Top 6 hidden and secret Samsung Galaxy Hacking

6 hidden Samsung Galaxy hacking to know

Samsung Galaxy is the Smartphone of mid-budget ranges that were launched in the years 2014. It is having touch screen of 5 inches that with RAM of 1GB and with quad-core processor 1.2GHz is powered. The display of the device is having a resolution of pixels 960X540. The device boasts internal storage of 8GB and is expandable to 32 GB by the memory card and with selfie shooter of 5MP and rear camera of 8MP. It is having 2600MAH battery removable and 4.4 Androids.

6 hidden Samsung Galaxy hacking to know
6 hidden Samsung Galaxy hacking to know

Many greater features are introduced that people are still unaware of and don t know how to use it. In the article reader will Samsung Galaxy Hacks so the new Samsung phone can be sued easily.

Top 6 hidden and secret Samsung Galaxy hacking

We know that this device is a highly noticeable device that is easily available in budget ranges. With the mentioned hacks, you will easily be able to use the device to the maximum. These hacks are including everything from spying to using the shortcut keys and actions for launching several tools and phone utilities. So, don’t waste the time and know what are the hacks and tricks.

  1. Hacking the device stealthily

When comes to the hacks of the top secret Samsung Galaxy, surely you will be happier to know that it is easier to hack the phone using TheTruthSpy.  It is one of the best monitoring tools developed for monitoring the activities of other users. It easily works on all the Android Smartphone.

When using this tracking tool, a user can spy in hidden mode on the Samsung Galaxy. A user can view all call logs, text messages, social media activities and multimedia files, and GPS location as well. It helps one in preventing the dearest one safer and secured from coming in contact with the dangerous person or any sort of bad habits. So, just get the app installed from the link (

Why choose it

  • TheTruthSpy makes it possible for one to spy on phone calls. A user will get all the details that include time and date, duration spent on ever call.
  • It is possible to read all the text messages of the spied person with getting access to the device. All the hacked messages will be available for viewing as per time and date of the message sent and received.
  • The internet history of the target person can be easily spied using TheTruthSpy app. You as a hacker can know the URL visited and time of the visited and total number of times the website is browsed.
  • The instant messaging applications activities are also spied that is done on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc.
  • All the activities done on WhatsApp like chats, video/voice/conference calls details, and status updates will be hacked.
  • The application is supporting all the android versions easily.
  • It works in a hidden mode that means it is untraceable.
  • The app offers key logger features with which the hacking of the device is done and all the social media apps installed password are hacked. This feature tells all the typed keystrokes so that everything can be easily discovered that hacker wants to know.

More to know about the app

  • The user-friendliness of the applications has helped the user to download, install and use it will full ease. If in case a user faces any troubles in using the app, the help from the 24X7 hours’ customer support can be taken up easily as they will be there always to guide the user in overcoming any tricky situation.
  • The subscription package of the app is a lot easier and one can buy it as per own desires and have full access to the features provided by the app.
  1. Hidden Samsung secret codes

Samsung secret codes are the alphanumeric characters that are used for accessing and troubleshooting the device various functions. The secrets codes are used by the mobile developers and advanced programmers for operating the device without getting into the setting to check everything. The hack of Samsung Galaxy is not at all malicious to the phone in any way. The Smartphone in the market like the iPhone and Android is having secret codes that differ from the manufacturer.

So this phone will be having different secret codes. Using the code is really a lot easier. Open the dialer and fill in the specific combination of codes and then hit the call button and some might work without tapping the call button.

Few hidden secret codes

  • *#12580*3869#- This code is used for checking the device software and hardware details.
  • *#*#4636#*#*- Through this code phone details like battery information, network strength, Wi-Fi information like configuration, usage statistic etc will be displayed.
  • *#06#- It shows IMEI code of the phone.
  • *#*#1111#*#-It is showing the phone firmware version.
  1. Improving battery performances

The Samsung Galaxy is having the battery of 2600 MAH and even sometimes it is not sufficient. It happens because of inefficient and unnecessary use of the resource of the device like display, CPU, displaying live wallpapers and high brightness. The hacks of Samsung Galaxy will definitely help you in increasing the device battery life.

In order to increase the life of the battery, a user can do with unnecessary load through the battery by lessening screen brightness by putting it on auto mode. It will lessen or raise the brightness as per the availability of the light. Also, the power saving mode can be enabled for good battery usage. Moreover, you can remove the live wallpapers and make use of the normal one.  Also, restrict the app operating at the background of the device that can increase the battery load. It will definitely remove the needless usage of the resources and thus remove strain from the battery and improving the performance of the batter.

  1. Close multiple applications at once

From the application switcher window, you can turn off the running app by swiping it to the left or right. But this process can be troublesome when many apps are there that you need to be closed. It will take much time and efforts in closing the app one after one. With the help of prime hacks, a user can easily do the closing of all the apps with a single tap. In order to do so, open up the tasks manager and hit the close button that is there at the screen bottom.

  1. Switch between the applications easily

With the built-in task manager of the device, a user can easily switch in different apps that are running at the background for easier multitasking. Tap on the multitasking button and then scroll down and up to the application that is to be used and hit on it. The running app will be sent to the device background and the selected one will become new running ones.

  1. Click the better pictures through HDR Mode

Samsung Galaxy is having a rear shooter of 8 MP that is decent enough at the available price range. The device camera sensor is great for taking the very high-resolution pictures but with the HDR mode, one can add quality to the picture. The HDR mode is the best way to take the picture in the low light or in bright light.


So, these were the top 6 hidden prime hacks that you had known. Choose the best one but personally, I would recommend you to go for with TheTruthSpy as the reliability and trustworthiness have made it a popular and widely used tool.


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