How to Hack Text Messages on Android and iPhone Free

How to Hack someone’s Text Messages on Android and iPhone Free using TheTruthSpy

It is the peak of technology and we are still growing daily but due to technology, we are losing our focus on the old and conventional methods. We are neglecting SMS and text messages in a manner which has no harm. But sometimes it causes severe damage to us. Like, if are in relation and you think just by watching their social media apps and call you can save your relation then you are wrong. Because if someone wants to cheat then they can even use text messages for this purpose and you won’t even check their text messages. But now we have a solution named TheTruthSpy.

How to Hack someone's Text Messages on Android and iPhone Free using TheTruthSpy
How to Hack someone’s Text Messages on Android and iPhone Free using TheTruthSpy

We know that you are eagerly waiting to know you can hack into text messages. So, let us start without wasting any more time. If you follow these steps then you will be able to hack into text messages of not only Android phones but also iPhone. The complete process is very easy and takes very less time to get completed.

How to hack text messages in android

Step: 1 click on and then download the official app from our website. This is very important that you use only our website for his as other apps will be fake or scam.

Step: 2 now you have to install that app first on your phone and then into the target user’s phone. Remember that first do it in your phone then create an id in your phone. Once done, then install it target user phone and sign it from the same id. Do not forget to hide the application on their phone once you have completed the setup.

How to hack text messages in iPhone

Hacking into the iPhone is little different than the android system but the process is almost the same except few steps.

Step: 1 First you have to install the app in your own phone (it doesn’t matter which type of phone you have)

Step: 2 when you are installing and signing in the iPhone user target you have to switch off the jailbreaking function and give it access to download the applications from external sources.

Get TheTruthSpy for iPhone:

Remaining all the process is the same. You have to first sign in you iPhone then logs in from the target user and at last hide the application from his/her phone. Last part is important as it will ensure that no one will know that they are being hacked.

Now you are ready to see text messages in their phone, all you have to do is an open app in your phone and you will get all the text messages that are being sent from the target user’s phone. Then it won’t matter that the target is an android phone user or the iPhone user. You will also be able to see the deleted text messages from this application and get all the details of the message folder with complete details of the person who is sending the text to target and to whom the target is sending the text. All this is possible due to TheTruthSpy app only.


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