How to Spy on Text Messages without Them Knowing

If you think that your child is hiding something from you or your husband is lying to you, you need to take some action.

Most of the people in the world face this type of problem. Parenting is not really easy, and neither is preventing your partner from cheating on you.

However, you have a full right to know what they are doing. If they are secretly chatting on their phone, you need to check their text messages.

In most cases, they simply use WhatsApp or any other messenger app to chat. But if your kids want to hide the chats, they will use text messages.

In such a situation, you need to spy on their text messages. Do it secretly so that you will get all the correct information.

Spying on Text Messages

Spying on Text Messages
Spying on Text Messages

Text messages are mostly used by service providers or banks. They use it to share push notifications of alerts.

But you can still use text messages to chat with anybody in your contacts lists. When you spy on text messages, you can read all the messages on the phone.

If you want to stay safe, use the Text Message Spy Feature of a spying app. These apps come with phone spying features. It will help you to read the messages remotely on the phone.

Here are all the things you can do when spying on text messages using a spying app.

  • Read Inbox Messages: You can read all the messages in the inbox when you spy on the phone. You can check the details of each and every message.
  • Read Outbox Messages: You can also read all the outbox messages by spying on text messages on the phone.
  • Message Media: It will also help you to check the message media on the phone. You can check the photos as well as videos.
  • Message Details: You can obtain important message details like the name of the contact person and their number.
  • Date/Time: You can check the date and time of all the messages on the phone.


How to Spy on Text Messages?

How to Spy on Text Messages
How to Spy on Text Messages

There are many different ways to spy on text messages, but out of all the ways the best one is using a spying app such as TheTruthSpy App. It will help you to spy on all the messages secretly. No one can detect that you are reading their messages. These are the steps you need to follow when spying on text messages.

Step 1: Setup

Firstly, you need to set up the app on the phone. You have to download and install it on the phone at

Step 2: Sign Up

Second, you need to create an account for spying. There is a signup option given which you have to use.

Step 3: Log in

Now, you just have to simply log in to the spying account at

Step 4: Text Message Spy

Out of all the options, you need to use the text message spy option to spy on all the text messages.


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