How to Locate a Samsung Phone

Get the best Way to Locate a Samsung Phone

If you are the user of the Samsung phone, taking assistance of the device locator for getting current time location will be helpful. It not at all matters if one would track whereabouts of another person or would wish to locate the stolen or lost device, it is all possible using the best spyware. In the article, one will read all about various spyware that can be used for tracking Samsung device.

Get the best Way to Locate a Samsung Phone
Get the best Way to Locate a Samsung Phone

Why can one locate the device

As our Smartphone is having crucial details, it sometimes gets stolen or lost which could be dangerous. If in case you have lost the device, then using Samsung phone locator will help you to know its real-time location. Furthermore, the time comes when people like worried parents would like to know whereabouts of the spouse, kids. If in case a person has to use android app for locating Samsung device, it is possible by making the circle for the family or friends by using the spyware.

How can you locate the Samsung device

How can you locate the Samsung device
How can you locate the Samsung device

There are numbers of ways for locating the Samsung device is available and few are listed down here.

#1 TheTruthSpy App

TheTruthSpy App is providing the ideal solution for locating the Samsung device with the advanced feature of geo-fencing and geo-tracking. After the installation of the app on targeted person device, the icon can be deleted and let it work in stealth mode. This tracking tool is having an internet-based dashboard and thus accessing remotely on the device for getting all details of activities becomes easier. Through the browser history to the SMS, call logs and social site activities etc everything can be accessed easily.

This tracking tool is providing the well-advanced solution for spying on a person device without letting one detecting about it. It is providing current time location accessing the device and all info about the past location in deep. It can be used effectively for tracking the device contacts, messages, calls, multimedia file etc.

Features of TheTruthSpy
  • GPS location tracking Tracking the GPS location becomes very much easier and possible with the help of the tracking tool over the Google map. If a person has lost the device or is fallen or stolen, the tracking tool helps in finding it easily.
  • SMS and messages tracking– The tracking tool is letting a user in knowing all details about the sent or received, deleted and edited message with complete details.
  • Keylogger This is the amazing and innovative feature that detects all the keystrokes. It means that all the typed words, edited and deleted word will be detected easily. With this bank details, ID and password of social sites will be known.
  • Internet history The app is helpful in detecting web history. A hacker can come to know that which site suspect visit and if found inappropriate, blocking can be possibly done.
  • WhatsApp spy The tracking tool helps a user in spying completely over WhatsApp. Viewing multimedia files, chats, contacts and status updates are easier.
Steps to use it

Get into the home site of the wizard using the tracking tool that is by using correct URL address ( There you need to create a user account and when you use it, log in with ID and password. Download and install the app into the device of suspected person and on own. Through the control panel have full access to the device of own and other as well.

#2 Find My Mobile


This is another official solution that is developed by the Samsung for helping all users locating the device through remotely. The phone locator is having a dashboard that can be accessed easily through another device. Aside from locating the device, it can be used for locking and erasing data fully.


It is developed by Samsung and is providing the precise location of the device. A user can access the dashboard for locating the device remotely. It can be used for device wiping and obtaining all calls and messages.

#3 AppSpy


If you are searching for the more user-friendly and social solution for locating Samsung device then using AppSpy will definitely be the right choice. After the app is installed on the device of targeted and on own device, begin to monitor easily also sharing own location with the friend or family circle online is possible. If in case you have lost the device, then it can be used for tracking the device location easily.


This tracking tool is providing a simple and user-interface for the purpose of connecting with others and shares the real-time location. The feature of location sharing is working on all major operating system like iPhone and Android. A user can easily customize the location sharing feature respect to the circle of own choice.

#4 Google+


Similar to the other tool this is also another best social solution that one can use in form of device locator. Just install the app on own device and get the permission for tracking the location and share with circle family and friends on the Google+. As this application is created by the Google, it is providing seamless integration with the android device.


It is providing a faster and easier solution of sharing the location among iOS and Android platforms. The family and friends can easily do each one’s locations on the current time basis. As the app is integrated with Google, it is very much easier for one to use.


Doubtlessly by taking full help of all above listed Samsung phone locating services it will be much easier for a hacker to get the device location. All these tracking tools help a user in monitoring all the other activities of ted vice like call spying, SMS spy, social networking site hacking, GPS location tracking, IM apps spying etc. If you are confused by seeing those apps and is not able to make the right decision, then taking the assistance of TheTruthSpy app will definitely be beneficial. This app is highly trustworthy, reliable, and safer for locating the phone easily in a hassle-free way. Why to think a lot get it not and location the device of other easily.


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