Top 10 Trustworthy Android Family Trackers

List of Top 10 Trustworthy Android Family Trackers

The excellence in the technology advancement has changed the world around us. Now with the help of latest technology in form of best tracking tool can be helpful in tracking family and friends easily using Smartphone and can know whereabouts easily. Additionally, it helps in locating the lost or stolen Smartphone. However, nowadays family tracker android Smartphone app has become a must. In the article, you will see the top 10 ranking reliable and trustworthy android family tracker tool.

List of Top 10 Trustworthy Android Family Trackers
List of Top 10 Trustworthy Android Family Trackers

Here are those ten family tracker applications for Android Smartphone

#1 TheTruthSpy

#1 TheTruthSpy
#1 TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy is the number one tracking app that is considered to be all in one android family tracking tool that is beneficial to use. With the help of this tracking tool tracking the family members’ real-time location and acquiring the details on their device is quite easier and possible. By monitoring the internet history or SMS, calls on children device, keeping them safe from cyber attacks, thefts will become lots convenient.


  • It is easy to use and monitoring the activity of family members is easier.
  • It helps in gaining full access to the internet history, multimedia files, SMS and calls easily.
  • It is a comprehensive Internet-based dashboard that one can access through anywhere.
  • There is no need for rooting the android device to make it function effectively.

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Comprehensive tracking features

  • Call logs This tool is very good at tracking down all the outgoing, incoming and missed call logs from the device of targeted users with full details.
  • SMS spying The tool allows a hacker in keeping the full track over the SMS of the targeted device that is sent or received with full information.
  • GPS Location tracking TheTruthSpy app is good enough at tracking down the GPS location of the family member and tells whereabouts of those. It also finds the location of the device if fallen or stolen instantly.
  • Internet history Another feature of the app is tracking the web history effectively. It lets a user know details of the website visited and content that is downloaded like image, songs, documents etc.
  • Multimedia file spy Spying on device multimedia files like videos, photos, screenshots, and images is all possible.

#2 Family locator GPS tracker

#2 Family locator GPS tracker
#2 Family locator GPS tracker

This family member tracking tool is created by life 360 is actually one of the widely used applications for the purpose of tracking family members and current time movements. A user can create different circles and request for the current location of the family member and can also have easy access over their device.


  • It is used by more than a million of users.
  • It has the in-built messaging feature.
  • It helps in creating a different circle for colleagues, family, friends etc.
  • It is not invading the privacy of the user.
  • It is having excellent support from the 24×7 hour’s support team and is having friendly user-interface.

#3 FreePhoneSpy

#3 FreePhoneSpy
#3 FreePhoneSpy

If you like tracking down the family members location without letting them getting the hint of being traced continually then using FreePhoneSpy will be the right choice. This tracking tool for the android device is running effectively into the background while device tracking. It is having fully dedicated internet based control panel that will allow one in getting full access over different information completely.


  • It is running at the device background, means working in hidden mode to soy on others effectively.
  • It is providing the correct and current-time change in the location.
  • This tool can be used for spying over tablets and Smartphone.
  • It is good at providing complete access to internet history, calls logs and other details.

#4 Family Tracker

This application for Android users for tracking family member is the very smart and easiest way of gaining full access to family member’s location. As it is the cross-platform application, it will easily allow a user in accessing the loved one location irrespective of the Smartphone they are operating. It is having a hidden mode for spying on the family members.


  • The family tracker app for Android can be easily used for communicating with others.
  • It is having an Internet-based dashboard that is providing various features.
  • It is setting geo-fencing regions for children.
  • It is gaining full access to the unlimited location history.

#5 Find My Kids

This tracking tool is designed specifically for the worried parents that would like to gain full access for getting the real-time updates if the kids. It will obviously notify the users automatically whenever the family member reaches to the certain location with the real updates.


  • It is really 100% secure and can be used easily.
  • A user can use the tracking tool for tracing the family member device location immediately.
  • It is good at identifying the theft and locating the device that is stolen.
  • It is tracking the battery of the device of all the members therein circle.
  • It is consuming lesser life of the battery.

#6 PhoneTracking – Family search

This tracking tool for the android device is actually an advanced tool that is available with complete protection of the personal information. Once the circle is created, a user can easily track down the family members and friends without causing problems. Since the application is the invite-only application, the location will be accessed by the family.


  • It is sending real-time notifications whenever the family member location is updated.
  • It can access the entire circle location from a particular place.
  • It is easily tracking down the location of the stolen or lost phone.

#7 PhoneSheriff

This is a popular and effective tool for parental controlling that one can use for tracking down easily the location and activities of family members. This tool is having fully well-dedicated family tracker for android phone that is providing easily the real-time location of the children quite easily.


  • It helps in monitoring the location of the every family member that you want to know in a better way.
  • This tool can be used for restricting the web content through using filters.
  • It is compatible with every leading device like Android and iPhone.

#8 Sprint family locator

If a user is in search for the user-friendly and high effective family tracking tool for Android, then using the Sprint family locator is will be a great choice. Aside from getting the real-time location of the family, it can be used for performing the safety checks.


  • It can locate the device no matters whether switched off or isn’t connected to the internet.
  • It is having Internet-based interface that from any device can be easily accessed.
  • The interactive map with current time location of all members is available in it.

#9 McAfee Safe Family

If a user is making use of McAfee then definitely he will like a safe family. It is providing the security of McAfee by blocking all the irrelevant content for the children. Additionally, it is providing complete access to tracking down the present time location of the children in no time. Also, one can have access to the device of the user and can know calls, SMS, multimedia files as well.


  • It is having a centralized interface that helps in getting the current time location of all the members of the family.
  • There is a web filter that is blocking down the content that is actually irrelevant for children.
  • This tool can be used actually for setting the time restrictions also.
  • It is providing an in-depth summary of the usage of the device.
  • There a GPS feature is too available for theft prevention.

#10 Funa family locator

If you are willing to track the family member location instantly and want to get the lost or stolen device back easily then using Funa family Locator will be good for you. It is available with SOS trigger and is optimizing the device battery.


  • With the help of this tracking tool, a user will easily definitely come to know whereabouts of the family members.
  • It helps in tracking down the location history.
  • It is fully secure as the location is easily visible to the family members.
  • It is using the minimum battery.


By making use of all those remarkable above mentioned android family tracking tool in 2018, you can ensure to track location instantly with no efforts. In order to save lots of efforts and time, just simply give TheTruthSpy app a try and it will 100% work for you in a better way. It is really one of the best family tracker tools for Android that will let you in easily keeping the full record of the whereabouts of the family members.

No doubt, with this tracking tool you can easily keep those safe and fully protected.  However it is not at all possible for one to make use of those top ten apps and the only one can be used, so using TheTruthSpy will be an ideal choice. To use it get into the home site using the link ( and download it and spy effectively.


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