful eye over your kid. It raises all the security and full protection by providing innovative solutions to the users. No matter what sort of excuses your kid make you will be having complete justification over it through the tracking tool. It is surely a smart move that allows you to track the location of your kid, but there is an essential thing you need to keep in mind. What’s that?

Way to Track A Cell Phone Location With no Installation of Software
Way to Track A Cell Phone Location With no Installation of Software

What GPS service is all about

The global positioning system is popularly abbreviated as GPS. It is available on all sorts of Smartphone. This name itself tells the specialty of the feature. Through this characteristic, you will be able to keep a record of the suspect past as well as present location. Hence, no matter where your kid freely makes a movement, you can easily keep a record of it and through safety measure protect the kid if he is in danger. It allows the user to see the road map and location traffic along with other details.

Is there any connection between the spying software and GPS location feature

Yes, there is a scientific relationship between both. The developer has merged both the facility so as to provide the user with a new and innovative service. Which is known as cell phone location tracking? However, people think what the use of it is when you can’t see the suspect activities live. The tracking of location through this feature facilitates the user to grasp all the details linked to the outside happening. Even if you cannot see the suspect you are able to see a mark enabling the user to know where he or she is getting ahead.

This feature is essential enough when it comes to tracking the routes traveled by the suspect in past and present. The application can maintain privacy along with gathering information using this platform. No only kid, you can spot your spouse or employee out as well. It is like virtually getting location time stamp whenever the spouse, kid or employee is navigating to a particular place.

How to get the tracker without installing it

How to get the tracker without installing it
How to get the tracker without installing it

Did you know what the best thing about this software is? It allows the user to perform or do each and every task without any restriction. You need not to require installing the software on to your device so as to track the data straightaway from the suspect cell phone. You are offered a guaranteed service with special features that can be selected easily. TheTruthSpy is the leading and powerful software holding a firm position in the market.

In order to use the GPS tracking feature, you are supposed to link the account with a suspect device. But don’t forget to read all the rules, regulations and policies before picking it. It is highly compatible and friendly on devices like Android, iphone, nook, and Samsung. Given below is a short guide that enables you to get the app in hand ASAP. The user can register first on the official site using a password and username. The importance of the password and username is explained later on. Next thing you need to do is link account with the target cell phone. You can either send a link or make a call.

Irrespective of the response of the suspect, the device and app got linked. You can then start tracking the location of the target whenever he gets ahead somewhere. But before you start spying ensure that you have submitted all the details and documents asked by the site. The process will take some time but within 24 hours of requesting you get to have the application right in front of you.

One thing every user should fix in his or her head is that internet connectivity should be strong enough to penetrate into the device of the suspect. Without it, you will get messages from suspect phone buy with delay.

Some more features to access

Apart from just GPS location feature, the TheTruthSpy app offers other features too. After detailed analysis, I have provided essential and highlighting features in the next slot-

  • Track text conversations popular social media platform like Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, and other applications such as Viber is used to have a private conversation one-on-one with the other person. The wide range of spectrum with incoming, outgoing and deleted messages gets tracked through this feature. You will get to know what sort of messages your kid or spouse sends or receives from the other person.
  • Monitor internet activities the internet is something that never ever allow you to feel bored. Whenever the kid or spouse feel bored he or she surf on the internet. But wait, what sort of content your kid or spouse look for. If you get to see something awful or inappropriate like adult content you can directly block it.
  • Listen to strange noises this feature is a boon to the user because you can very well listen to all the surrounding noise happening around the suspect while attending the call. All the ambiance noise can be listened and saved on the control panel. You can log in and listen to it anytime anywhere.
  • Call recording the recording feature is in trend as you can easily make confirmation with all the calls received or send on the suspect device.
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Final thought

Using the tracking tool you will be able to catch the cheating spouse, control kids activities and monitor employee at work. There are lots of benefits of this application such as a complete record of the data, 24×7 customer support and security of data. Since there is no issue of installation on the target device, you can easily track the activities without fear of being caught.


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