3 Ways to Hack Someone’s Instagram Account without The Phone

Instagram is a very famous social media app. Once upon a time, Facebook dominated social media. However, with the emergence of apps like Instagram, many people have lost interest in Facebook.

Instagram is a very interesting social media app. This app helps you to check the posts of all your friends and popular celebrities.

You can even follow the celebrities. Mostly kids and teenagers use this app to boost their social status. They constantly upload their photos and videos on this app to gain more followers.

They keep privacy on low to gain more followers. It gains the attention of criminals, stalkers and blackmailers.

Your kids can easily become a target with one wrong move on social media. To protect them, you need to hack their Instagram. It will help you to know if they are in any trouble.

Instagram Hacking

Instagram Hacking
Instagram Hacking

When you hack Instagram, you will be able to check all Instagram activities. It will help you to check all the posts and comments on Instagram.

You can also check all the messages and media. It will help you to control the kids and know who they are talking to.

You can monitor their activities to protect them from all the sketch people on social media. Most of people use Instagram hacking apps to hack it.

Three Ways to Hack Instagram

It has become very easy to hack Instagram. There are many ways to hack it. You can either use an online method or offline method. But you need to be very averse while choosing a method. Most of the hacking methods are illegal and unsafe. If you use these methods, you can fall into trouble. So here are the three best ways to hack Instagram.

Way 1: Using Instagram Phishing

Instagram Phishing
Instagram Phishing

It is one of the oldest ways of hacking. You can use this method to hack any social media app. With the help of this method, you will get an Instagram password. You can use the passwords to login to the app and hack all the activities. It is a common hacking method. You don’t need to use a phone to use this method. In order to use this method, you need to know how to create a web page.

You need to create a fake Instagram login page at https://github.com/suljot/shellphish/tree/master/sites/instagram and send it to the person via email or SMS. As soon as the person receives the message, the link will open. You need to make the message look official. Many people can easily identify a phishing web page. If they discover it, this method will not work. But if they don’t know about it, you will get the credentials they enter to log in. You can use the credentials to login and hack Instagram.

Way 2: Hack Instagram using TheTruthSpy


You can also use TheTruthSpy to hack Instagram. It is a phone spying app, but you can use it for Instagram hacking. This app will help you to hack Instagram in android and iPhone. It is a trustworthy hacking app. Many parents rely on this app for hacking Instagram. This app has many advantages. You can use this app to remain undetected. No one will come to know about hacking. You can use this app to hack Instagram is two ways. The first method is using Instagram Spy option. The second method is using the Keylogger feature to get the Instagram password.


Way 3: Hack Instagram using FreePhoneSpy


This is one of the best and advances hacking app. You can use this app to hack all the social media apps in the Phone. This app is legal and safe. You will not face any legal issues while using this app. Parents, partners and employers, all can use this app for hacking. If you are a parent, you can use this app for hacking your child’s Instagram. This app is very useful. If you want to get all the information from Instagram, this app will help you. This app is very easy to use. You don’t need any training to use this app. This app is discreet.

So if you don’t want to get caught, this app will help you. This app is compatible with all types of Phone. In order to hack a phone, you need to register with the app. After that, you need to install the software in the Phone. You can log in to the account to hack Instagram. You can use two options to hack Instagram. Moreover, you can either use Instagram Spy option or Keylogger option for hacking.

You can use FreePhoneSpy to hack Instagram at https://freephonespy.net

3 Easy Steps to Hack Instagram

3 Easy Steps to Hack Instagram
3 Easy Steps to Hack Instagram

Follow 3 steps below to hack Instagram Account (chats, photos).

Step 1: Download Instagram Hacking APK File

First, you need to download the Instagram Hacking APK File at android.thetruthspy.com.

Step 2: Install & Setup

Open the APK file and install it. Register your account and hide the app on the phone.

Step 3: Monitor Text Message

Visit TheTruthSpy Dashboard at my.thetruthspy.com and choose the Instagram option. You can check all Instagram activities.


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