Top 20 Must-know Android Smartphone Hacks and Trick

Learn Top 20 Must-know Android Smartphone Hacks and Trick

Surely, the smartphone has become a crucial part of our day to day life with the evolution of computerization. They are handy and the features offered are pretty awesome that would take the users heart away. Some of the major features include heart rate monitor, face unlocks, fingerprint scanner, and much more. Nowadays, millions of people exercise these features so as to execute some or the other task; however, everything has both good as well as bad aspect as well. This article will allow you to know the top 20 essential android smartphone hacks and tricks.

Learn Top 20 Must-know Android Smartphone Hacks and Trick
Learn Top 20 Must-know Android Smartphone Hacks and Trick

Best Android smartphone tricks and hacks

1- Use TheTruthSpy to hack Android or iPhone data of the suspect

TheTruthSpy is considered to the best iPhone and android smartphone hacking tool that can help an individual in hacking. Basically, they are designed and developed using high tech technology for iOS and android device. They are known to be the best monitoring tool for monitoring employee and partners. You can keep a different angle on the suspect device and remotely hack on location, text messages, call history, videos, photos, and much more.

Using the TheTruthSpy is considered one of the easiest and best ways to hack devices without requiring any extraordinary skill. You can have all the benefits of the plan you have taken. The flexible service will offer you pocket-friendly prices.

2- Optimize the charging speed

These days the smartphone is equipped with the support of fast charging. The manufacturer offers fast charging techniques such as dash charging, turbocharging, supercharge, and others. If your device doesn’t support such service then you can know the trick stated in the next line. Switch off the cell so as a phone so as to boost charging speed. Or else you can enable airplane mode while you charge the phone in order to charge the cell phone fast. However, the only disadvantage of it is that you would be able to attend the outgoing and incoming calls.

3- Android device recycle bin

Yes, it is sure that there is no recycle bin on an android mobile phone. In case any uncertain circumstance occurs such as data loss, then how would you recover the data back without the use of any third party app? However, you can make use of smartphone hack such as dumpster in order to restore or deleted files. It is solely designed for restoring old deleted files in few shots. It also assists individual to remove unnecessary and unwanted files. You can have it from the play store for free.

4- Use mobile camera

It is known that most of the people suffer from myopia and the one that has glasses usually forget it at home. But now you don’t have to feel anxious about it. It is because we have a solution that would allow you to view all the things clearly from a long distance. Yes, you can use the cell phone camera as a lens to view longer distance objects without straining or causing harm to your eyes. You just have to open a phone camera and pinpoint the object and zoom the screen so as to view it. It is good for those who are suffering from eye related problems.

5- Get a magic lamp by turning your smartphone

If you frequently face power cuts then it would be a frustrating situation. It is especially when one has to do an important task. If you face lots of problems every single day related to the light, then the best solution is to do this technique. You can make use of flashlight that would assist you in lighting up. Magic light can be formed using the bottle placed in front of it.

6- Disable background data using a specific app

It is best known that the application that runs at the background consumes much of the data and battery. If you regularly face problems related to low mobile data or battery draining then you need to disable the unwanted application. It is the best Android smartphone hacking advice as it increases the cell phone performance of any device by reducing mobile data charges. Follow the steps in order to use this hack-

7- Firstly you need to go to device setting by hitting the icon

Now visit the data usage option and hit the app that enables you to stop accessing the data that run in the background.

You now have to choose “check background data present on the cellular networks”

8- Try 5X zoom on-device camera

Nowadays, one can figure out a comprehensive range of phone in the industry that got equipped with a lens. However, the camera quality is slightly incomparable with another camera. You got to have numerous accessories that assist you in taking macro shots. You don’t have to spend lots of bucks on other accessories.

9- Save chords

One of the most common problems the user faces is chord damage. Chords can be damaged including charger, headphone, and USB cable. It can be protected by the rolling springs. The metal string wounded around the chord can protect the cable from damage.

10- Use TV so as to charge the mobile phone

Another popular Android smartphone trick is to make lives convenient and easier. Have you ever imagined of charging your TV through a mobile phone? You can easily charge your TV through the assistance of a cable. The connection is to be done using a USB cable between an Android device and the tv.

11- Reduction of image size using the WhatsApp

It is universally been known WhatsApp is the leading and biggest instant messaging application that has huge users. Using the WhatsApp the image can be compressed. Every time you deliver photo on the WhatsApp you will be able to reduce the size automatically.

12- Put the device in airplane mode during the travel

You should turn the device in airplane mode so as to save the battery of your cell phone. You thus block incoming as well as outgoing conversations.

13- Use notepad or bookmark through WhatsApp group

What is the indispensable part of everyone’s life? It is WhatsApp. The features offered by the WhatsApp are incredible and anyone can make use of it. You can try it as a bookmark whenever you need assistance. The WhatsApp group can be used as a notepad.

14- Detect IR rays through using the mobile camera

Using your cell phone and tv remote battery you can detect IR rays. Just place the remote control under the camera and glow the light of remote control.

15- Save battery through dark wallpaper

Dark wallpaper can save a lot of battery and thus you avoid problems of battering draining

16- Reduce animation and increase performance

When you feel the device is running slower, then you got to reduce the animations. You first have to land to “developer option” and turn off the animation scale.

17- Enable force 4x msaa so as to improve the gaming experience

The gaming performance can be improved drastically through enabling the Force 4x msaa. Setting>tapdeveloper option> tick checkbox>enable force 4x msaa

18- Scan photo through mobile camera

You can have a soft copy of the document through the phone camera. You can open the camera and make use of the camera or else use camscanner or Evernote to scan the document

19- Connect flash drive using otg cable to mobile

USB flash drive, as well as a portable hard drive, can be easily connected through the otg cable.

20- Disable system app

You can easily disable a system app that is equipped in the device or pre-installed. You just have to go setting and then hit app option, later hit the disable option.


These are the top 20 Android smartphone hacks and tricks.


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