Best 10 Android Apps to Track Someone’s Location

Top 10 Best Android Apps to Track Someone’s Location

Cell phones have taken a vital place in everyone’s life. There is no doubt in saying that these small gadgets have become crucial for everyone. From sending and receiving important files from one person to another and staying in touch with the loved ones all these things have become possible only because of this small gadget. That is why; when someone loses his or her phone they panic, scream, shout and search for their beloved cell phone.

Top 10 Best Android Apps to Track Someone's Location
Top 10 Best Android Apps to Track Someone’s Location

As all our important yet critical information and data are saved in the cell phone hence we do not want that it should get into wrong hands. That is why most of the people use phone trackers. It is completely secure and can secure your phone from getting wrong hands, so let’s know the exact location of our phone if anyone of us has lost it.

Phone trackers play a very important role and considered useful for the mobile user. It has the capability of tracking the exact location of the person as well as the lost device. But, details about your loved one’s location will only be known if they have left their phone mistakenly. This will help you keep your loved safe from uncertain threats through these advanced apps. We are talking about the spy apps that are available to spy on someone’s activities as well as location.

What is it and why use it

A spy app is basically programmed software that is developed and designed for users to check other person’s activity on his or her phone. In this way, one will never to come to that he or she is being spied. The applications are capable of doing various activities along with the tracking real-time location. However, the good news is that there are numerous applications available that are free as well as paid. You can choose any of those applications that offer you guarantee and are reliable enough to provide you best services. So, here in this piece of article, we have mentioned the top 10 best android applications that will help you in tracking someone’s location.

The top 10 best android apps for tracking someone’s location

1# TheTruthSpy

1# TheTruthSpy
1# TheTruthSpy

Coming on the top of the list, TheTruthSpy which is the most reliable as well as safe spying and tracking application. This application is not just capable of tracking someone’s device location but is capable of tracking someone’s messages, live calls, images, social media chats and a lot more. This cell phone tracking application has got excellent features and reviews which make the most popular spying and tracking application above all other apps. With its, advanced and useful functionality, you can easily track your loved ones past as well as real-time location.

This application consists of a control panel that collects all the necessary data and information. You can get all the information from in a well-organized manner anytime.


  • Track location
  • Call spy
  • SMS tracker
  • Calendar events
  • Remote control
  • View videos and images
  • View contacts
  • IM message services

All these features allow one to easily get all the information right in their hands. You can easily check the ratings and reviews of this application on its official website. Other than this, it is a completely safe and reliable application that helps users to easily get all the information. Now, parents can easily check the real-time location of their kids. A spouse can catch their cheating partner without them knowing. To use this application you have to follow few below-mentioned steps that are:-

Step 1- download and install the application– the first thing you have to do is visit the official website of this application through the given link . Now purchase the application and download it on the target device. Once the application is downloaded you can install this application and hide the app icon.

Step 2- login or register– if you already have an account then login to it otherwise register with this application using your valid email id and password.

Step 3- visit the control panel– once you are registered with it, you can visit the control panel of this application. The control panel collects all the information of the target device and provides it to the users in a proper manner.

Once all the steps are completed you can start the monitoring process and fetch all the details from the target device. With it’s GPS location tracking feature you can easily track the past as well as the real-time location of a person. The application is 100% undetectable and is compatible with all devices and operating systems. Hence, you can use this application to easily track the information like messages, chats, call logs, browsing history and more. So, start using this application today and track your loved one’s location without them knowing.

2# FreePhoneSpy

2# FreePhoneSpy
2# FreePhoneSpy


This application has grown its popularity due to its excellent features. Like other spying software, this application is available with thousands of features and one of its essential features is phone tracking which makes it come in the list of best phone tracking apps. This applications works well on all devices and allow users to easily stay updated with the real-time location of the device.

3# FoneTracker

3# FoneTracker
3# FoneTracker


This application remains the most effective and popular monitoring and tracking software available today in the market. The application consists of some useful feature that makes the spying and tracking process easy as well as reliable. The application will help you track the location using GPS feature. Furthermore, it is capable of spying the data like calendar events, messages, and calls. The application is easy to purchase and offer its user’s pricing plans.

4# XySpy

Another amazing and excellent tracking application is XySpy. It helps users to easily track someone’s location and locate it over the map. It offers reliable customer support service and reviews. However, it is costly therefore you have to spend a huge amount to purchase it. Another important factor that restricts users to try is that it does not offer a free trial version.

5# Mobistealth

This application tracks the device in a different way. It is one of the best phone tracking apps that make use of GPS feature to track the device. It is the most convenient way and has different techniques like Wi-Fi and radio tower signals tracking features. Moreover, investing in this tracking app is worthy.

6# Spy bubble

This application does not contain groundbreaking features, but it consists of primary tracking feature that enables the user to track someone’s location. It can even monitor calls, emails, and IM. Users can even disable the device features through text commands. The application is quite sufficient and good but is quite expensive.

7# Spyera

If you are searching for an application that consists of anti-theft feature then this application is right for you. This application includes the anti-theft feature, even if you leave the possession; this app keeps on tracking the location. It easily helps you in retrieving someone’s cell phone efficiently. The application has various unique features that help in tracking BBM messages that no other application consists of. But, it does not offer any trial version and is quite expensive than other apps.

8# Spyzie

Another interesting phone tracker app is Spyzie that tracks up the data of the android phone while allowing users to access the same information from the online account which user has created while purchasing this app. It helps you to monitor WhatsApp, browsing history, Facebook messages, and other social media apps. However, it is sometimes not efficient and does not offer accurate results.

9# Phonesheriff

It is another reliable and good application. The great features of this application help you in monitoring someone’s location easily. It offers its users ability to monitor ongoing calls, call logs, SMS, and emails. So, this application is not just about tracking the real-time location but monitoring the activities of a person that he or she performs on his or her device.

10# Highster Mobile

It effectively and efficiently tracks the IM messages, calls logs and SMS that are being sent and received on the target device. It is easy to use and reliable application that is completely undetectable. However, this application lacks some of the important features which make the monitoring and tracking task quite complicated. Parents won’t be able to keep their kids away from online threats hence without this feature this application is a disadvantage for users.


So, these are the top 10 best android apps to track someone’s location. We have provided you a little information about these applications so that you can get familiarizes with these apps. However, if you have to choose the best application among these 10 applications, which one would, you choose. Well, if I have to choose the best one I would choose TheTruthSpy the reason is its good reviews, features, and services it offers to its users. The application has various groundbreaking features which make the spying and tracking task easier than before.


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