How to hack someone’s iPhone remotely without him knowing

How to hack someone's iPhone remotely without him knowing
How to hack someone's iPhone remotely without him knowing

Way to hack iPhone of someone through remotely without him knowing

iPhone from Apple Inc is the latest flagship Smartphone. It is one of the best Smartphone in the entire world and is used by the large number of users throughout the globe. We know that it is a new phone and it thus becomes essential for parents to know the tips to hack the iPhone if their kids are using it. On the internet, an individual will definitely find wider ranges of spying tool that enables a user to easily hack this mobile phone by following easy steps. If you are interested to know what spouse, kids, and employees are doing on their phone then depending on the spyware will be a lot beneficial.

Here in the article, you will know about the best tool that will definitely help a user in secretly and remotely hacking someone’s iPhone with few clicks.

If you are having a doubt on the activities of spouse and children and are willing to hack their iPhone without letting them know, use TheTruthSpy app. This application is the best tracking tool that has got greater popularity among the numbers of users. It is having the ability to provide users great hacking experience.

With the help of this tracking tool, a user can continually do the hacking for a very long time. This tool is having diverse features that help one in hacking the target phone and in the market it has become a highly demanding tool. It provides the ability to access the phone SMS, calls etc. It also helps a user to see the real-time location of the device and many things.

It also hacks the application installed in the victim phone like WhatsApp, facebook, gallery etc. We know that day by day the fraud cases are increasing and people do fraud with another person. If in case you are the sufferer of fraud then use the app and stay safer from any kind of bad people. There are many benefits associated with the tracking tool that will definitely allow you to hack the phone with full ease.

Way to hack iPhone of someone through remotely without him knowing
Way to hack iPhone of someone through remotely without him knowing

How to hack iPhone without letting one to know

  • Create TheTruthSpy account- At first, a user needs to open up the web browser and open up the official portal ( and hit on sign up option. You need to fill in the valid email ID and password that you would like to set for the app account. Check for the confirmation mail and move towards the setup wizard. The wizard will appear, fill in the details of the targeted person along with the operating system to be spied upon.
  • Verify iCloud ID used in the victim iPhone- Finish the setup for viewing the iPhone X. A user needs to enter iCloud ID and password in TheTruthSpy. After that hit on the verify button and wait till the synchronization process gets completed.
  • Begin monitoring and hacking Open up the app and fill the login information. Select any function that is to be hacked.

Features of the application to know

There are numbers of commendable features this tool is having and all these are making the app right one. TheTruthSpy app is capable enough in hacking any device like iPhone or Android with full ease. This is one of the best app that provides a user of all data and also sensitive data that includes videos and pictures. All these things are done in a secretive way in which the targeted person will never come to know about being hacked. The target phone will never understand the intention of the hacker. Here is the list of awesome features that you must know of spying the device.

SMS Spying

It is the essential feature of the spy tool. It is having the ability to provide the hacker with target phone SMS details completely. The details including from where the SMS is received, to whom the message is sent, at what time the SMS is sent and received all will be discovered easily. Even the SMS that is edited or deleted everything will be displayed at the wizard control panel.

Spy call

Spying on the calls is a lot easier with the access of TheTruthSpy app. This application is having full ability to hack the phone calls record easily as the call is made or is received. The app will notify you all about the calling details like calls made and calls received duration, time, date and call maker/receiver info as well. Even if the call logs are deleted those will be easily detected by the app.

GPS location Spying

TheTruthSpy app is having the ability to track the GPS location of the victim. It provides the details of the exact position of the individual. This app is having a built-in GPS tracking feature that will give the user a chance to monitor the geographic location detail of the person that where does he go. It is tracking the previous location details and real-time location details. It will also provide longitudinal and latitude details. This is a really very good tool for catching the real-time location of the specific person.

Call recording is possible

If in case you are willing to know that with whom on what topic the discussion is going on then this call recording feature will help you. The app does the call logs recording easily and then it is displayed at the wizard dashboard. The file will be recorded of high quality in MP3.

WhatsApp Spy

This is another best and popularly used feature of mobile phone tracking tool.  Today a large number of people used to make use of the app and share media files on it. If you want to know that with who is the partner, children and employee is doing on WhatsApp then this tracking tool is the right choice for WhatsApp hacking.

Why use this wizard

  • 100% safer
  • Compatible
  • Easy to afford
  • User-friendlier


These are the features offered by the app. For more info, you can get into the official website and discover more about the app and download and install it for spying on iPhone.


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