How to Track an iPhone Without an App

Today everyone has a mobile phone and among all the phones the iPhone has more secure. But what will you do when you lost your phone or want to track the iPhone without any app. Many people think that it is impossible but this is possible and very easy.

2 Ways to Track the iPhone

2 Ways to Track the iPhone
2 Ways to Track the iPhone

In this article, you will read how you can track an iPhone without any tracking app. So let’s start.

Track the iPhone using iCloud

To track the iPhone you just need to follow this simple step.

Track the iPhone using iCloud
Track the iPhone using iCloud

Step 1- log in to iCloud

This is a very simple and easy way to track the iPhone. First, go to the iCloud account and enter the correct id and password. When you login account then you will see the dashboard where you will see the find my iPhone icon so hit this option.

Step 2- track phone

When you select this option then here you will see many options like find a lost phone or many other options as well. So select the lost phone option then you will able to track your iPhone. You can easily see the location of your iPhone.

Track the iPhone using Tracking App

This is the way when your iPhone will lose. But what will you do when you want to track and hack iPhone data. Without any app tracking, iPhone is possible but the data of the iPhone is not possible. Spying iPhone data is quite difficult. No matter what is the reason behind of tracking or accessing the iPhone? Maybe you have doubts about someone and want to know what they are doing on their phone.

Today, many parents want to track their child’s phone. So if you are also looking the best way to track your child iPhone data then here the way. Moreover, you want to know what your child is doing on their phone. So let’s began without taking too much time.

Track the iPhone using Tracking App
Track the iPhone using Tracking App

On the internet you can find many tracking or hacking app. But in this article, you will read about the best tracking app that is TheTruthSpy app. Today millions of people are using TheTruthSpy app. Through this app you can find a lost phone, hack someone else phone or you can secure your phone as well.

Many people think that hacking and tracking are too much difficult but it’s not true. To use TheTruthSpy app you just need to follow these steps.

Download and install

First, visit this official website of TheTruthSpy app. Here you have to hit the download option and download it on your target phone. To complete the download and install process you will take only 2 or 3 minutes don’t need to take too much trouble.

Download TheTruthSpy on Android:

Download TheTruthSpy on iPhone:

Create an account

Next, you need to create an account with the help of your email id and password. And login to the TheTruthSpy account on your target device. Next, you have to fill some information about your target devices to complete the registration process.

If you want to hide the TheTruthSpy app on your target device then start hidden mode.


This is the last step of this process. Here you need to log in to the same account on your phone. When you log in to the account you will see the online control panel and here you need to do some settings. Next, you can access your target iPhone devices.

Why use TheTruthSpy for tracking the iPhone

Why use TheTruthSpy for tracking the iPhone
Why use TheTruthSpy for tracking the iPhone

When you use TheTruthSpy app then you can track the iPhone and its data as well. You can see the messages, calls, photos, videos, and other information as well. Here you will read some features of TheTruthSpy app.

Features of TheTruthSpy app

  • Messages spy– read all messages with details,
  • Call logs spy– view all incoming, outgoing calls with call duration, time, date, contact number,
  • Call recorder– this feature record all calls and send on your phone. So you can listen to live and past calls trough these features,
  • Ambient recorder– record surrounded vice of your target device,
  • GPS tracker– provide the live and past location with time and place name,
  • Camera spy- access camera and photos,
  • App spy- access all apps that have on your target phone,
  • Internet history spy- track all the searched or watched history,
  • Social media application spy,
  • Spy WhatsApp, and many more.

These are some features of TheTruthSpy app. If you want to read more so you can visit its website and here you can read its all features. When we look at many apps then we get confused. If you are confused and think that why TheTruthSpy app is the best? Read this article further.

How TheTruthSpy app is the best?

Features this is the first and best thing that TheTruthSpy app offers you. When you use this app then you will get more than 25 features of hacking. The more features you get, the more information you will collect. So features are more important if you want to track someone’s iPhone. Not all apps provide so many features like TheTruthSpy app.

Services– this app offers 24 hours of free services to their customers. If you have any query then you can easily contact them. No matter it is day or night you can easily connect with via email or calls. Moreover, its services solve your problem within minutes.

Undetectable this is the best feature that TheTruthSpy app offers of their customer. When you use this app then not other hacking tool hack your phone. Apart from this, if you hack someone else phone through TheTruthSpy app then your target user will never know about this app because of its hidden mode features.

100% secure-TheTruthSpy app provides you 100% safe and secure information with the exact time.

Reviews– you can read its reviews on its sites. When you read reviews then you can analyze any app’s services. Because the old customer shares their views so you can see it. On the internet, TheTruthSpy app has good reviews.

Free trail-TheTruthSpy app offers free trail services to clear their customer doubts. You can take 24 hours free trail and use its services features and then choose any subscription that you want.

The TheTruthSpy app offers full phone access without taking too much trouble.


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