How to spy WhatsApp messages from another phone
How to spy WhatsApp messages from another phone

Learn to spy WhatsApp messages from another phone

Since its launch, it has become one of the best applications for its users. WhatsApp has a lot of positives to talk about. But a coin also has two sides. And the other side that we can associate with it is hacking or spying. Its popularity and a large number of users make it prone to hacking. In such a situation hackers would fancy their chances to hack into other accounts.

Learn to spy WhatsApp messages from another phone
Learn to spy WhatsApp messages from another phone

Nowadays hacking or spying is not only confined to professional hackers. Many people have started to spy on other devices but for all good reasons. There is a very high percentage probability that your kids or spouse, employee, and the spouse using this social media application. Just imagine what will be the situation if your kid is caught in social networking pitfalls. Now, you might understand why and what I am going to mention in this article. Yes, it is true and I have all the valid reasons behind it. We all want to save our loved ones from cyber-attacks and cybercrimes.

In this fast-paced and complex world, irrespective of the legalities and ethics involved Spying on mobile phones is not uncommon. And through applications, you can check, assess various useful spy applications and choose as per your requirement. So it is quite evident, that Spying is not only finding its uses in a business context but also equally relevant in a common man’s life. In the fast-paced world when you are away from the acquaintances, you always look forward to their safety

Use of spy applications

Spy applications can be best utilized in such situations. This spy app allows you to monitor an android cell phone. With its aid, you will be able to trace their log and text data. The best and foremost one-stop solution to finding the right free mobile app for yourself is TheTruthSpy. It will give detailed information in terms of data and articles regarding free mobile Spy apps. You can always visit and get to know about the features, prospects of various spy apps. On this website, you can compare various Spy apps comprehensively and choose the best fit as per your needs.

It is a tremendous tool that allows you to check your ward’s online activity or activities of employees during working hours. An employer is always looking forward to tracking the communication of its employees. This enables the employer of knowing whether employees are working property? Have they shared any important information with other sources? These applications enable you to spy actions on the targeted phone. You can easily read all the conversations unless it is deleted by your wards or employees. You can get complete details with time and date and other crucial information like senders and receivers.

Important Spy Applications

#1 TheTruthSpy


This is one of the most fundamental and trusted applications in the market. This is one of the most potent applications that people use to track social media and multimedia data of the phone. Apart from these, it can be used to track voice calls and text messages. The best part is that you can track another phone from a distant location and your identity as a hacker will remain secure. This comes as a wonderful solution for parents and employers to track social media indulgence of their wards and employees.

#2 SpyZee


It enables you to view WhatsApp activities remotely and helps you finding the messenger credentials of somebody. It does not require rooting to spy account of the targeted device. It is discreet, works remotely, trustworthy and simple. There is no requirement of rooting.

#3 XySpy


This is one of the most potent software when it comes to spying WhatsApp. This comes with a lot of other features as well. You can track SMS, calls logs, social media applications and lot more though this. When it comes to WhatsApp then you will enjoy complete access to the hidden data and videos as well. Hence it comes handy for tracking the mobile phone device of your kids.

#4 mSpy

This software is compatible with all platforms of mobile phones and tablets. The best part of this application is that the identities of the mobile phone that is tracking remains undetectable. Through this application, you can track SMS, call logs, etc. The best use of this application is spying on WhatsApp of the target device. Apart from that, you would enjoy unlimited access to other social media accounts as well. You would enjoy the ultimate power to block the threats on your kid’s phone from a distant location.

#5 Phonesheriff

It is used to Spy WhatsApp account of the target device holder. For this, you need to install the application on the target phone in hidden mode. And with this, you can get access to all personal information on the target device.

#6 FlexiSpy

This application has a lot to offer to its end users. You can track all data and multimedia information on the WhatsApp account. With the help of this tool, you can track the real-time position of the device. The tracking would happen at your will and that too at an effective price and in a convenient manner.

#7 Cocospy

This is a useful application that can save communication history in the targeted device and shares it with you. The communication history includes text messages, emails, messenger activities, etc. This app requires rooting the device for trouble-free utilization of most of its features. It can read messenger activities; view the live screen which is updated every 90 seconds.

#8 Mobile Spy

It is a worthy alternative to consider if you want to spy on WhatsApp messages. It’s been long since the application is in the market and its users are scattered across the globe. The application is usually used by parents to keep track of their wards and by the employers to keep an eye on their employees. It is trustworthy, free from viruses and user-friendly applications. You do not need to acquire any technical skills to use this app.

#9 SpyToMobile

It comes without a cost but its free version offers limited access to the feature set. It can be utilized to read text messages, call history, access contact lists. One can also track the device location with this software. It gives you online real-time tracing of the targeted device.

#10 Mobistealth

It is an observation application for targeted devices. The application works with the most updated versions. There is only one shortcoming of this application that it works only with Android smartphones. You can track photos, chat messages, messenger data, and videos with this application. This makes it a potent application for spying WhatsApp accounts of the target devices but it comes with a hefty price.


It is quite evident that there are lots of applications available to spy on WhatsApp messages. But the key is to identify the best and the most efficient of the lot. And this is where we come into play. We recommend that using TheTruthSpy would be the best choice. It is the most reliable and cost-effective application available at the disposal of the users. To go with that they allow spying on WhatsApp data remotely. This application is most useful as these are extremely difficult to be traced.



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