How you can secretly track an iPhone without Knowing

How you can secretly track an iPhone without the information

Who else is an iPhone lover? Perhaps 70 to 80% of the population right!! Yeah, we all know it’s just not a brand today. It is the strongest sample of smartphone technology in terms of performance, reliability, and security off course. But when it comes to spy app the androids are the easy lock to open. Maybe the icloud security level is the problem for most of the spy apps. There are several spy apps available on the internet today but not all can work on the iPhone.

How you can secretly track an iPhone without the information
How you can secretly track an iPhone without the information

It can be the violation of someone’s right but the smartphones can be misused to fool you. It can be your spouse, employees or kids. Yeah, it sounds stressing right!! Now you get the urge of using spy apps. But spying the iPhone is not simple. Hence, we had brought the one-stop solution to this – TheTruthSpy app. It is the specialized app designed to spy on the targeted iPhone. You can download it for free. It has easy to use concept, totally user- friendly. It is one of the most reliable apps used in spying.

Easy steps for tracking an iPhone without Knowing

Easy steps for tracking an iPhone without Knowing
Easy steps for tracking an iPhone without Knowing
  • Firstly search TheTruthSpy app or you can get it from this link
  • Download the app in the targeted iPhone.
  • Then enter email-id and password to get registered.
  • Give access to the control panel.
  • Make sure you have chosen to hide the app option.
  • Make sure you have deleted every download history and cleared the recent apps.

Now you are all set to go!! You will simply get all the information into your online account you made.

Why use spy apps

We are so far clear that we can spy anyone on the phone but what are the benefits of doing so? Let’s see:

  • To catch the spouse red-handed– You can easily monitor every activity of your partner on your fingertips only. It can benefit you to check the honesty of your partner.
  • To keep an eye on your children’s activity– Have you recently gifted your child an iPhone? It’s really sweet, but there is a certainty that your kid is learning something inappropriate on the internet. So by spying apps, you can give them their freedom and also restricts them in learning anything wrong.
  • Monitoring your employees– You may feel that your employees are secretly sharing some confidential information to the third party. What you can do? The spy app is the answer. Yes!! Even you can block some of the activities of your employees. You can also have the proof in your hand to take any action against your dishonest employ.
  • To get the backups and find the lost device– When you have lost your phone which might have some really important data but you can’t access your phone. You are literally in a big trouble but what can you do? Yeah!! Again, we have spy apps. You can easily locate your device and even you can restore your backups through the spy apps.

Another thing to notice here is that — You may use the conventional method of hiring a spy for your intended investigation. But it might not be good for your pocket and also the vital information is on risk. Hence the easiest way to spy is to use the spy apps which are far convenient and affordable.

Why TheTruthSpy

We hope that you might have understood the merits of using spy apps. Now again which spy app to choose amongst the numerous options is a workload. But no need to worry as we already hinted you about the smartest option in the spy apps which is the Truth spy. Let’s see how it can help you in spying the target:

  • Spy calls– You can hear the ongoing call of the target person with others and that too without their knowledge. It can also assist you to record that chat. You will get the notification of every incoming or outgoing call. So you can hear it in real-time whenever the call is made.
  • Monitor social media– Nowadays most of the conversations are done on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and snap chat. Hence it is necessary to gather information from social media also. This task is made easier by truth spy. The chat history, names of the people and the timings all are sent directly to your online truth spy account.
  • Multimedia data– It also enables you to download the images that your target is sending or receiving from every social media. You can download all or leave for later also. It will assist you to block some of the files from sharing and keep your vital data safe.
  • Notifications– Even when you are not logged in your account, truth spy will send you the notifications of the particular activity done by your target. You just need to specify the list of tasks for which you want to hear the notifications anytime. The next time you will get the alerts for the same.
  • GPS– This feature is one of the most useful in spying. It can keep you up-to-date about the location of your child, spouse, or employee. It tracks every movement of your target.
  • Ambient recordings– You can also record the voices of the immediate surroundings in which the targeted device is. It can help you to get more clarity about the location of your aimed person. Truth spy is the better option concerning this feature as it provides a high-quality voice recorder. You can record 4 hours long ambient voice.
  • Restricting activities– Whenever you feel like that your child or employees are spending most hours on the internet only. In such a case you can also restrict the use of the internet to devote them to their works.

Final thoughts

Other than this the packages available with the truth spy app is also reasonable. It comes in 3 types:- standard, premium, and gold; from where you can select different activities and functions to spy on at different prices.

Now you are all good to go!! Download the app now.


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