How to hack someones Facebook messages without them knowing
How to hack someones Facebook messages without them knowing

The best way to hack Facebook messages with the target person knowing it

These days social media have become a great medium for communication. We can see many new social networking sites being opened day by day. One such popular site is face book. It is the most used site for doing social activities. People undertake activities like messaging, chatting and sharing videos, audios, and pictures.


One also finds a lot of unwanted activities taking place on them. People have started hiding things from there loved once. They have started to misuse it especially kids. Hence there was a need to hack on Facebook messages felt. There are some techniques used to hack once Facebook messages. There are many good applications, and software’s that help in hacking Facebook messages.

The best way to hack Facebook messages with the target person knowing it
The best way to hack Facebook messages with the target person knowing it

What is Facebook Hack The Truth Spy?

The Truth spy is the best mobile phone application used to hack Facebook accounts. It is the application that works on Android phones. It is the most reliable and safe method to hack Facebook messages. It is used to spy on a target devices Facebook messages. If you see in the market, there are a lot of applications provides for spying when they are installed on the target’s device. In such cases, there were chances that the target would come to know of your intentions. But the special benefit that The Truth Spy gives its users is that it offers to spy without the target person knowing it.

But how does hack Facebook messages work?

It works in the simplest manner and at the same time is quite easy to us. By using this application, your target would never come to know that such an application is being used. To get use it you will have to get it installed on the target’s phone. After giving all the details, you will have to click on “Hide icon the truth spy.” This way your target will never come to, know that such an application is being used from your device. He will always be unaware of your doings. You can get all his Facebook message details on the application’s website control panel. It records all the details of the messages.

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Features of hacking someones Facebook messages without them knowing:

The Truth Spy helps in accessing all the target phones Facebook messages. It hacks their account to record all its messages. To get a view3 of others personal activities on Facebook this application was designed with unique features. For this purpose, it launched the application such as Facebook Hack, Facebook Messenger Hack App, and Hack Facebook messages. By using this app, you don’t require to root your device with the target. At the same time, you don’t require any password. It does everything automatically. Along with messages, you can get access to all the activity that goes on this account. All this is done without the targets knowledge

It features include:

  • Access to all Facebook conversations.
  • Gives information of date and time of each chat that takes place.
  • It also provides details of name and contact number of the person involved in the messaging.
  • All the conversations are recorded and uploaded to the system of the truth spy.
  • It also records details of shared videos, audios and image files on the Facebook account.

Above was the basic feature of The Truth spy app’s hacking Facebook messages. In additional let’s see some more features of The Truth Spy:

Features of hacking someones Facebook messages without them knowing:
Features of hacking someones Facebook messages without them knowing:
  • GPS Tracker: This the best feature of this app. It helps to locate the real-time position of the target person. You get information as to the exact geographic location from its various facebook hacking tools. From this, you can find out the place from where the message has been sent and received. It records them and makes it available to you when required. There are many companies that provide these devices. But The Truth spy has in build GPS tracker with the target would never trace. He or she would never come to know that your location is being traced. It also provides you details of longitude and latitude of your target.
  • SMS spy: It is the best and most basic feature of The Truth Spy. Besides hacking facebook messages, it also helps to hack SMS on the target device. It gives details of SMS received on the device and sent from the device. It also records the date and time of the message along with the name and number of the other person. You can view them from the sites control panel whenever you want. If you feel your loved one or kid is always on the phone and hiding from you, you can use this application. As a lot of conversation takes place via SMS, this app is the best.
  • Spy Call: This helps in spying calls on the target phone. It helps to get information on dialed and received calls from the target device. When the target person makes a call or receives a call, you will also get a notification at the same time. If you want you can also attend to the call without his or her knowledge. You can listen to the calls in details. It will clear all your doubts on the target person. And the best thing is that the target will never come to the recordings.
  • Call recording: This feature of The Truth spy helps to get detail recordings of the call. When you get notification of the calls on target devices, and you are not in a position to get the call. At such a time this application records them for your future reference. You can get all the detail recordings of each call from the application’s control panel. It gives you the clear recording of the calls without any interruptions. Get also gives you details of date and time of each call made or received.
  • Ambient Voice recording: This is a unique feature of this application. When your target is on a call, this app helps to record the call as well as the noise that is taking place in the surroundings. It records the noise that is heard from the surrounding environment also. By listing to the noise coming from behind your target, you can get some clue as to his or her location. This is the best way to track the exact location of your target. You can even trace the location of your staff if he is sent to outdoor work.
  • Social chats monitoring: The Truth Spy also helps to get all information from the various social networking sites. These days a lot of communication takes place via the social media. These are different from normal text messages. These are applications that are installed on the devices. These are free of cost chats dine with the help of the internet. Hence people chat on them hours together. By installing The Truth Spy application, you can get access to all the chatting that takes place via these social networking sites like Facebook and much more. Along with the message details, you will also get details of date and time mentioned on it.
  • WhatsApp spy: Whats app is yet another application available on smart phones. Lot activities take place via this medium. These can be chatting and message, sharing videos, pictures or audios, etc. It gives an option to chat with all your phone contacts. As this is the widely used application on phones. But it is seen that is also highly misused for cheating on loved once. The truth spy helps to record all these activities and saves it on its control panel. You get to know what is going on in targets whats app group. For this, it has some specially designed applications which are easy to install and can be done with the targets knowledge.

Benefits of The truth spy application for hacking Facebook messages

After reading the above features of the Truth Spy one will be highly inspired to get it installed to hack a Facebook account. This is the simplest way to catch on a cheating loved one. The best benefit that it proves the user is that it hacks the accounts with the target person knowing it. It hides the software from the target. Due to its best benefits, it is widely chosen an application. It is the best application to hack Facebook accounts. Another best is that it can improve a relationship with your kids or spouses.

Benefits of The truth spy application for hacking Facebook messages
Benefits of The truth spy application for hacking Facebook messages

Some of the benefits of the Truth spy in detail:

  • Catch cheating spouse: These days it is the very common site that spouse’s cheat each other or doubt on each other. It is seen that a husband or a wife is continually chatting on Facebook. This can be very dangerous. It can also lead to divorces. To avoid this situation or to clear your doubts on your spouse’s it is important to hack their accounts. For this purpose, the truth spy app is the best. It helps to get to the truth of the matter. You can get all message records that can clear your relationship. And the best part is the target would never come to know what you are up to. In this way he or she will learn a lesson and think twice the next time before do so.
  • Parental control: This is the most common purpose of using this application. It has the best parental control tools. It helps parents to get good control over their kid’s activities. Now a parent can hack facebook account, spy on calls, and spy on text messages without the knowledge of their child. One can also make you of the GPS tracker to track where your child is going. This will enable you to go to work without any worry. You can keep account of the activities of your child and try to improve his behavior.
  • Employee monitoring: This application is also applicable in to keep a watch on your organization employees. Using this application, one can keep track on the activities of your staff and can get to know what they are up to. Sometimes they try to leak important data to other competitors for money. By hacking their facebook, phone calls, messages you can know what they are up to. In case you send them or out the door for official work, then you can also use the GPS system of this app. With the GPS system, you can track down his exact location.
  • Best way to find lost phones: Via The Truth Spy you can find your lost phones. This is done through the GPS tracker. It has an in-built GPS system which gives you details of locations of the target device. It also records all information related to the date, time and place of the device. In case if a device gets lost or is stolen, you can make use of the GPS to get the exact location. It gives you correct details even if the device is switched off or the SIM card is removed. It can use various modes to locate the device through its best systems. You can also detect the lost device with the help of the backup information that it saves.

These were some of the benefits provided by The Truth spy application. It can ever provide false or incorrect information to its users.

How to get the truth spy application downloaded

The Truth Spy makes use of the latest technology to monitor activities on a cell phone. It has all the features required for hacking Facebook messages without the target person knowing it. One more thing is that it can hack phone even if the device is placed far away from the device. If you would like to catch your cheating spouse, employee, or your kid, then this app is the best option. But the next question that may come to your mind is how to get started:

Install Mobile Spy TheTruthSpy for Android

Install Mobile Spy TheTruthSpy for iPhone

Steps in downloading The Truth Spy application:

  • Download it: The foremost step to follow is to get it downloaded to the target phone. Your target phone will be the device that you want to monitor. For this go to the target phones play store. Type The Truth spy. You will find many applications. But you will need the Spy Facebook message. And click on download.
  • Install it: After it is successfully downloaded on the device, you will have to install it. For that run the installer file. Within few minutes it will get installed. You can see the icon on the device with other applications.
  • Get yourself registered: Now you need to get yourself registered on the site of The Truth spy. Get registered using a username and password. It will ask you details of the name of the target person, number of the target device and the device model name.
  • Get started: now this application will start monitoring the target device. From this movement, it will record all the call details, text messages, social sites, and location of the device. This will be done along with its relevant date and time for future reference.
  • Purchase it: Now you will get the screen that asks you whether you are the owner of the device or not. You have to click on no. This application does not allow illegal things to take place. Read all the terms and conditions carefully before accepting it.
  • Hiding option: Now if you don’t want the target to know that you are hacking his or her account, then it is important to use this option. For this go to the application on the target device. You can see the option “Hide Icon The Truth Spy.” Click on it. Now the application will not be seen on the device. It is there on the device but is hidden from the target. He would never come to know that this device is being hacked.

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By using the step mentioned above, one can start spying the target’s device. Now to get all the information you have to go to the applications control panel. This keeps records of all the devices activities. You can visit it anytime to get even the backdated information. At the same time get real-time data. It requires only minimal skills to download it. And at the same time, it gets installed in minutes. You will just have to get the access to a phone for few minutes.

The truth Spy application has some different use for different purposes. For hacking Facebook messages, the Spy Facebook messages are the best. This is the best way to stay tension free. You can easily keep a track on targets phone details and information. Along with the Facebook messages, it also gives details on many other activities that happen on Facebook. These can also keep a record of shared videos, audios, and pictures. This application provides the best way to improve your relationship. It gives you a chance to clear your doubts in your relationship with your spouse, kids, and friends. Hence, due to its various benefits this application is highly recommended even for a first timer.


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